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The 36th Street Gangsters is a predominantly but not exclusively Hispanic Street gang located on Jamestown Street in South Los Santos. The gang's main territory stretches along Roy Lowenstein Blvd and Davis Avenue but also between Innocence and Capital Blvd, an area most commonly referred to as the “Low Bottoms” by locals. The origins of the gang date back to the 80s, when it was formed by a group of Hispanic locals under the Shady Locos clique. As time progressed, the group’s influence expanded to encompass more of the surrounding area, with the gradual introductions of additional cliques to manage the growth.
Such cliques, including the PeeWee Gangsters (PWGS) and Capital Boulevard Locos (CBLS) have since fallen defunct due to increased police enforcement and the imprisonment of affiliated members. 

Shady Locos (SLS)
One of the most notorious and tight-knit groups of gangbangers hailing from the south side, with their territory stretching across the Roy Lowenstein Boulevard area to Innocence Park. Members of the Shady Locos clique carry in them a sense of indomitable pride for their set and are often viewed by locals and gang members alike to be complete psychopaths. Members within the clique are often well-known throughout police databases due to the sheer amount of violence they have brought to this area, with many succumbing to either incarceration or death. One of the most notable deaths within the Shady Locos clique was that of Gerardo “Taliban” Ojeda. Who was the current generation’s leading figure who had been killed in a shootout by the Los Santos Police Department following a shooting carried out by the 36st gang after an attempt to flee. The Shady Locos clique currently consists of various generations of 36ers. Where the younger generation is taking primary control of its street activities, the older members have fallen back to a more advisory role.


Maple Locos (MPLS)
The Maple Locos clique is situated in the heart of the 36th Street territory, occupying the Capital Blvd area. It was initially created by Brandon “Syko” Suarez in the early 2000s, however it went defunct following his imprisonment. While the other Maple Locos affiliates merged under Shady Locos. The clique has, however, been brought back in recent times and now is considered to be one of the wealthiest cliques within the gang due to its involvement in the drug trade. MPLS is also found to be one of the most flamboyant cliques due to their territory being home to numerous thrift shops, tattoo parlors & barbershops.


Tiny Locas (TLS)
The Tiny Locas, are a tight-knit female clique operating under the 36th Street Gangsters, while they do not possess their own territory, they still engage in various activities and contributes financially to the gang. The Tiny Locas have a sisterhood by loyalty and commitment to their neighborhood.

image.png?ex=6547e280&is=65356d80&hm=1750b6bf1d81af28026d4a1332689b65fca2ecb2977f96214de842ef9a860c9a&RIVALS & ALLIES

The 36th Street Gangsters and Varrio Maravilla used to be very tight-knitted; However, a brawl cracked off during a community function between members of the two gangs, which sparked up bad blood between the two. This so called feud is also known to be the first of many of the gang's beefs, they clashed with Varrio Maravilla various times and in the end 36th Street ended up taking the upper hand, claiming victory.


After the feud between Maravilla, the 36th Street Gangsters ended up clashed with the 52 Broadway Crips, which is one of the reasons as to why they claim CK (Crip Killer).

One day the 52 Broadway Crips trooped down to 36th Street's turf, acting tough and pressing them. Eventually some of the 52 Broadway Crips tried robbing one of gang's most respected members; Edwin "Lurker" Beltra and the altercation led to a full blown war between the two gangs after shots were fired during the attempted armed robbery, the war between 36th Street and the 52 Broadway Crips was their first actual war and it ended up being tight as both sides lost many members, although most of the fallen ones from 36th Street's side were just residents around the area who got caught up in the middle of the feud. The war came to an end with the 36th Street Gangsters taking the victory home from yet another beef.


Other Notable Enemies
Varrio 38th Street, who ended up going defunct and having to clique up and forming ties with another local gang Traviesos Gangsters 13.
Mad Swan Bloods; the two gangs used to be allied but a feud between the two gangs begun after one of the homegirls from Mad Swan Bloods was caught out of bounds by members from 36th Street, They ended up pressing the female Mad Swan Bloods affiliate and she failed to claim her set causing her to get jumped by the members. This obviously led to Mad Swan Bloods taking action, trying to retaliate. Mad Swan Bloods related members ended up taking a trip to Innocence Boulevard (36th Street Gangsters turf) and it's rumored they pulled up to press the issue but one 36th Street member pulled out a gun during the altercation and the Mad Swan Bloods murdered him, sparking up another war.


36th Street Gangsters are known to not have any tight alliances, although they have a few gangs they're cool with. They're known to have been hosting various block parties for the community and several members from different gangs have been spotted showing out.
Their most notable allies are; Southside Locos Salvatruchos 13, Denver Lane Bloods, and Terror Town 13.

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vidc.pngOOC Information:
The 36th Street Gangsters is a predominantly but not exclusively Hispanic Street gang located on Jamestown Street in South Los Santos. We stick to realism and we ask of any members interested in joining to have knowledge how to RP around our culture or be willing to learn.

When it comes to recruitment we urge players to try and approach us In-Character, however we are very accepting of helping out new members with setting up their character. For anyone interested to join feel free to DM our leadership  @36 Shades Of Blue and @Yuzu as we are INVITE-ONLY.

Regarding the ranks, there is the ranking system just as anywhere else, however we urge people to focus on their character development and roleplay instead of caring about the ranks and pushing for that.

We heavily promote passive RP and we urge all of our members to find their own roleplay which could also contribute to the faction, you are not going to be spoonfed when it comes to roleplay.

Members approaching us are required to roleplay at a younger age, we will not accept characters at old age as they simply wouldn't be accepted into the gang as such and players have to realistically portray their teen character (i.e not driving around in Buffalo STX or a Komoda at the age of 16).

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