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/e Objects & Commands

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Short description: I found a script on the web [for fivem] but it can be useful here too. Basically, you type /e and the animation or object and it spawns it.

Detailed description:   This tested script provides from holding boxes to umbrellas. You type the command /e umbrella to spawn it and the same command again to despawn it.



Commands to add: – Salute: /e salute: Salute your comrades! – Bird 1: /e finger : One hand middle Finger – Bird 2: /e finger2 : 2 hands middle finger – Surrender: /e surrender : Kneeldown hands behind head surrender – Facepalm: /e palm : Facepalm – Notes: /e notes : Write down notes on paper – Brief: /e brief : Equip a tactical brief case – Brief2: /e brief2 : Equip a leather brief case – Foldarms: /e foldarms : Cross your arms – Foldarms2: /e foldarms2 : Cross arms v2 – Damn: /e damn : Throw your arms in disbelief – Fail: /e fail : Become visibly dissapointed – Gang1: /e gang1 : Gang sign 1 – Gang2: /e gang2 : Gang sign 2 – No: /e no : Shake your head no – Pickbutt: /e pickbutt : Pick your butt – Grab Crotch: /e grabcrotch : Grab your crotch – Peace: /e peace : Hold peace sign – Cigar: /e cigar : Place cigar in your mouth – Cigar2: /e cigar2 : Place a burnt cigar in your mouth – Joint: /e joint : Place a joint in your mouth – Cig: /e cig : Place a cig in your mouth – Holdcigar: /e holdcigar : Hold a cigar in your hand – Holdcig: /e holdcig : Hold a cig in your hand – Holdjoint: /e holdjoint : Hold a joint in your hand – Dead: /e dead : Play dead – Holster: /e holster : Hand hovers over holster – Aim: /e aim : Aim a pistol at the floor – Aim2: /e aim2 : Aim a pistol up to your shoulder – Umbrella: /e umbrella : Use an umbrella – Guard: /e guard : Enter a security/guard pose – Callphone: /e callphone : Enter a phone call animation – /e slowclap : Slowly clap your hands – /e box : Pull out a box and walk around with it – /e cheer : Cheer – /e bum : Lay on the ground like a bum – /e leanwall : Lean against a wall – /e copcrowd1 : Calm down a crowd like a cop – /e copcrowd2 : Control a scene like a cop – /e copidle : idle like a cop Press U for police radio animation Press H to put your hands up

Items to add: N/A

How would your suggestion improve the server? This script gives a vast variety of objects and animations that can fit perfectly with those the server already has.

Additional information:  I hope you can use this script in RageMP too. The script can be found here.  https://forum.fivem.net/t/trundles-roleplay-animations-updated-10-26/171735

Edited by Sean_Davenport

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Kojo    30

We have most of these in our /anim list, though.  I don't see why we would need a new script.


I'm sure suggesting new animations would be alright instead.

Edited by MChavera

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Propably the developer can take some ideas of the free existing script for umbrellas boxes and some more animations.

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Pascal    278

This is written for FiveM - which is a completely different API compared to Rage. We won't be able to use it unfortunately.

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