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Found 1 result

  1. They don't want you to know this...... Volume 1: The Abandoned Mine....... Author: White Wolf The abandoned mine of Great Chaparral is a well know location in southern San Andreas. A place once helped build the great city of Los Santos, now shrouded in mystery. People living in the county area are no strangers to the stories that have been told about this mythical place. The horror of people being haunted, the story of the lost little girl.... there is no shortage to creep out anyone who is willing to listen about this man made cave of mysteries. Entrance to the mines Our story starts somewhere in the early nineteen hundreds. The exact date is unknown but it's confirmed to be a few years after the mine had became fully operational. The city of Los Santos was still in development, large skyscrapers and sub urban housing projects were being built left and right in this great city of the west coast. The mine was considered a disaster since they didn't manage to find a lot of valuable in there. Along with the need of workforce for the great city under construction, the authorities decided to shut down the mines, this is where the story takes a dark turn. While everyone was more or less okay with the mine being shut down, there was this one guy who didn't want this to happen. This unnamed miner was obsessed with this place and always believed that the place had something valuable that's yet to be found. He tried his best, sending letters, talking to the authorities to keep the mine active, but all his struggle was in vain. So on the day of inspection before the mine was officially shut down, he hid in the mines and waited. The people who went in for inspection never left the mines. The cops who investigated only managed to find the remaining of their bodies, torn apart and apparently eaten. The miner was never seen again. The story spread like wildfire, a proper manhunt was done for the miner but he was never found, people believed that the mine was haunted by this person so they shut down the mine rather quickly, that was a bad idea. A few years passed, people barely went to the mine even though the gates were easily accessible. One day a little girl wandered into the area. She saw the mine and was intrigued. So she went inside the mine to satisfy her childish curiosity, not knowing the dark past that place beholds. The little girl, Savannah Roberts, was never seen again, not even her remains were found. While the cops investigated the mines, all they managed to find was the teddy bear belonging to the little girl. She was lost... forever. A presentation of where the teddy bear was found Till this they there are plenty of locals who believe that the mine is haunted. Recently our team of experts visited the place to document it, even though we didn't manage to find any ghosts or dead bodies we all could agree to the fact that the place had a strange vibe to it. Our members were solid in their claim that they heard some strange voices inside the mines. Was it the pipes, was it the earth settling or was it something supernatural, guess we are yet to find out.
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