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[LSPD] [28/MAR/2019] - Statement Regarding Fatal Officer Involved Shooting, Vinewood Hills

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Statement Regarding Fatal Officer Involved Shooting, Vinewood Hills - 28/MAR/2019

The Los Santos Police Department is currently investigating an officer involved shooting that occurred late in the evening on March 28th, 2019 at around 9:00pm in the Vinewood Hills area of Los Santos. While we are still in the early stages of this investigation we do not draw any conclusions until all evidence has been thoroughly investigated and all witnesses have been questioned. The purpose of this statement is to inform the community about a critical incident that occurred.

While on patrol at around 9:00pm in the area of Rockford Hills in the city of Los Santos a unit from the Los Santos Police Department's Metropolitan Division initiated a pursuit on a light blue rental vehicle. The suspect vehicle failed to yield to the unit's lights and sirens or directions to pull over. Soon after the driver of the suspect vehicle opened fire on the pursuing officers. As the pursuit lead into the Pacific Bluffs area of Los Santos the driver abandoned the vehicle on a footpath near the City Hall and continue to flee from officer on foot.

At this point visual contact on the suspect was lost, and members of the Metropolitan Division's K-9 Platoon were called to attempt to re-establish contact. After gaining the suspect's scent from his abandoned vehicle the K-9s and Officers set out on a near twenty minute hunt on foot through the Vinewood Hills. K-9s were able to lead officers to the location of the suspect who was hiding in some brush along the hillside near some residences. Officers then attempted to make contact with the suspect and order him to surrender himself. The suspect stepped out of his concealment and then opened fire on the officers once again. Officers returned fire and managed to incapacitate the suspect with lethal force. At this point officers on scene moved to secure the suspect and provide aid for his sustained injuries. The LSFD was called to assist with stabilizing the suspect, however they were unsuccessful and the suspect was pronounced dead on the scene by medical personnel.

At this time the LSPD can confirm that the suspect was a former civilian employee for the department. During employment the suspect had served in a non-law enforcement role and had no access to firearms, or training prior to this incident. It should be noted that the suspect was not an employee of the department at the time of this incident and had terminated his employment prior to the events of this evening. It is unknown at this time if the incident had any involvement with the suspects prior employment for the department. 

The Los Santos Police Department will continue to investigate and monitor this situation as more information becomes available.

Police Officer III Eleanor Jäger
MRCAD Officer
Media Relations and Community Affairs Division





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