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A message from the board:                                                             02-01-2020


We wish all of our employees, contractors, associates, and business all the best for 2020!

We're going to launch a social campaign and are currently hiring employees for our logistics branch!

For more information regarding vacant positions please send your inquiries to Karol Zarnavic, our best General Manager!


Best wishes! and greetings,


Richard Rogers

Shareholder, Partner & Director of Bluewater Holding


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Big changes in progress
Posted on 24.06.2020

We are currently in progress of internal restructuring and looking over our focuses. Due to this our first and biggest change is that we have moved from Sandy Shores to a new bigger office in Paleto Bay. We have set our minds on focusing on the goals of our original founders, which are Big rigs.

Our new address is BlueWater Logistics, Great Ocean Highway, Paleto Bay, San Andreas, United States of America. You see the location on the map below.


Our homepage will also soon be updated with up to date information.

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((When we were moving, we needed to move our trucks one by one. That was "fun" because, when towtruck has one of the big rigs attached to it, the maximum speed of it is around 25 - 30 mph ?






You probably have noticed that we have brought forward more of our big rigs. We have decided to focus less on the trucking shipments with the small trucks and more on big trucks roleplay, focusing once again on what this company was actually created for.

Big thanks for @Bombie for moving all our trailers to the new HQ and adding them as business vehicles (sadly we can't still use the business garage to spawn them because vehicle immediately returns to garage since the script can't put us into them, maybe @Nervous can take a peek at the garage script at one point and fix it ;)). But that doesn't stop us from roleplaying with them (our owner can spawn them with /vget). Here are some screens our late night dual haul.
















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Annual Message from the Chief Strategy Officer - Ella Knight


2020 has been a year of consistent improvement and success for  Blue Water Logistics. For 2021, we don't expect anything different. At Blue Water Logistics, our goal is to keep a steady line of improvement as we go. Assuring our customers of consistency and delicacy in our service, which is our priority. Furthermore, we've been investing a share of our earnings into technological logistical advancements, including a new vehicle tracking system, and our own in house "MANAGERIO" application, along with our new platform "K8", which we intend to launch in Q2, 2021.  In addition, we've invested in digital freight management, advanced automation, demand forecasting, productivity analytics and other innovations that support our customers and make the best use of our people's talents. Through constant innovation we've managed to build a gap between ourselves and other competitors in 2020. Our objective is to build from that for 2021, announcing expansion internally with a new Depot in Liberty City. With the new terminal, we've also launched a renovation campaign for our current Los Santos HQ to improve the conditions of our infrastructure to give our employee's an improved work space. Transportation and logistics are inherently valuable to all populations; we're part of the economic and social fabric. Having that in mind, we'll make sure that we aim in the right direction to make sure the state of San Andreas is well served.


All the best for 2021.


Ella Knight, Chief Strategy Officer. 



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