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[LSPD] [30/MAR/2019] - Statement Regarding Home Invasion and Fatal Officer Involved Shooting, Sandy Shores

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Photo courtesy of Sergeant II Natalia Florence aboard LSPD AIR-1

Statement Regarding Home Invasion and Fatal Officer Involved Shooting, Sandy Shores - 30/MAR/2019

The Los Santos Police Department is currently investigating an officer involved shooting that occurred late in the evening on March 30th, 2019 at around 4:00am in the Sandy Shores area of Los Santos County. While we are still in the early stages of this investigation we do not draw any conclusions until all evidence has been thoroughly investigated and all witnesses have been questioned. The purpose of this statement is to inform the community about a critical incident that occurred.

Units of the Los Santos Police Department responded to a house alarm for a residence in central Sandy Shores within Los Santos County outside of city limits. Upon arrival to the scene officers found a black van parked near the front entrance of the residence, and the alarm still sounding from the home. As officers waited for more units and a team from the Metropolitan Division to respond a single suspect exited the home. Officers attempted to detain the suspect but were informed that hostages were inside the residence and told to leave the area before the male rushed back inside.

For the next ten minutes units responded and set up a perimeter around the home while preparing to establish contact with the suspects inside. Before contact could be made the same male suspect exited the home with another suspect dressed in all black. They made demands to be let go or a hostage was going to be harmed. At this point no hostages had been confirmed by officers. A third suspect exited the residence to join the previous two and began to make their way to the nearby black van. Before officers could defuse the situation a fourth suspect burst from the residence and rushed towards the officer's perimeter with a firearm in his hand. Officers opened fire on the armed suspect while the remaining three fled the scene in the black van.

Officers remained on scene to secure the home and the down suspect while the vehicle was pursued by an LSPD AIR unit, and members of the Metropolitan Division. The down suspect was secured and found to be in possession of an illegal firearm, several magazines of ammunition and a switchblade. Officers attempted to provide aid to the suspect but could not retrieve any signs of life before LSFD could be notified. The suspect was pronounced dead on the scene. 

While officers remaining in Sandy Shores cleared the residence members of the Metropolitan division aided by AIR pursued the remaining suspects throughout Los Santos County and back into the city. The van came to a stop in the Rancho area where all three suspects made their way into an open residence and took refuge inside. As a second perimeter was established two of the remaining suspects fled from the house and made their way through the back streets and into the industrial areas of southern Los Santos. Visual of these suspects was lost and they are still at large. The final suspect was taken into custody by members of the Los Santos Police Department's Metropolitan Division.

The Los Santos Police Department will continue to investigate and monitor this situation as more information becomes available.

Police Officer III Eleanor Jäger
MRCAD Officer
Media Relations and Community Affairs Division




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