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Under the Gun: The Dark Realities of Life Inside the Black P Stones

Written by Hank Miller June 2024




Through an associate of mine, I was lucky enough to gain exclusive access to a gang within Los Santos.  One evening in May, I found myself being driven, black bag over my head, to meet one of the sets which had emerged from what was originally a neighborhood gang called Black P Stones, founded in the 1950s by Jeff Fort and Eugene Hairston. However, over time, in the 1960s, it expanded to LA, after which a gang member, with permission, set up the Bayside Waterfronts. 


The Frontline gang operate in Vespucci and upon entering the building and with the black bag pulled off my head, I was confronted with lots of guns and a lot of predominantly men, wearing masks.   It was intimidating, to say the least.   However, we soon got talking about gang life, including how people end up being part of the gang itself.


‘Man, the startin’ point is bein’ born inna Fronts blood. You born into this typa’ shit.  My uncle banged the set, my cousin... man, half my family from BPS, blood. Dis shit just felt natural.  Man, yea. It's the same story for most sets, you born in a area that's all gang members, blood. Somebody from ya family bound to be innit.  The n**** dat put me on dis shit was my big cousin Big Red Dot, BIP the homie. Dats who really showed me the ropes of dis shit.  You'll get swallowed in to that gang life, blood. It happens all over.


It is clear that it is usually family links which result in younger members of the family joining the gang and sustaining it.  But family links alone are not the reason for young men from different families joining and, somewhat more importantly, staying in the gang.  When questioned, the main spokesperson had the following to say.


It's a brotherhood, for the n***** that ain't got father figures or family members to look out for them. We have each other. Especially if you are going to a school in the opps hoods, on Fronts. You gotta bang something or n***** finna get on yo ass.



(Pictured: Members of the Waterfront)


Rightly or wrongly, this highlights how when society fails young men, or they come upon difficult times, the idea of togetherness that is often provided in a gang, albeit a dangerous life, can be attractive. Now, it is important to be clear, these men lead a dangerous life and that was highlighted when there was a knock on the door during the interview.   Instantly, the mood in the room switched, weapons were raised and surprisingly well rehearsed actions were set live.  Luckily, it proved to be a false alarm, but it acted as a reminder of the world that the gang operates in.  This was reinforced by the spokesperson for the gang.


 At the end of the day, it's survival. With enhanced methods to survive.  We got the gang wid us, nine times oudda ten, blood. We all is one.  


It appears the gang has many reasons to be on edge, whether it is law enforcement, or rival gangs. The gang is constantly under threat.  However, this threat doesn't result in them changing course. Interestingly, if anything, it forces them to double down and face the threat head on. 


 Man... both. The boys on dick, the enemies on dick. Everybody got a fuckin’ problem with BPS, blood. But we are not turnin’ shit down.  If it gotta go there we take it there, onna set.


Day to day, it appears the group does not have a clear leader. However, there is a power structure which is obvious and makes sense.  The gang’s loose structure appears to be working based on who brings the most into the group.  Those that gain the most resources, end up with power and influence.


Man, I ain't gonna say no names but sum big homies be... namsayin’? N***** not really on shit so n***** ain't tryna hear nothin’ from em.Look, it's like dis. You can be a old n*****, right? Got years inna set, but n***** do not got money.They ‘on't got /shit/. N***** not on /nothin/. So n***** ain't listening to what the fuck they gotta say. There's sum young n***** with mo motion nem otha n*****.No broke n***** tellin me nothin, blood. Me n my n***** Foive really be out here, blood. We really makin’ our paper... we really puttin’ in work foe the fuckin’ set.





At the moment, a lot of resources are pumped into law enforcement, largely to tackle gangs and the crimes they commit.  However, the question for those in power is how can we stop the cycle of young men feeling like they have to turn to gang life to survive on the streets, as evidenced by my interview with the Frontline Gang. I put this question to the gang’s spokesperson.


If there was anything to prevent it. It would have to be with the neighborhood, more money to help certain families.


I would like to thank both my associate for making the connection and the members of the Frontline Gang for allowing me to spend some time with them and being open enough to answer my questions.


If you have a news story, want something looked into or just could use some news coverage contact Hank on 1545 or message me on face.gta.world/hankmiller







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