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Feature ShowcaseShopping menu


The shopping menu has been redesigned, moving from the native GTA interface to a custom-built design. Along with the redesigned UI, a few new features have been implemented, making shopping easier than before.


Detailed Information

The shopping interface is now available for 8 different store types: hardware, grocery, 24/7s, vending machines, fast food, commissary (prison shops), ammunations, and liquor stores. Phone stores are currently the only exception.


Multi-item shopping: It is now possible to purchase multiple items in one go.

Weight calculation: The quantity of items one can purchase gets limited based on weight. The menu will prevent you from exceeding the weight limit by preventing you from adding more items to the cart. The maximum quantity of items gets adjusted accordingly based on the items you currently have on the character and shopping list.

Payment: Payment is now embedded in the shopping UI and can be changed before making the payment by choosing the "Cash/Card" option to the right of "Proceed to payment" button (demonstrated below).

The default method is set to the one the user has most money in (either cash, or bank). Proceeding to payment is disabled if the user does not have enough money to pay with the selected method.


Purchasing more than the default 5000g weight limit will put the player in overcarry mode.





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