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Your first RP server?


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First server was SA-RP when I was 12, I'm now 28. SA-RP evolved into NGRP. Then I quit for a while and came to the first server Nervous coded for which was on FiveM called FiveRP, then we all followed Nervous here when that went down. I can't believe I've been playing this shit for 16 years lol. I've actually met some one my longest IRL friends in NGRP, I've known my bestfriend for 15 years through GTA-RP.

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I started playing on San Andreas Roleplay on SA:MP before it turned into NGRP. Then I joined LSRP shortly after and played there for years.

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I started off with a cops and robbers themed server which also had light RP theme was called Redgies Role Play. After sometime I did migrate to a server called PR-RP with my IRL friends we even ran an official faction there (Calabresi Crime Family), LS-RP for few months and here we are. If there is anyone from PR hit me up.

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