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36th Street Gangsters History

The Varrio 36 Street gang is a predominately but not exclusively Hispanic Street gang located on Jamestown Street, Los Santos. The gang's main territory stretches along Northern Jamestown Street; the intersection of El Rancho Boulevard and Jamestown Street & Innocence Boulevard and Jamestown Street. The origins of the 36st gang date back to the 1980s when it was formed as a Chicano street gang by a group of youngsters in the Low Bottoms. The gang continued to grow, generation by generation into the gang that is today. Many members of the 36st gang were born into the lifestyle through family members and close friends. 


Members of the 36st gang can be idetified several ways, including sports brands that are commonly worn by the gang. Among them is the Texas Rangers cap as the T on the hat stands for (T)hirty. Other brands which are worn by the 36st gang include the Seattle Mariners hat which has an S on it, Chicago White Sox, and any sports jersey which includes the number 36. The Varrio 36st despite not having a 13 at the end of their name are still loyal Surenos. All members of the 36st gang are loyal to the Mexican Mafia and their program, falling in line not just in the correctional system but on the streets as well.




36th Street Gangsters Currently                                                     

The 36th Street Gangsters have several rivalries which have been formed over the years. These rivalries range from territory disputes, robberies, drug wars, and many other reasons. The main rivalries of the 36th Street include the 29th Street Gang, Clanton 14, and all Gangster Crips. The main Gangster Crip rival of the 36th Street Gangsters is the Avalon Gangster Crips they have a long-lasting feud. From this feud, the 36th Street Gangsters have picked up the 'CK' or Crip Killer card. With this the 36th Street gangsters pledge to feud all crip sets around them.

The younger clique of the 36th Street Gang and the most active clique is the Shady Locos. The main territory of the clique is northmost Jamestown Street where members can be regularly seen. The 36th Street Gangsters has several African-American members among the gang which has leaked influence onto the younger generation. Alongside this, the 36th Street Gangsters have alliances and remain on positive terms with several neighboring blood sets. The influence of these alliances is very present in the way members of the gang dress, talk, and behave.

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