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whats the point of not breaking the rules

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45 minutes ago, PeteTheTank said:

I think that people that break the rules like @Wiphyz said are clearly not trying to create a proper character story, and from my newbie perspective seem to be doing light-rp and subar rp in most cases. I don't understand what an admin jail really provides, a temp ban for a day or two would be much more effective, admin jail just means that the rulebreakers will afk and watch netflix. Even on our Gmod servers we went away from admin jails, as it wasn't effective but instead going for temp ban proved to be much better. And instead of banning them "permanently" just ban them for a set amount of days that doubles each times, that's what we did and you couldn't go back. I remember a guy had to wait 240 days to get back, and there was no way to appeal it. After his 240 days he never broke a rule again and became a better player and helped our server grow.


A while back, someone made the (then terrible) suggestion of requiring people be active during an ajail, to REALLY require some form of text input every five minutes or the ajail timer would stop ticking down. Seemed like overkill before, but now that we've got people legit insisting that beating a random person to death and THEN rummaging through their pockets is "not technically killing them" and also "a legit way to mug people"...


...I'm beginning to wonder if maybe that suggestion would help. Maybe Have the timer stop every five minutes with a text question asked, requiring text input. The questions could be "what is an example of breaking rule (insert number)? Answer in your own words."


Then let staff review the answers after. If the rulebreaker isn't dissuaded by thirty minutes of trauma, the staff can likely catch it by reviewing the answers.


Hell, make it something staff can opt into if they want, to ask questions at random  intervals while the rulebreaker is in ajail. If they get a wrong or copy/pasted answer, extend the ajail.


Ajail might actually be practical for teaching, with some additions.

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On 7/17/2023 at 10:57 PM, tony genovese said:

What's the point of not breaking the rules if people get unbanned so easily or don't even get punished. Multiple warnings are given, you're expected to be exemplary but you still manage to get off after making a convincing appeal or something when you get banned, I think there would be less rule breaking in general if the server was stricter. I think perma bans should be removed and actual times should be set as we know perma bands are not permanent, you should force people to do a set amount of time before they can even appeal. It's hard to play the server and follow the rules when you know 7/10 people are not doing that and just getting a slap on the wrist and then they'll just continue to do the same things. 

I give most people chances. The old saying is true. Give em enough rope and they'll hang themselves. 
Sucks for the time being but unless they do something egregious, they get a chance like everyone else...or else when a good rper makes a mistake then they're gone forever. That wouldn't be fair imo. Can't punish everyone for the sins of the few.

If you see 15 minute ajails for things, it's mostly because it's a first offense. I jail pretty hard for repeat offenses and even ban with condensed offenses.

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17 minutes ago, Jai. said:

Staff have tonnes of activities to keep on top of, I don't think we need admin jail trivial pursuit too 👀


Alright, either automate it, or just ban them until they do a reentry quiz. The problem is that ajails as they are, don't work. Either they grow, or the community continues to see it as staff just giving criminals time to watch videos and repeat the same mistakes with greater caution to avoid detection.


Ajails are no longer punishing enough to deter rulebreaking.


...and by your own admission, ajails don't educate. 


The ajail fails at the intended purpose in both the community we used to have and the community staff seems to want today.

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At this point, warnings and ajails shorter than 30 minutes honestly have to go. It's disrespectful to players who have had whole scenes (sometimes lasting hours, or spanning days/weeks) ruined by someone who gets away with nothing more than a warning by putting on a pouted lip and bullshitting their way through an apology with "I thought the rule meant I could do it like this but not like that" and other variations thereof. I've seen players with previous history, even with ajails on record getting away with warnings. Let me just be clear, WARNINGS ARE POINTLESS.


It's important to point out that IT IS NOT the fault of the admin team, their hands are tied in most cases. Instead it's the fault of the flawed guidelines they have to follow and sometimes the fear of reprisals may be resulting in admins being more lenient than they'd like to be. Just to make sure they're on the right side of staff management when punishments inevitably move to staff reports. Which can be incredibly stressful & daunting. especially when the players involved are kicking up a shit storm in the community. With staff reports in mind, it's better for them (and far less stressful) to be TOO lenient than it is for them to be too harsh.


But sadly this approach coupled with the "teaching server" mantra, leads to what we have now. Administrators who are unable (or too afraid) to punish players effectively due to being tied to guidelines intended for a community that was growing and needed to retain players. GTAW is supposed to be a HEAVY roleplay environment, so treat it as such.

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19 minutes ago, Gore said:

Sucks for the time being but unless they do something egregious

What exactly is ''something egregious'' ? Because I've seen people use /changechar to get rid of bleeding and then talk shit to SWAT for one hour when they should be bleeding out from a bullet wound or to teleport someplace else and avoid arrest, I've seen people LIE about all that in the report and they still weren't banned. What does it actually take to get banned on GTAW?

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Just now, Ketamine Kowboy said:

Eeeeh yes and no, depends on when and what rule broken

Been here since the start and we were way more lax. 
I'm fairly heavy handed with my punishments, because I'm pretty good at sniffing out when people are lying on things.

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2 minutes ago, Gore said:

Been here since the start and we were way more lax. 
I'm fairly heavy handed with my punishments, because I'm pretty good at sniffing out when people are lying on things.

See stuff like asset transferring, it is waaaaay more lax now. I aided in transfering a Willard Faction in 2018, like a 14k car, I got no warning, Nada, I got a permanent ban for it.


Same goes with ajails from what I've seen, a lot more ajails now as opposed to then, you'd see frequent bans over shit that nowadays would get you 90 minutes in purgatory. Server culture is very different from what it was

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