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Staff Update - April 2024

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Staff Update

April 2024


Welcome to the April 2024 edition of the Staff Update!


This last month has been an extremely busy one from a server standpoint, with a lot of work taking place in development, modding and across the admin team as a whole!


From community meetings been held by Property Management, to reviewing new ideas as part of the monthly staff meeting, we're trying to ensure that as weeks go by, we keep our ear to the ground and do our absolute best to ensure we're providing you with the quality you know and deserve.


A lot of our biggest projects are still in the works, but we're excited to share more with you soon.



Development Update


Clothing Update


Where to start, other than our amazing clothing update?! 


As announced by Oggy on Discord the other day, our biggest update has to be the clothing update which has been put together over the last few weeks.


Clothing updates are something we try to do as regularly as possible, but - due to the sheer amount of content we continue to bring to the server, and rage's own limitations, we have to be very careful about how this content is arranged, and developed - as well as ensuring that it meets a level of acceptable quality, but without causing too much in the way of lag or issues for our users on older platforms too.


Our modding team work based on suggestions made by players and factions, and also some ideas they throw into the mix too as they curate the content to try and suit the server, and with over 300 custom items added during this update, we cannot thank them enough for the time and effort they put into maintaining this.


We know it's not easy, but your work continues to make everything amazing, and we're very thankful to those unsung heroes in the modding team who take all these requests and smash them out month after month.




Pandamon is coming soon! No, this isn't an April Fools! 


After the success of ONE,  our dev team have been working to produce a unique trading card game experience to give you guys something really interesting to collect ingame. We cant wait for you to get to see Pandamon in action, and you can see more details here



More to come? 


Nervous has announced there will be one more announcement coming soon, and we're very excited to bring that to you - so keep posted on the Discord as we continue to bring new features across the board!



This month's Stats

Over the last month our team have answered:

Forum Reports
Asset Transfers
 Refund Requests



We've brought a few more stats in this month on top of what we usually bring just to give you more insight into the work that our team do on a daily basis. This doesn't include all the many hours they spend in their subteams doing work too. 


In comparison, that's over 2000 more reports,  over 500 more tickets, over 400 more applications. 


We're incredibly grateful for all the hard work the team are putting in. Without their long hours, we wouldn't be able to deliver GTA: World, and they deserve all the thanks and praise for all they do.


Staff Promotions


This month we'd like to recognize the following staff members in their advancement through the staff team:


Cuete Promoted to Game Admin Lvl. 2
Frakkennewguy Promoted to Game Admin Lvl. 2
Rain Promoted to Game Admin Lvl. 2
santa muerte
santa muerte Promoted to Game Admin Lvl. 2
kane Promoted to Game Admin Lvl. 1
young. Promoted to Game Admin Lvl. 1
Skydeluire Promoted to Game Admin Lvl. 1
Awucard Promoted to Game Admin Lvl. 1
Euphoria Promoted to Trial Admin
Deveroni Promoted to Trial Admin
Hendrixx20 Promoted to Trial Admin
vinar Promoted to Trial Admin
vandalism Promoted to Trial Admin
chocomint Promoted to Trial Admin
DaggyS Promoted to Trial Admin
Rasta Promoted to Senior Support
Hunt Promoted to Senior Support
Neeko Promoted to Senior Support
The Master of Route 68
The Master of Route 68 Promoted to Senior Support
Debo Promoted to  Support
Steeled Promoted to  Support
Brant Promoted to  Support
lokote Promoted to  Support


Congratulations to all those who were promoted, and thank you for your dedication so far. We look forward to seeing you all flourish in your new roles going forward. Welcome to those of you who are new, we look forward to seeing you flourish as part of our team.


Have a wonderful April folks!


Note: all applicants who haven't been accepted will have their status of their application updated in the next 48 Hours. Please do not contact Staff Management asking for a result before this time. If you'd like to request a denial reason, should you have been denied, please press the "Request Denial Reason" button on your Application.

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