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Pandamon Collection Cards

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 Pandamon Collection Cards


Following the success of ONE card game, multiple of you have asked us to expand the card games to other universes such as Pokemon, Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh. We initially joked about it until deciding to go all-in in providing GTAW with a unique collection card game.


We've recreated an entire collection card game within GTAW with 150 cards designed through artificial intelligence to create unique designs that'll remind you of well known characters from existing inspirations, and a unique collection & pack opening interface to go with the feature. While combat & rules are not planned yet, it might be something we'll expand to in the future if the game is successful!


For now, the goal is to provide our collectionists a way to collect all cards and their associated rarities, from common to unique cards that can only be looted once in the server. You'll also be able to trade your cards with other players!


You can buy cards directly ingame with 3 currencies : ingame $, panda points or world points! Cards bought with panda points or world points cannot be traded directly to other players to not mix OOC / IC currencies, a specific UCP marketplace has been created to sell them. Ingame $ bought cards can be directly traded ingame! It also mean that if you're lucky, you might get some large amount of world points if you unpack a very rare card!


Panda points !? Yes, panda points are also coming back as an activity reward to allow you to freely get packs every weeks as this new feature allow us to finally have a decent activity reward.

You can buy packs at 24/7 with ingame money.


Thanks to @nickM for the amazing work on the feature (UI, client side work), and @Price for the backend implementation!


Unique cards?

Some cards are fully unique : They can only be looted once on the server! It is very rare but holds a great value!

Inactive characters will lose their unique cards after 3 months of inactivity so that the cards remain held by active players on the server, it'll be replaced by an artifact version of that card if you're inactive for 3 months.


Disenchanting cards?

You can disenchant any cards by going in your collection, then selecting a rarity. Click on a card and select how many you wish to disenchant, it'll give you panda points back!



UCP Marketplace


If you've bought the cards with world points, you can trade them on UCP on https://ucp.gta.world/cards and see your collection onhttps://ucp.gta.world/cards/collection



Earn discord titles & UCP badges


The following discord ranks are available for card collectors :

  • Unique card owner
  • Artifact collector
  • Legendary collector
  • Epic collector
  • Rare collector

The few of you who manages to collect all cards with a specific rarity will be granted these titles automatically (daily update on UCP), and if you own a Unique card you'll get a title too!















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