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Bluewater Logistics - BWL

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(( The 1.6 trucking update does not support big rigs/long hauls, but it is true, we've had trailers for just about half a year or so and with the recent improvements to vehicle sync it's not as horrible to be near a moving rig so It's moving in the right direction. ? ))

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Who are we? Welcome to Bluewater Logistics, a transportation service business. We have our own internal structure to optimize day to day operations and insure the well being of each employee is hel

Annual Message from the Chief Strategy Officer - Ella Knight   2020 has been a year of consistent improvement and success for  Blue Water Logistics. For 2021, we don't expect anything differ

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Karol logs in to the website and starts writing a short message:

"Hello Everyone! 

Bluewater Holdings will be starting to recruit very soon again. The company will be re-opened and we will, together, dear truckers, deliver the goods and make BWH matter again!
Stay tuned!

Best Regards,
Karol Zarnavic

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