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Rule 10 - Mugging

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10.1) Mugging

It is only permitted to /rob or /mug another player for the items they have on themselves at the current time, this does not require admin permission unless within a Restricted Crime Zone. Players may not rob/force other players to withdraw money from the bank or an ATM. Debit cards/credit cards also fall into this subject.


It is forbidden to mug anyone when:

  • you're using a vehicle in an unplanned petty mugging for quick cash, unless admin approved;


Right now, the rules state that if you basically use a vehicle to do a mugging, to spot someone, find them, it's not allowed at all.


Why should players get admin approval for a mugging when that'll flood the reports or take about fifteen minutes to get approved?

By the time it gets approved, players have already moved to a different location. It takes a while as it is to get a quick revive from dying to a bug, even longer waiting for a breakin request.


IRL, people look for different targets in a different area all the time. How do they get to that area? It's not like they jogged thirty minutes across the city to that area.


I believe people should be allowed to use vehicles to rob someone if they park away from the scene. I'm not saying around the corner but a few blocks down.

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+1 Definitely needs some change, it is way too vague and needs a little tweaking. Because no one is walking 15 miles to mug someone on foot. Most robberies/muggings are all cased out in vehicles and then done on foot. That's just how it is, and how it should be.

How it goes IRL:


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All that needs to be removed is using a car for this. It's 2023, people legitimately use vehicles during crime all the time. Let it blow back on them IC if they choose to use their personal vehicle. Nobody's trying to see a good possibility for RP (I don't care if you are the losing end, everybody gets robbed on the illegal and legal side of the scale) to just sit and wait for an admin to respond to a report that'll get covered and marked as "not important" so it just collects dust similar to house breakin reqs (which is another issue but really another topic for another discussion)

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