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Found 7 results

  1. This is a story of young, 16 years old American-Tongan boy. This thread will follow the daily life of Nako. Nako Pulefaasisina is a 16-year-old teenager who was born in Pillbox Medical center, along with his twin brother Niko. Nako is a Bikelifer, he enjoys riding his BMX bike and has been hitting the local BMX park daily since he was a kid. He also enjoys video games and hanging around with his friends. He's brave and smart but also he's violent and unstable which isn't out of the ordinary for someone with his unsettling past. He was born and raised in a poor family in a criminal community, He never lived free of trouble. His father divorced his mother when he was 4. He was still united with his twin brother who is completely different than him, personality wise, They're both a lot different in their actions and they fought more than usual but still they had to survive in a criminal world and they had each others back no matter what. They managed to fight what they were going through and this has turned them into the men they are today. His mother did not work so he had to drop school and work when he was 10 in order to live and not to starve to death. He started to work in a clothes shop where he only mopped the floor and cleaned the place daily. He was not satisfied at all with the money behind the job so he had to find another. Legal jobs didn't work out so well so he had to do it the other way. He got himself into a small criminal gang and started to sell drugs for living when he was 11, making a lot of money his mother was not satisfied with his work at all but he was still a kid who did not understand what's right and wrong, blinded by the money he made so he continued. He was never a drug user or was involved in any gang-activity. His mother died when he was 16, so him and his brother had to move to another place. Nako was always looking for respect and a family to be with. They both agreed on moving down to Grove where most of their homies hang around perhaps they can hook them up with work to do.
  2. This thread will follow the development of a sixteen years old Trevon Malemo. Trevon Malemo was born and raised in Davis, he was born on 10/17/2004 at Pillbox Hill Medical Center. Trevon is a real scammer and he's the best one to convince you the deal is going alright and suddenly all goes south. Trevon used to tell kids at his school he'll bring them, sweets, for their toys and he ends up taking their stuff and they never get it back, although it sounds fun but Trevon had a bad childhood. He was living with his parents, his father was an alcoholic and a drug addict, and his mother was no better than his father, the couple abused drugs and alcohol together which had a very big effect on Trevon as he grew up. One night, both of his parents were arrested for hitting a guy with their car who died, they were driving while drunk and they possessed illegal substances. They were sentenced to 10 years of jail. Trevon was only 10 when his parents were arrested. Trevon's parents didn't leave much for him and his brother after they got arrested, most of the money was spent on buying drugs and liquor. Trevon was the older brother and he had to take matters into his own hands to ensure both he and his brother are alright and not starving while his parents are jailed. A guy in his neighborhood heard about what happened to his parents so he took him under him. This guy was known for his drug-dealing but Trevon didn't have a lot of choices. He started selling small quantities of drugs now and then, working under the guy from his neighborhood. Trevon had been doing bad in school ever since he started making cash from being on the street and soon considered to drop out of school and focus on keeping himself and his brother safe. This idea came from one of the boys he met in his school called Timoteo who was stacking a lot of ideas in Trevon's head, inspiring him to try out different things with him, from drinking alcohol to smoking weed in their free time. The duo roams around Davis, trying to always earn cash even if it comes with little trouble, and more importantly have fun.
  3. Being raised his whole life in an area infested by one of the most hated gangs in LS forced him to mature up quicker than normal, Tyrece experienced many firsts at such a young age and learned a lot the hard way. Thanks to his negligent parents, he had the freedom to commit to delinquent peers and too much free time to seek the recognition and feeling of belonging that he desired. By the age of twelve he already found himself being looked after by real killers and drug dealers. At such age he looked past the manipulation and cons and had little to no aspirations for school simply due to boredom and negative labeling. His parents did little to nothing about sudden apprearances of gang drawings and graffiti around his school books and personal items, unexplained money showing up out of nowhere and big changes in attitude. Being left unsupersived wasn't on him, his parents failed him, his grand-parents did their best, leave the rest to the shady eighties.
  4. Like many others, Kaliah was born and raised in LS south central. Kaliah is 12 13 14 years old and lost her father to the police shortly after she was born who now faces 25 years in prison for first degree murder which leaves her mother struggling, raising her child on her own, working two low income jobs to provide for her and her child. Even though her mother tries to keep Kaliah away from the gangs surrounding them as much as possible, Kaliah is left without supervision most of the times due to her mother working two jobs. Being surrounded by one of the most dangerous and hated gangs of LS, looking up and listening to the wrong people and foremost having all the freedom she needs and seeing her mother struggling as she is right now lead to Kaliah drifting onto the wrong path. Kaliah found herself surrounded by people who give her all the validation and recognition she needs with the promise of making good money which slowly lead to her being influenced by mostly her homegirls throughout the years who she started looking up to, bad pretty notorious strapped up ratchet ass hoes in designer clothes.
  5. Calvin Williams starts to become more affiliated with some School Yard Crips as he lives in the area.
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