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Los Santos Insider | Mayor Preston: "Ex Mayor Cambridge was hiding away from the media and never published any initiatives; Bordeaux is handling the loss poorly, she wasn't cut out for politics, I hope she seeks help soon."


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Mayor Preston: "Ex Mayor Cambridge was hiding away from the media and never published any initiatives; Bordeaux is handling the loss poorly, she wasn't cut out for politics, I hope she seeks help soon." 

Published by Mia Harris - 09/18/2023






Mia Harris: Welcome to the studio, Mr. Preston. Congratulations on winning the elections and becoming our Mayor!


Hank Preston: Thank you for having me Ms. Harris, and thank you for your kind words. I'm stepping into a rather large role, and the encouragement is always appreciated.


Mia Harris: Yesterday, at the 16th of September, you attended a community and charity event in Little Seoul. We couldn't help but notice that you were actively interacting with the citizens of Los Santos there, and they were quite satisfied and happy to see you around. What are the first-hand comments that you receive now? Have you heard citizens' expectations and wishes now, as you've entered office? What do they want to see changed in our city? 


Hank Preston: The comments and questions I've got aren't that different from when I was on the campaign trail - the biggest thing people comment on are my plans for blue collar projects, job creation, and well, they're glad to have a Mayor in office that actually exists, and is willing to spend time with them. Hear them out, and help represent them.


Mia Harris: You come from the Republican Party. The Republican Party in San Andreas has quite the history of winning, having won the latest State Senate elections too. Do you think that the co-operation on issues regarding Los Santos and the people who live here will go smooth now? 


Hank Preston: The GOP definitely is known for their electoral success, and it boils down to the fact that we as a party, are able to carry more professional weight and organize better. It's an issue the Democrats have suffered each cycle, one I hope they can recover from, as their participation in state and local politics is vastly important to the democratic exchange of ideas. But, as for your concern? Relations will always be a positive thing for us. My commitment to the city focuses heavily on a diplomatic approach, working with everyone, regardless of their beliefs or background. That's also something the Republican Party holds near and dear, and it's why I chose their offer to run for Mayor, rather than the Democratic Party. 


Mia Harris: Hank, when you think back of your beginnings in politics, and now, has your goal remained the same? And furthermore, what do you plan on doing next in your career? I know it's kinda too early to ask you this, as you've just became the Mayor, but I believe the citizens would want to know, what's the next step that you plan to take when it comes to your career? Or maybe you're planning to retire after this mandate? 


Hank Preston: My goals from the beginning of campaign is still the same as now, revamp our City Government, create blue collar oriented programs and foster transparency, as well as accountability. I'm hoping, within my first term, or possibly even a second term I can accomplish a good handful of my promises, and when the time comes, I'll look towards a third term, or possibly retirement.


Mia Harris: And any goal from before the campaign, from the time when you were just starting in politics? I guess I'm kinda sentimental and wanting to ask, what is one thing that would make you happiest, to see it being implemented in Los Santos, and now that you have the power to actually implement it, it's all in your hands now. 


Hank Preston: I believe I've already accomplished that goal - months back, near the beginning of this year is when I'd consider to be my entry into politics. My main complaint is that our Mayor at the time, Marcus Cambridge was appointed to office, and subsequently was never held accountable to the people. Which lead to him hiding away from the media, and never publishing any sort of initiatives. My main desire was to see a Mayor in office that was actually willing to do the job he's being paid to do - which is why I ran. Within my first week in office? I've already conducted a number of diplomatic meetings with internal agencies, as well as other local departments, seeing what operational and funding issues they need, with steps already being taken to correct it. Tonight, we're about to unveil a major project that will create countless jobs in the construction sector, and will also have a strong cultural impact on the city, let alone the value it will bear on our democratic order and the revival of the City Council. 


Mia Harris: Unfortunately, Los Santos, or well, whole San Andreas, has stumbled upon a recent dangerous situation, that being a new serial killer has shown up again, making it's first apperiance in Los Santos, here in Morningwood, to be more precise. Via a simple poster attached on our building. Since then, a body has been found in the woods. Another Morse Code killer. How do you plan on protecting your citizens from this?


Hank Preston: Well, as you said Mia, it's another killer. We're in the midst of a copy cat killer right now, one looking for fame and attention, given them going out of their way to stick post-it notes on your studio. People like this don't get very far, and I'm very confident that the LSPD, Sheriffs and other law enforcement agencies will be able to track down someone this reckless so they may face justice. They caught Ada Ivy, they'll catch this impostor, rest assured. Until then? Given this person has proven they're willing to commit violence, I encourage folks to keep their eyes peeled and their head on a swivel. Report anything suspicious you see to authorities, as soon as you can. 


Mia Harris: Let's talk about certain areas of Los Santos, such as Davis, Strawberry and so on... They're hit by poverty and violence, that's a fact. What are you planning to do for the youth in the said areas, in order to stop them from choosing the wrong path in life?


Hank Preston: South Los Santos is an area I'm very familiar with, and the issues they face boil down to two simple things. Neglect, and a lack of opportunities. During my time at the Port, I went out of my way to implement policies that could help reform offenders, or give chances to those with little to no work experience - something I feel vastly contributed to steering people away from first time offending, and even reoffending. With my plans to sustain a strong job market, one with equitable opportunities for all, I think the people of Davis, Rancho, Strawberry and so on will have ample opportunities ahead of them, especially with some of the upcoming plans already in motion with Public Works. At the moment? We're preparing to send survey teams, in cooperation with Aurum Energy to conduct water samples, as well as infrastructure inspections in that area of town. The end goal being, we'll be looking to remove any lead pipes left over from the 1950s, and help clear up any sort of health conditions that may have been neglected under previous leadership. Apart from that? Fred Coleman, our Deputy Mayor and I are looking to arrange a few programs with Davis High and the Sheriffs Department for the giveaway of sports equipment, clothes, and food - something to help offset the costs of families and allow our youth something to do in their free time. There's so much in the works for South Los Santos, especially in the alley of educational grants, and of course, Fred Coleman's side project, The Coleman Fund. Something that will hope to undo the damage caused by Avery Lafayette. 


Mia Harris: What about public transportation, what are your plans to.. fix it, let's say?


Hank Preston: Could you elaborate?


Mia Harris: Well, I'll use this opportunity to present a poll that I've done the past few days regarding the results of the mayoral election. To not read individual statements, most of the citizens praised you and your commitment, recognizing your campaign words as truthful and honest. However, one issue was mentioned, that being public transportation, with hopes to fix it. Personally, I do not use public transportation, but apparently, buses are being late and unsafe. 


Hank Preston: I've yet to hear any reports on safety or tardiness with our transportation system, but I encourage people to come forward and email me, or reach out on social media to help get to the bottom of these concerns. And let it be known, that the City will not tolerate any form of violence or intimidation towards our drivers, or passengers. If this is the case, I'll seek to implement CCTV systems on public transit, so in the event there is ever any such cases, we'll be able to forward the footage to the police so the perpetrators may face justice. But, there is one issue I'm aware of in regards to our transit systems, something we're already taking steps to help correct. And that is, the issue of man power. We've seen some neglect for the Department of Transportation, but luckily due to the initiative of our Cultural Affairs Director, Morrison Bradley, we're arranging a recruitment drive for the City next month. We're hoping to put an emphasis on the D-O-T, and as well as outside of this event in specific, we're hoping to ramp up recruitment drives and public awareness efforts. Surely, some of you have seen the Facebrowser ads already, advertising city positions. But, I believe in direct involvement, and see an opportunity to make use of public transit somewhat more interesting. I've floated the idea to a few colleagues, but we may seek to implement a "Public Transportation Day" that happens every one to two months, maybe even multiple times a month. Something we can "hype" up as an event, and encourage people to ride together, with myself even being present to ride with passengers. I think it'd be good fun for the community, and will result in the Earth being just a little bit greener.


Mia Harris: After the short advertisements break, Deputy Mayor of Los Santos, Mr. Frederick Coleman has joined us in the studio too. Mr. Coleman, welcome. Pleasure to have you here.


Frederick Coleman: Hello! Thank you for having me! Always a pleasure speaking with Los Santos Insider. 


Mia Harris: We spoke about various topics so far. I want to hear you next, Frederick. There are lots of sport related events in Los Santos, what about the culture aspect? What will be done about improving the culture scene in our city? 


Frederick Coleman: Well, there's a lot that can be done! Preserving culture is paramount, but just as much so yet less recognized is making pride of our current cultures; there are many. The Department of Cultural Affairs aims to host events promoting all sorts of great goals such as cleaning up beaches, keeping people fit, you name it - and I believe they're also doing a lot to showcase the various cultures we have here in our city. 


Mia Harris: Question for both - the opponent, who lost the mayoral elections, the Democratic candidate, Ms. Danielle Bordeaux, she's currently in a court case with Republican Senator Jonathan Spencer. Furthermore, she has resigned from her position as Director of Pillbox Hospital. How do you comment that? She's suing Mr. Spencer, to be more precise. 


Hank Preston: Well, Ms. Bordeaux seems to be handling the loss in the election poorly, and I feel it's made her very distraught - it became evident while she was on the campaign trail. During the campaign, she's resorted to a lot of straw grasping, even going as far to accuse me and Frederick of running a giant firearms trade empire in the shadows, under some conspiracy blog comment section. I think it's the stress of the election, she simply wasn't cut out for politics and the stress it can bare on the mind. And now, she's going as far to say in court that we've coerced her to resign from Pillbox, which is a blatant lie. She resigned on a whim, without even informing other members of the City Government to help find a replacement for her as well, and hasn't been seen much since. 


Frederick Coleman: If anything, we hoped she'd live up to what it means to be a public servant and continue in her role - one she was good at, instead she has let people down, however her replacement seems to be going strong! 


Hank Preston: I hope she seeks help soon, and ideally her former friends and colleagues will be willing to reach out and offer it to her. 


Mia Harris: Gentlemen, what do you think of implementing a strict gun control in Los Santos? Do you think that there are many guns on the streets of our city, easily reachable? 


Hank Preston: Absolutely not. Firearms in our city, ones moreso used in crime come from illegal sources more often then not, organized entities that sell, distribute and use them. As the Mayor, even I can't go outside into my driveway without the fear of knowing some thug in a mask is going to try to rob me while I'm in my robe. It's happened already, more than once to myself. It's why I choose to use my right to conceal carry a firearm, and I implore everyone to do so within the confines of the law. 


Frederick Coleman: To put it bluntly, making firearms less obtainable would only aid organized crime, not detriment it. 


Mia Harris: Ex Democratic Senator Luca Giraldi, in an interview for Los Santos Insider, as well as a press release statement, has stated that the Republican Party in San Andreas doesn't employ women. Then Lieutenant Governor Noah Wade, whose roots are also from the Republican Party, has swiftly dismissed the said accusation, also in an interview for Los Santos Insider. What can you say regarding the said remarks? 


Hank Preston: I wouldn't take the words of a disgraced ex-senator, who was known to purposely disrupt democratic proceedings too seriously, Luca Giraldi nothing short of a political troll in my eyes. We've had women in elected office within the senate, as well as countless females appointed to public positions within the State Government. Even our long serving state attorney is a proud woman, appointed by Lieutenant Governor Wade. This is simply just another case of failure to fact check by the Democrats. 


Mia Harris: Can you share your thoughts on affordable housing in Los Santos? 


Hank Preston: Do we support it? Absolutely. We have a few housing spaces available under the Department of Health and Human Services, something we're hoping to expand upon in South Los Santos, and parts of the Western District in my term. Something that also intertwines with my blue collar job projects, small businesses will be able to aid in the construction of affordable housing, where in turn? Folks will be able to live. 


Mia Harris: My next  question, I think I've asked everyone I've interviewed so far this question. But I want to know your views on it. Punishment versus rehabilitation? 


Hank Preston: Both, I say. You can't have one without the other. If someone commits a heinous act, they need to face the music for what they've done, but I also believe in deterring repeat offences. That's where a lot of our educational and job programs come into play, give folks a chance to get back to work n' school before they have a chance to re-offend, some job prospects may even be able to be lined up before their sentence is finished with increased parole efforts. 


Frederick Coleman: Rehabilitation focuses on addressing the root causes of criminal behavior, using therapy, education and support to help offenders change, turn their lives around. This is in most cases the favored solution, re-integration. 


Hank Preston: Absolutely. 


Frederick Coleman: Punishment on the other hand seeks to penalize offenders through punitive measures, exacting societal revenge to discourage future criminal behaviour. Some people simply can't change; and that is when punishment needs to come in to play.


Hank Preston: This is absolutely true - the sad reality is, is that there is some folk inherently bad out there, filled with hatred and anger, that even the best doctors, therapists, lawyers, judges could even cure. The best we can do is decipher who these people are, help those who want to change their lives around, and punish those who have no remorse or plans to change. 


Mia Harris: Who is your favorite politician? Could be from the world scene, or a person from history, or someone from San Andreas. Someone you look up to.


Hank Preston: Ronald Reagan. I believe the man had a vision for America, and heavily believed in the family values that we see diminishing today. 


Frederick Coleman: He may be more of a political philosopher, or a social activist - but for me? My mind goes to Martin Luther King. I wouldn't be sitting in this chair today if it wasn't for the change he laid the foundations for. 


Hank Preston: Doctor King was certainly a man well ahead of his time. 


Mia Harris: Mr. Preston, Mr. Coleman, thank you for being my guests tonight, it was a great pleasure to talk to you.


Frederick Coleman: Pleasure is all ours! Thank you for having us Mia. 


Hank Preston: Thank you for having us Mia! We had quite the thought provoking chat tonight. 





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Name: @maggiexo

Comment: The remarks on Bordeaux are so facetious. It's a miracle the Democrats let this election slip when against someone who admires Reagan, not super looking forward to the next two years of handshaking with port authority

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Name: fbuntz

Comment: Mayor Preston is an old school guy, and a much needed breath of fresh air in our city. I agree with his opinions on President Reagan as well, a man who's leadership is an excellent model for politicians even on the municipal level. Excellent interview!

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