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Vehicle Plate Theft

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Feature Showcase: Vehicle Plate Theft

Vehicle plates are usually only attached by a few screws, anyone with a screwdriver could be taking the plate off of your vehicle. With this feature you can now remove your own plate or other people's vehicle plates! The stolen plates can be sold (new criminal venue), used yourself or just trashed. Stealing plates turns them into inventory items which can then be used.

I. How does it work?
- You need a screwdriver in your inventory.

- You can only steal a plate once per 48 hours. 
- You need to steal the plate with unique roleplay.


When a vehicle has their plates stolen it spawns as an unregistered vehicle, simply because we cannot remove the plate visibly on 99% of the cars. The owner of the vehicle has to go to the DMV with their vehicle and get a free new plate.

When a vehicle has stolen plates mounted on them, it spawns with that stolen plate visible until taken off again.


When you have your vehicle plates stolen you need to call the 992 hotline to report your plate stolen.

Police vehicles equipped with ALPR will only show a stolen status when the plate is reported stolen by the owner of the vehicle. Until then it will show the insurance and owner information of the original vehicle.


With this feature vehicles (not plates) reported stolen will keep a stolen status until reported found again.


II. Commands
/removeplate (/vehplate off)

- This requires a screwdriver in your inventory and after completion you get the plate in your inventory as item.


/putplate  (/vehplate on)

- This requires a screwdriver in your inventory and a plate item. You can only do this command on a vehicle that is yours and has their plates removed.



- This command for LEO's checks for the vehicle VIN number (made possible by @808Masterus) which they then can use to look up a plate-less vehicle on the MDC to see whether or not it is registered.

This is to avoid them trashing vehicles used in a pursuit by a criminal without the owner knowing their plates were stolen.


/reportplatefound [plate]

/reportvehiclefound [plate]


III. Limitations

We have chosen to put a 48 hours limit per plate theft to avoid abuses. We also have blocked custom plates from being able to get stolen. Faction vehicles are also not able to get their plates stolen.

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