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Forbid Voice Chat for the LSPD


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11 minutes ago, Nathan said:

Point in case, allow EVERYONE to use voice communication then.


This whole "rule for one, rule for another" is absolutely absurd. Can't say I know too much about criminals in pursuits but I'm pretty sure they'll be snapchatting or facetiming their mates telling them what's happening.

I don't think we have that many admins that want to babysit discord voice chats to make sure we don't metagame.

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I'll knock this one straight off the bat, it's a redundant argument to say that criminals organising a chase or other event need voice communications IRL to conduct such an act, they simply don't. 


As described before, voice communications are required to coordinate a chase and is in line with real life standards in terms of radio communication. You also said yourself these forms of communication are heavily restricted and monitored so that they are used appropriately. This cannot possibly stretch to 300 voice channels where I guarantee other players not bound to a faction will have no where near as much respect for the privilege of using voice communication than those in the LSPD.  


GTAW would need to sub-contract monitoring to the NSA or GCHQ, I very much doubt that's within their budget. 


Whilst I understand equality is nice, we have to remember this is a game, police resources are already at a disadvantage, coordinating a pursuit through text with 5+ different officers relaying hundreds of communiques every 10 seconds would be near-impossible. 

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20 hours ago, MChavera said:

I don't think we have that many admins that want to babysit discord voice chats to make sure we don't metagame.

You're right, it's not ideal. But how many people throughout samp have used voice comms against the rules? It's not exactly harmful unless it gives you a direct advantage. If you're metagaming over Discord about what happened to someone, it's only the same as metagaming through PMs - which, I should add, either are or should be against the rules to log private messages per European law.


I don't condone rulebreaking, I abhor it. It's not to say it doesn't happen. There'll never be a clean sheet in the history of gaming when it comes to rules, ethics and morals.

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Absolute no from me. People seem to have this notion that the LSPD are immune to certain rules and/or get treated with favouritism. This is just not true. We are heavily moderated on TeamSpeak by both Supervisors+ and Admins. You are held far more accountable for your actions both ICly and OOCly. If you’re caught using TeamSpeak for metagaming or improperly in any way, you’re punished. I’ve seen it happen time and time again - and in any case, while we have the use of TS, we’re almost always at a disadvantage in pursuits. If you want to talk about making it a fair playing field, then the issue of people evading the cops in sports cars should be addressed. Cop baiting as well, and PKing from pursuits. I don’t think people have any idea how oftenly people actually escape simply because they’re faster - Even with TeamSpeak and helicopters and whatnot.  I agree that it would be nice to not need the use of TS, but unfortunately, the majority of illegal RPers don’t like losing, no matter the circumstances. And the PD is already at a disadvantage simply because of the choices illegal roleplayers make in the form of evading in a comet and crashing deliberately to PK and avoid jail time. Plus, it cannot and will never be denied that the real life police force will always, always always be more organised, have better communication, and should have an advantage over the majority of criminals. You don’t go through rigorous training/school to be a gangbanger. 

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As a Command member in the LSPD, I spend a large majority of my time to make sure people don't abuse the privilege they were given, I went as far as writing a memorandum for it. I will be the first person to punish people for abusing teamspeak and I am very much for making things as fair as reasonable possible while we do have this privilege. As for criminals using it in certain situations, well the end result is, unless faction leaders are going to be kicking people out for abusing such systems if they were given to them, it would lead to a large likelyhood of metagaming in the wrong hands. Criminal factions don't issue reprimands, suspensions of duties or terminations and faction bans. It's very hard to compare criminal organizations to government ones and expect a level of equality in that regards. There are many things real life Police Department have that the LSPD doesn't all have and same thing goes for criminal and legal roleplayers. There are limits in place for a reason. 

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Permitting all players to communicate via VOIP in particular, pre-defined scenarios wouldn't permit (or make more difficult the sussing out of) easier metagaming. My qualms are with the belief that the rule is actually preventing VOIP metagaming from happening. If someone is determined to metagame via a third party platform despite the rules against metagaming to begin with, they're going to - and an additional, unilateral ban on voice chat, even in scenarios in which it is highly desirable and reasonable to use it, is not going to change that.


There are countless discord channels closed to the general server population, including administrators, that serve to unify one group or another with a medium of OOC communication. Proving that an individual is involved in metagaming behavior does not require monitoring that third party method of communication, but rather determining that a character acted in an unrealistic manner that just happened to coincide with knowledge they should not have had. The exact medium - voice or text - does not impact the methods used to determine whether an offense has taken place.


Again, I'm all for defining the exact circumstances under which individuals are permitted to use voice chat for purposes of a chase - that's fine. If we want to say they have to have others they're voice chatting with as contacts in their phone, or establish that each individual is tuned into the same radio channel before the chase-related VOIP begins, I believe that is a reasonable caveat to have.


Ultimately, my problem with the rule is that there is no reasonable answer to this question: How would permitting VOIP communication in chase scenarios for all sides encourage undesirable behavior? There is no practical purpose for the existence of the double standard.

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