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Who are we?

Welcome to Bluewater Logistics, a transportation service business. We have our own internal structure to optimize day to day operations and insure the well being of each employee is held up to our high standards.

Here at Bluewater employees are met in eye level and we give each and every one a chance to develop their crafts and help them grow as a person. Many businesses in this industry only take in people with prior experience, but we believe that there are people out there who have huge potential but just can't get the opportunity to prove it, and so we aim to give people the tools and freedom to evolve their skills, not just for their own sake, but for the sake of also improving the industry as a whole, which is very much in our own interest.

Our roster

At Bluewater Logistics, we thrive to provide our customers with the best quality services. In order to achieve that, we built on of the best management teams around Los Santos.


Managing Director
Steve Hastingson
[email protected] ((@SteveHastingson))


Director of Business
Ella Knight
[email protected]  ((@Hannah))

Director of Operations
Danny Higgins
[email protected]  ((@daniele))

Chief Executive Officer
Alan Garrett
[email protected]  ((@KriCorvo))



Chief Operating Officer
Lucas Alessio
[email protected]  ((  @Luca  ))

Contact Us

You can reach us on e-mail [email protected]bwlogistics.net  ((PM @SteveHastingson@Hannah@daniele@KriCorvo  ))


Our base of operations is located in Los Santos, USA.
Address: Unit 72A, Chupacabra Street, Elysian Island.

For more information visit:  http://bluewater-logistics.com/



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Bluewater Logistics Careers:


Courier Driver:




Job Title: Courier Driver

Reporting To: Branch Manager


Job Brief:    

We are looking for a responsible Delivery Driver to distribute products promptly to our customers. You will represent our company in a professional and cost-effective manner to increase our profitability and customer satisfaction.



• Deliver a wide variety of items to different addresses and through different routes
• Follow routes and time schedule
• Load, unload, prepare, inspect and operate a delivery vehicle
• Ask for feedback on provided services and resolve clients’ complaints
• Collect payments
• Inform customers about new products and services
• Complete logs and reports
• Follow DOT regulations and safety standards



• Proven working experience as a Delivery Driver
• Valid professional driver’s license
• Ability to operate forklifts and tractors in a variety of weather and traffic conditions
• Excellent organizational and time management skills
• Good driving record with no traffic violations
• High school degree



Job Title: Supervisor

Reporting To: Branch Manager



Job Brief:

We are looking for a Driver Supervisor to oversee the Driver team, and assist the Operational Management staff with their daily duties. You will be responsible for keeping our intranet systems up to date and dealing with any customer service and operational issues.


• Effectively supervising the site in accordance with business and legislative requirements
• Supporting safe management accordance with the Safety Management system to meet compliance and driving a safety culture
• Adhering with transport compliance, including vehicle maintenance, driver’s hours and tachograph regulations in addition to working time directive regulations
• Supervision of Yard Hands
• Professional and positive approach to drive effective team working
• Act as emergency controller for holiday and sickness cover
• Supporting and supervising vehicle loading
• Keep site stocks in line with business demands
• Experience of working in a high paced environment
• Ensure that all warehouse tasks are completed efficiently
• Forklift operation (Training will be provided)
• Ensure that all relevant procedures and processes are followed and adhered to in line with the company’s procedures and requirements

• Competitive Salary of $65,000 per annum, paid monthly.
• Option to opt into the company car scheme. (Contribution to cost required, 52%). 





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Latest News:



New shareholder takes over.

16/07/2021 - Published by Steve Hastingson.


On the 15th July 2021, Bluewater Founder - Garrett Baker sold his remaining shares to current Chief Operating Officer, Lucas Alessio. 


Steve Hastingson currently owns 51% of the company, sharing 49% with Lucas. 


We'd like to thank Garrett for all of his hard work & support over the last two years, and the best of luck with any future endeavours! 






Urgent Security Update

Published 18/06/2021.


Bluewater Logistics, Bluewater Wholesale and any affiliated companies will no longer be using Gruppe6 Security. Following the recent events and the events that have occurred in the past, Gruppe6 are not deemed capable of running a safe security operation.


No further payments to Gruppe6 will be made from Bluewater.


We wish the individual involved a speedy recovery.







New Chief Operating Officer appointed.

Published 17/06/2021.


Director of Business Ella Knight had the pleasure of promoting former Branch Manager, Lucas Alessio to Chief Operating Officer of Bluewater Logistics.


Lucas has worked his way up through the business starting as a junior driver. He replaces former COO Phillip Brooks.


We wish him the very best of luck in his new role!



Pictured left to right - CEO, Alan Garrett, COO, Lucas Alessio & Director of Business, Ella Knight.




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*Rayburn will come across the company website while browsing some jobs related to trucking on internet, he writes down the number*



(( These kind of businesses are exactly what we need. The foundation of our cyber society. ))


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