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Fire devastates Mirror Park Gas Station

Monday, 11th February 2019
LSFD Public Relations: Chloe MacKenzie 
Limited Ltd Gasoline the following morning after being devastated by the fire. 

MIRROR PARK - At 01:48 on Friday the 8th February 2018, 911 received a call from a business reporting there was a fire inside a Gas Station's 24/7 store at Limited Ltd Gasoline on West Mirror Drive, and that a person may be trapped. The Los Santos Fire Department requested a structure fire response of one Battalion Chief, two Engines and a Rescue Ambulance to the scene.

On arrival Engine 1 reported a one storey commercial structure was fully involved in flame showing from all windows and the roof, establishing Mirror Incident Command. A defensive mode was initiated, which means Firefighters were told to stay out of the structure and hit it from all sides with water, and then foam. Engine 2 was unable to make it to the scene due to staff shortages, but a further request was made for Rapid Attack Tender 1 to attend the scene to get close to the structure and attack it with a high volume deluge gun of foam.




An archive photo of Rapid Attack Tender 1

Rapid Attack Tender 1 is a hybrid firefighting water tender, designed for use against fierce fires such as commercial, brush or aircraft fires. The mounted deluge guns and the protected cab allows Firefighters to get close to the highly dangerous burning fuels and douse it in high volumes of foam, or water, from the large water tank, without having to get out and put their lives at risk by getting too close to the flame. 


Five SCBA pack wearers, four attack lines and one deluge gun fought hard to knock back the flame before switching to an offensive mode at 02:23. With this change of tactic, Firefighters were allowed to begin climbing a ladder to ventilate the structure by cutting open the roof before a primary search was begun. Thankfully during the search Firefighters inside the building confirmed that there was no persons found trapped inside, and forwarded the information to Battalion Chief 1, Ryan Lionheart who passed on the information to the Los Santos Police Department - allowing them to reassure concerned citizens for any workers inside the store. 

After 1 hour and 11 minutes of aggressive Firefighting, a knock down was declared at 02:59 and fire operations ceased shortly afterwards. The incident was handed over to Marshal 1 of the State Fire Marshal's division at 03:09 in order to conduct an investigation of what caused the fire. 
The cause of the fire is still being investigated but a preliminary investigation suggests it may have been due to faulty electronics, which ignited a fire and quickly involved the premises. One store and two cars were destroyed in the fire, but thankfully there were no injuries and the gas pumps and properties either side of the store were not damaged by the fire.

This fire only comes 4 months after the Gas Pumps at the same business, Gasoline Ltd Limited, were destroyed in a fatal explosion on the 17th October 2018, after a car collided with the pumps. You can read more about that incident by clicking here. 

Dispatched LSFD Units: B1, E1, E2*, MS1, RAT1, RI1

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