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Primestone Developers LLC

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On 9/8/2023 at 11:04 PM, notoriousdancso said:




Primestone Developers, previously part of the well known Horizon Developers LLC is a real estate developer company based out of Los Santos, San Andreas. The business started off as a few man project after a handful of people decided to part ways with the construction giant Horizon Developers after a change in management. They formed a new company under the name "Primestone", which is a high quality engineered quartz stone surface that is highly durable so you can be confident it will face up to your daily lifestyle. The name already says a lot about the people working for Primestone and the projects they get involved in. They are looking to build people's dreams in a way that they actually last centuries.  After parting ways, the two firms agreed to let Primestone finish the project they had been working on while being apart of Horizon, the LSPD Administration HQ. After finishing the project a little break had followed but in late August Primestone's been awarded a contract to build a multi-apartment building in Rockford Hills for an investment company based out of Liberty City.


After the first couple of shifts Primestone started growing at a rapid pace and starting getting recognition from government agencies for their superb work. In late September the Los Santos City Government hired Primestone through a public procurement to renovate the City Hall in Rockford. Primestone currently employs 40-50 active construction workers, works closely with various smaller/family owned construction firms. The motto of the company is "You dream it, we build it."


We are a privately owned company and we're never planning on becoming a big corporation and releasing stocks on the stockmarket. Why? You might ask, it's easy. We want to build your dreams, we cannot do that if everything has to go through ten executives and two hundred big stock owners. We believe in boots on the ground management, this is why we have come so far. 


Our current portfolio:


- LSPD Administration Building

- Rockford Multi-Apartment Building (( LFM funded project ))

- Rockford City Hall (( City Council - TBA - TBA - TBA ))

- Judicial Branch of San Andreas Greg E. Joplin Courthouse Renovation Project



(( Our goal is to provide the server with good blue-collar roleplay. The opportunities are endless, from plumbing to lobbying at the Mayor's Office, one of our employees do it. If you are looking to join us on our journey, use the link below to join our discord server. ))


(( https://discord.gg/cXHnzVmesN ))


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Primestone Developers Christmas bonuses are AVAILABLE during the whole month of December.



Make $17.500 / shift as a worker!


(( You don't have to join any faction, just show up to shifts. If you're a member of an illegal / other faction, this is a great opportunity to broaden your horizon IC and make some new friends / business contacts. ))



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