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Found 3 results

  1. The thread will follow Derrick Munguia a/k/a Largo, a W/S Mara Salvatrucha gang member, and an active gang banger.
  2. "If you want something in life, you need to take it to have it" Overview: Known simply as La Zombie on the streets, Xiomara Coreas is a W/S Mara Salvatrucha shot caller. She's mainly called this because of the fact she lacks emotions for almost anything or anyone that she does not care about, unless it's family, her own gang or close friends which she has weak spots for. Her family tree runs long within the W/S Mara Salvatrucha since her father, mother, older brother, little sister, uncles, aunties, cousins, grandfather were all involved within the gang and helping it succeed. Her father; Marlon Coreas a/k/a El Sacerdote (English: The Priest ) who's an original Mara Salvatrucha Stoner from the 1980s when the gang first emerged. Her mother; Paek Ha-eun a/k/a Blueen is a Korean-American who joined the Mara Salvatrucha Stoners as a young girl when she fell in love with Marlon Coreas. As time went on, the duo had Rudy Coreas a/k/a Panic, then Xiomara Coreas a/k/a La Zombie, and then Layla Coreas a/k/a Peligrosa (English: Dangerous ). 1993 - 2003 On the 11th of July 1993, Paek Ha-eun gave birth to Xiomara Yun Coreas at the Mount Zonah Medical Center. It's then that Xiomara Coreas was born into a family of gangsters and lowlife criminals, her mother being a highly respected W/S Mara Salvatrucha veterana (English: Veteran female gang member), her father being a highly respected W/S Mara Salvatrucha Primera Palabra (English: First Word; clique shot caller), and her older brother who was a W/S Mara Salvatrucha Marero (English: MS-13 male gang member). On the 19th of October 1995, Xiomara Coreas was first exposed to gang violence as a two-year-old baby, when a rival street gang pulled a gang-related drive-by on the Coreas household in Little Seoul, Palomino Avenue. The sound of gunshots echoed the entire neighborhood for roughly two and a half minutes, and windows shattered whilst Paek Ha-eun dropped to the ground with Xiomara Coreas in her arms, soon after the gunshots came to an end; when there was a distant roar; "Fuck Monkey Shits, Clantoneros por vida homie!", tires screeched as the vehicle sped-off from its designated target destination. Seven years later, on the 23rd of February 2002; aged 9, whilst on the way to being dropped off at school Xiomara Coreas was in the back of Paek Ha-eun's 1989 Vapid Primo when Paek Ha-eun pulled into a drive-way located on Adam's Apple Boulevard, Paek Ha-eun exited the car with a 38. Snubnose Special in her left hand and strutted to the doorway of a house, where she knocked three times only for an unarmed male to be shot at point-blank range by Paek Ha-eun. Paek Ha-eun then strutted her way back to the 1989 Vapid Primo, with Xiomara Coreas still inside and pulled out of the drive-way; quickly dropping her off at Calais Elementary School. Due to the fact Xiomara Coreas had been a victim of gang-related violence years prior as a baby, and partially witnessed her mother gun someone down as part of gang-related violence, her mindset began to develop itself to see what was going around her as normal. On the 2nd of May 2002, Xiomara Coreas tried to get into the W/S Mara Salvatrucha street gang but due to her father's power, she was turned away from it. After a couple of months, Xiomara Coreas tried to get into the gang again by using her birthday as an excuse and was yet turned away, to what seemed like all fun and games to her; wasn't so fun. On the 17th of January 2003, Xiomara Coreas snatched a black spray can from a store's shelf with two other homegirls; Danielle Sanchez; aged 12 and Mariana Aiza; aged 11. She then took it upon herself to do a hit-up in an alleyway off of Ginger Street and Palomino Avenue, whilst doing the graffiti tag several other mareros and mareras stumbled upon her and her homegirls; what looked like a very sloppy and dripping graffiti tag, caught the attention of the other gang members who approached the three young girls. Due to Xiomara Coreas's relation to Marlon Coreas, the gang members didn't harm the three for falsy hitting up an alleyway with the gang's relation on it but instead cheered them on it for. As time went on over the months, Xiomara Coreas, Danielle Sanches, and Mariana Aiza began to secretly hit-up W/S Mara Salvatrucha graffiti tags on walls around Little Seoul and the surrounding area. 2003 - 2013 On the 6th of November 2003, Xiomara Coreas and Danielle Sanchez began to dig deeper into the lifestyle, whilst Mariana Aiza began to slowly depart from the duo, and soon the bond that the three girls had with each other had broken and was left to be only shared by two. At around 19:25 on the 6th of November 2003, Xiomara Coreas and Danielle Sanchez viciously beat up a fourteen-year-old girl by dragging her by her hair along the ground and then stomping on her countless times in the stomach, chest and thigh areas on her body. The fourteen-year-old girl was from South Rockford Drive, a street where Rockford Street mainly hung out at and one of the W/S Mara Salvatrucha's arch enemies. This wasn't the end of it as Xiomara Coreas and Danielle Sanchez bullied the girl for months to come until the 9th of February 2004. On the 9th of February 2004, Xiomara Coreas and Danielle Sanchez stabbed the girl over twenty times and left her lifeless body at the park on South Rockford Drive. Marlon Coreas had told Xiomara Coreas that he'd "Kill her" if she tried to join the W/S Mara Salvatrucha gang, but being the typical nearing teenager that she was, she didn't listen to him and take him serious. Due to the fact that Xiomara Coreas clearly wasn't going to stop trying to be put onto the gang, on the 8th of August 2004, Marlon Coreas decided to have Xiomara Coreas officially courted into the W/S Mara Salvatrucha gang once she stuck by Jennifer Avila's side. Jennifer Avila a/k/a La Diabla was a highly respected marera from the Palomino Lokotes clique and was a Primera Palabra alongside Marlon Coreas. On the night of Xiomara Coreas's court-in where she was given the placaso; La Dead-Girl, Paek Ha-eun a/k/a La Blueen was pulled over by a Los Santos Police Department officer and arrested, the arrest reason was due to an APB being put out on her for a shooting she had done years prior; the same shooting Xiomara Coreas witnessed as a little girl. Between the dates; January 4th 2005 - December 4th 2005, Xiomara Coreas was schooled on what and what not to do whilst being out in the streets... although throughout these dates she failed to realize that she hadn't seen Danielle Sanchez since the night of their court-in. In-fact, Danielle Sanchez was never seen again after that night. On the 29th of February 2006, Xiomara Coreas had yet to carry out another act of violence for the gang, and was ordered to kill a rival gang member with a knife. This ended up with Xiomara Coreas slashing someone's throat wide open and stabbing them nearly fifty times, this is where she began to live up to her placaso; La Dead-Girl. On the 1st of March 2006, Marlon Coreas received a video in the mail. The video in question? It was footage of Paek Ha-eun being killed by rouge Mara Salvatrucha members in San Salvador in El Salvador. Paek Ha-eun although being a Korean-American and having zero ties to anything in El Salvador, was somehow found guilty of crimes committed in El Salvador on Mara Salvatrucha's behalf where she was extradited and then executed by her own gang; except they were rouge members of the gang. This video broke Xiomara Coreas down and left Marlon Coreas startled in shock for sometime, not knowing what to do or what to say to his oldest son; Rudy Coreas, oldest daughter; Xiomara Coreas and youngest daughter; Layla Coreas. The trio's mother's death only brought them closer than they had ever been with each other, and Rudy Coreas was always there for Xiomara and Layla Coreas until he was locked up and sent to Youth Authorities. Several years later on the 24th of December, 2008 an unexpected reward was waiting for Xiomara Coreas as; Xiomara Coreas, Marlon Coreas, Josue Zelaya, and Layla Coreas waited at an abandoned warehouse whilst several other Mara Salvatrucha gang members kidnapped the same arresting officer who had charged Paek Ha-eun years prior. The cop was brought to a warehouse at (undisclosed), where Xiomara Coreas was ordered to kill the cop via beheading of a machete. It was after this incident that Xiomara Coreas was later given the placaso; La Zombie for her lack of sympathy during the entire ordeal and fulfillment of rage throughout the entire situation. As time went on, Xiomara would often stick to committing petty criminal activities. At the age of seventeen, Xiomara Coreas began to help her uncle; Frank Coreas with firearm trafficking via straw buying firearms from gun shoes and other buyers across the United States of America until July 10th 2009. Between the time periods of July 10th 2009 - September 11th 2013, Xiomara Coreas got addicted to black tar heroin and started to move like a reckless individual; often having countless quantities of crystal methamphetamine in the car with her and that was cooked by a cousin of hers or driving with countless firearms given to her to take back to Little Seoul but instead used to take detours around rival neighborhoods and provoke a fight. Xiomara Coreas adopted another nickname as time went on; Two Gunz Zombie, as she always rode around with two firearms at the same time. On the 7th of May 2011; aged 18, Xiomara Coreas had a shootout with two females and a male from the Crazy Riders 13 gang, the shootout left Xiomara Coreas shot in her stomach and an innocent female bystander dead due to a stray bullet. Five weeks after the shootout, a casita (English: Trap house used by MS-13) was raided by the Crazy Riders 13 gang when they ran inside with machetes and knives, viciously stabbing and slicing Mara Salvatrucha members up... Xiomara Coreas was caught in the raid and had her left leg badly cut by a machete to the extent that she almost died from it. Due to having zero gang-affiliated tattoos on her at the time and the countless needle marks from black tar heroin, when brought to court she managed to dodge a hefty narcotics trafficking sentence since her lawyer went with a story that she was held hostage there as a drug addict who was used to test the narcotics that were made. Aged 20; September 11th 2013. This was Xiomara Coreas's last day of running wild into the jungle and acting as if Los Santos was her devil's playground, at 10:30 in the morning she woke up to a beeping sound beside her on her bedside locker. The sound? Her phone, an alarm... that was turned off by what looked like a black glove, and soon after she saw nothing but black as her eyes were covered. Screaming and kicking as she was carried to the trunk of a car, her kidnappers put her into a trunk and locked her there. The sound of a loud engine rattling and roaring lasted for almost the entire day, until roughly 21:00. The car came to a stop and the trunk opened, to find Xiomara Coreas looking at two Mara Salvatrucha gang members... without waiting a single second, they pulled her by her hair and dragged her across Decker Park, at what seemed to be a quiet and peaceful time of the early night. Xiomara Coreas left pleading and begging for her life, not seeming to strike the duo as they dragged her... until they stopped, one being Jenniffer Avila who pulled the slide of a Glock 19 back before saying: "Life's what you make it to be. You didn't make your life anything", then pulling the trigger to hear Xiomara Coreas scream before stopping... realizing nothing was in the chamber, or magazine. Jennifer Avila then said: "This is your second chance, you worthless junkie puta". Two weeks later? Xiomara Coreas was booked into a rehabilitation center in the Tongva Hills. 2015 - Present On the 1st of February 2015, after almost two years of drug rehabilitation; Xiomara Coreas was released from the rehabilitation center in the Tongva Hills; aged 21. When Xiomara Coreas was released from the rehabilitation center, she was given special treatment by Marlon Coreas and made secretary of the Palomino Lokotes clique. She ran the clique's finances for years until the 7th of July 2017 when she was made Primera Palabra alongside Josue Zelaya in the Palomino Lokotes clique. After a couple of years of being a shot caller of the Palomerinos y Palomineras, On the 6th of May 2019; aged 25, Xiomara was voted in by several national leaders to become to San Andreas keyholder for not only W/S Mara Salvatrucha based out of Los Santos, but every Mara Salvatrucha clique that is currently existent within the entire state. This not only made history within Mara Salvatrucha as every female who was asked to take the keys before denied them, but it also changed how the gang worked as Xiomara wasn't given a choice and was rather voted into the position. Due to Xiomara's rare and high status within the organization, as she was no longer just a gang-member at this point, it gave boosts to several Los Santos cliques as she was close friends with several shot callers from other cliques. After months of being a sole keyholder for the Mara Salvatrucha gang, Xiomara was later appointed to also lead Calais Lil Cycos even though she was still a keyholder. This appointment was more of a direct order from the national leadership of Mara Salvatrucha. This ended up in Xiomara being not only a keyholder but also a clique leader of a semi-defunct clique at the time, with orders to revive the semi-defunct clique. As the months went on, Xiomara and the Mara Salvatrucha gang began the make noise throughout the city and comeback was as stronger than it ever was. The Mara Salvatrucha's foothold on Koreatown just kept growing stronger, and with them moving in the shadows it made them that much deadlier. Xiomara's sister; Laya Coreas a/k/a La Peligrosa was later executed by Xiomara herself after Layla had messed up and disobeyed the gang's code of conduct. Due to Xiomara's actions, many within the gang no longer questioned her leadership capabilities and simply bowed down, accepting that she was in fact going to be the keyholder for many years to come. Xiomara's dominance within the Mara Salvatrucha gang grew, as she began to get in contact with El Lobo (English: Wolf), a keyholder in Mexico for the Mara Salvatrucha 503 Program. As time went on, Kevin Ayestas who was a Paro for Mara Salvatrucha was brutally beaten, tortured and executed by Xiomara for also disobeying the gang's code of conduct. Xiomara committed these gruesome acts of violence in front of several mareros and mareras to prove a point that she wasn't going to hold back on taking the garbage out when it needed to be taken out. As time went on, Xiomara's reign within the Mara Salvatrucha transnational criminal organization did nothing but become stronger, until Marlon Coreas a/k/a The Priest had a meeting with her. At this meeting, Xiomara was forced to step down from the keyholder position within the gang. She was given two choices to choose from, either she steps down and her father and herself could resume a somewhat normal father-daughter relationship, or she could stay a keyholder and the father-daughter relationship would cease to exist, essentially being forced and manipulated to step down. Due to this Xiomara became the second Primera Palabara (English: First Word) in the Palomino Locos clique under the W/S Mara Salvatrucha gang, and essentially was given what she wanted in a way due to the fact that she highly disliked being a keyholder after the murder of Layla Coreas a/k/a La Peligrosa, which fucked Xiomara's mental state up. This thread will follow Xiomara Coreas, a Marera on the rise within W/S Mara Salvatrucha. Any questions or concerns may be sent directly to my forum PMs where I'll respond when I can. Credits to @Vindus for the timeline idea.
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