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Welcome to ProTech Security - Your Safety, Our Priority



Established in 2023, ProTech Security Solutions is based in the heart of San Andreas. ProTech is committed to delivering the best security services in San Andreas.

We aim to assure you, your family, your customers, and your assets are secured 24/7. We assure you that whenever you reach out to us you will receive what you asked for.

At ProTech Security Solutions we highly pride ourselves on the employing cader we have. With our highly experienced and professional team, you will never be disappointed.

To ensure our clients that our team is the most professional. our recruits have to go through multiple processes and trainings before they can operate on their own.



ProTech Security Solution offers a variety of top-tier security services, created to satisfy your needs to the fullest.

At ProTech Security Solution our commitment is to ensuring safety and peace of mind for our clients.

To check more about our services please visit: https://protech.gta.world/

  • Patrol Service: ProTech Security Solution offers highly effective patrol services to our clients. Monitoring and ensuring that there is no suspicious activity happening on your property.

Our experienced security personnel conduct regular patrols during day and night, both armed and unarmed to ensure that there's no criminal activity happening on your property. In case of witnessing criminal activity on your property, our professional team will call law enforcement and keep observing and securing the property, and be prepared to face any dangers professionally


Our frequent and professional patrol services come with a lot of benefits. By maintaining a visible and responsive presence, we significantly reduce our response time in case of alarm or distress calls from our clients.

Additionally, we ensure that every time we visit your property we will notify you over our live and interactive client interface, SMS, LS Chat, or phone call. In case the alarm goes off at your property, our security agents will receive a notification, notify 9-1-1, and respond to your property.

  • Venue Security: ProTech Security Solution excels at securing venues of all sizes and types. Our specialized event security team is trained to manage crowd control, collect entries, identify customers, and most importantly de-escalate when there's a heated argument. We ensure that our job is done discreetly and efficiently, and aim to be the supporting element in the background at all times during your events, while you, your patrons, your friends, and your family enjoy the time. We also prioritize the safety of attendees, performers, and staff.

    At ProTech Security Solutions, we are aware that we are not sworn-in police officers, therefore we abide by the law as regular citizens. We constantly train and educate our guards that if they are not able to de-escalate a situation they should inform 9-1-1 and keep observing to report afterward. We strive to keep good relations with Law Enforcement agencies and keep up with the latest law amendments.

  • Executive Protection: For Clients requiring high-level personal security, ProTech Security Solutions, offers executive protection. Our highly trained and elite security agents are equipped to provide discreet protection for you as an individual. We focus on threat assessment, risk mitigation, privacy, and safety of our clients.

  • Executive Escorting: Here at ProTech Security Solutions, we provide a specialized form of security and protection for individuals or groups, who require safe passage from one location to another. These services are mostly required by high-profile individuals, executives, celebrities, or anyone facing potential security threats during their relocation.

  • Security System Installation:  ProTech Security Solution specializes in the installation of security systems, our experts will arrive at your property to perform a security assessment before bringing their equipment and installing it for you. Our experts will also explain to you how the system works and even give you a handbook on how to use it.


With our security system installed at your property, comes surveillance and monitoring of your property. With our monthly subscription to your alarm, our security officers will be patrolling your property all the time. Plus all our alarm packages come with 20% off the market price!

  • Security Consulting: Our team of security experts is always available for consultation to assess your security vulnerabilities and develop a customized plan for you. We will recommend appropriate security measures, and assist in implementing the security protocols to make your property and your assets safe.

  • Private Investigation: Our team of private investigators is there for you to conduct an investigation. We ensure that clients who use our private investigation services are treated discreetly, professionally, respectfully, and more importantly, ethically. All information is gathered within the boundaries of the law. We prioritize client confidentiality, accuracy, and the ethical conduct of their investigation. Clients often engage private investigators to resolve personal, legal, or business-related issues. Investigations are performed by a small group of investigators, who are experienced and very precise with their job.

  • Towing Service:  Property owners and managers often engage in towing services to maintain a well-organized and safe environment on their property. Here at ProTech Security Solution, we have a team of mechanics who take care of our fleet, they are also authorized to remove vehicles from the property. If you have an illegally parked vehicle or abandoned vehicle, we are here for you to remove it from your property.


At ProTech Security Solutions, we prioritize professionalism, excellence, and reliability in all of our services. 



The recruitment process in ProTech Security Solutions is a critical component of ensuring that the company employees are skilled, trustworthy, and professional

Our new employees have to go through multiple processes before they are hired.

First is the job application, where our experienced Human Relations Officers perform an application screening and schedule an interview. If the interview is successful, our team will request a background check from LSPD. If your criminal record doesn't involve any felonies or violent misdemeanors, you will be hired. Once you're hired you will go through a probationary period where you will be training with one of the senior security officers, who will also mentor you through your probationary period. 

Your probationary period ends when your mentor runs you through the whole training program and feels that you're capable of operating on your own.

Open Vacancies: https://protech.gta.world/viewtopic.php?t=27

Employment Information: https://protech.gta.world/viewtopic.php?t=10

General Requirments: https://protech.gta.world/viewtopic.php?t=19

Application Format: https://protech.gta.world/viewtopic.php?t=20




If you're interested in our services, or in becoming one of us, contact us via phone number or https://protech.gta.world/


(( ProTech is a security faction that prioritizes realism over anything else. It's a great faction to start portraying your character and if you're a newcomer to learn how to roleplay.

It's important to note that we are very focused on roleplay. We promote roleplaying as a team so that everyone around us receives the best security roleplay possible.


This is a self-funded faction which means your character will not be getting scripted paychecks. Therefore, the wages will mostly depend on the activity and performance of your character.


We adjust ourselves and our faction with the requirements of the server and RPQM rules. We expect our faction members to portray their security characters as realistically as possible, meaning expensive vehicles without proper RPQM-permitted backgrounds, unrealistic portrayals and so on will not be tolerated and the person in question will be asked to amend their portrayal or assets as required.


Any attempts of trolling or similar behavior will result in an immediate removal from the faction. ))


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