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/cuff should cuff hands BEHIND the back, not in front

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/cuff currently cuffs the player with their hands in the front.


The two major LEO factions (LSPD, LSSD) roleplay cuffing detainees behind their back 99% of the time, just like their real life counterparts. (I don't know about the other factions, but I imagine it's the same.)


/cuff should cuff behind the back.


Side note - based on the below suggestion, it seems to be a technical limitation since /cuff applies the GTA5 handcuffs weapon, which cuffs in front? If so, idea: whenever /cuff is used, can the script automatically make the player /anim cuff ? For example, if I /cuff 123, can the script apply /anim cuff to player 123, after equipping the GTA 5 handcuffs weapon? That way, the cuffs are behind their back.



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At Security Faction, when we use /cuff (which we've never used in RP situations so far, but we tested it) it triggers animation to the one you're suggesting, so I suppose it might be some sort of faction script.

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