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Found 2 results

  1. Short description: A selection of lore-friendly low-medium range cars, motorbikes and vans. Detailed description: Okay so we all know that when cars are added to the server, a lot of the time they're of the higher end. But it would be nice to see more low-medium range cars added. So I've spent the time to look at multiple possibilities that I feel would make nice additions to the server and create more variety for players. This is purely a list for MODS, not base game cars to be added. I know a few will say "no, add base game cars instead of more mods" but for whatever reason, they haven't done that as of yet. SUV and Pickups Vapid Contender (Replacement) - So this mod replaces the current Contender which, if I'm honest is overpriced for what it offers and there are near enough little to no modifications that can be added to it. Dundreary Landroamer Vapid Executioner Vapid Sandking SWB - Another possible replacement, or can be added as a standalone. Kamacho SWB Vapid Sadler Retro (ADDED) Annis Hellion XL Gallivanter Baller Classic Declasse 550SS Karin Rebel Sport Duneloader Clean Vapid Riata Classic Declasse Granger Classic Bravado Gresley Hellhound (ADDED) Declasse Lentus Vapid Coyote Canis Mesa SWB Bravado Rat-Loader - This is the restored variant that can be an add-on. Mammoth Patriot Classic Bravado Mastodon Dundreary Landstalker Pickup Declasse Granger Pickup Vapid STD Thunder Annis Hizoku Vapid Sadler Dually Bravado Bison Dually Brute Yosemite Declasse Alamo Vapid Caracara 4x4 (ADDED) Cheval Picador EXR Vapid Hercules Compacts BF Furzen (ADDED) BF Rio Vapid Pincho Dinka Urban BF Club GTR (ADDED) Brioso Classic Obey Omnis (ADDED) BF Ladybird Weeny Issi Hardtop Dinka Flash Karin Futo GT Bordeaux Garden Shed Weeny Issi Jolly Dinka Serena Rune Baikal Rune Orbita Coupes Annis Euros Karin Sigma-Two Karin Sigma-Three Obey DD-BLITZ Vapid Uranus (ADDED) Declasse Turmalina (Pack of 3 variants) RUNE Bistro Annis S-230 Annis ZR-150 Annis ZR-380 (ADDED) Annis ZR-350 Benefactor Schwartzer Classic Ubermacht Sentinel SG4 Cheval Dingo Benefactor Feltzer Sport Inverto Coquette (Old Model) Maibatsu Penumbra Retro Ubermacht Vorstand Vulcar Warrener Coupe Shitzu Castella Bravado Recursion Muscle Vapid Razor (ADDED) Declasse Tulip SS Declasse Sabre (ADDED) Vapid Dominator Classic Bravado Gauntlet S Blade Retro Custom Wagons Dinka Millennial Wagon Obey Argento (ADDED) Maibatsu Vincent Tourer Vulcar Nebula Wagon Karin Sultan Wagon Sedans Declasse Voodoo 4-Door Coil Taranis (ADDED) Albany Esperanto - Civilian, Police and Taxi variants available. Benefactor Admiral Classic Declasse Merit Benefactor Spritzer Maibatsu Vincent Sport Bravado Buffalo A/C Bravado Buffalo Hellhound Declasse Brigham Schyster Greenwood Declasse Merit Classic Regina Sedan Rusty Emperor (Has improvements for current Emperor) Bravado Feroci Retro Benefactors (Glendale Retro, Glendale Retro Coupe, Hard Top Feltzer Classic and Soft Top Feltzer Classic) Cheval Surge Arrester Ubermacth Seraph (ADDED) Maibatsu Revolution Schafter Classic Ubermacht Sentinel XS (4 Door) Ubermacht Seraph XS Rune Chopin Trefl Karin Ariant Motorbikes/ATVS Dinka Kuroi Pegassi Oppressor LCC Templar Western Spirit Chopper Western Motorcycle Company Slave LCC Verin Sovereign (Removed windscreen) - Unsure if this is a replacement or an add-on. KCC Kingz Horse Supermotard Sanchez Nagasaki Blazer Recon ATV Nagasaki Sx6R Shitzu VTF-650 Principe Lectro Evo Pegassi Bati 701 Dinka Ventoso WMC WinterGreen & Sovereign Nagasaki V-RS Vans and Truck Cabs Bollokan Pakunek Biff Semi JoBuilt Hauler 270 MTL Cerberus Stock Hauler Box Truck Vapid Steed 1500 JoBuilt Juggernaut Brute Roadkiller Vapid Benson Classic JoBuilt Haulmaster MTL Ramvan JoBuilt Longpath T1000 Slamvan (Clean) - Removed liveries from the base slamvan, unsure if this is a replacement or an add-on. Vapid Speedo Express (ADDED) MTL Cerberus 200 & 300 Surfer CCC Freightliner Classic XL MTL Pack (Multiple Trucks) Bravado Rumpo XL Others Dump Trailer Sentinel XS Safety Car Classic Vapid Stanier Taxi Food Delivery Pack Vapid Sandking Utility Mesa Lifeguard Brute Boxville - (New liveries for different food trucks) Wheelchair Commands to add: N/A Items to add: Cars and/or Motorbikes How would your suggestion improve the server? More diversity and options for players to buy low-medium range vehicles. Additional information: I know, another car thread, rather than having multiple threads maybe we could get this one locked and keep it updated, for the modders and admins to look over. I have not personally looked at each and every one of these cars in game, due to the time that this has gone up, but I'm more than happy to check them out myself, with other players or the modding team to determine whether they are of good quality.
  2. Short description: Add more "RUNE" vehicle company vehicles Detailed description: From my time on the server what I've respectively noticed is the lack of Eastern European/Russian vehicle. I find this a problem as there is a large part of the server with Foreign characters on the East and South East Europe and most would prefer buying and using a cheaper Russian vehicle than most of the American or other nation vehicles. The main problem is the lack of cheap Russian vehicles. Right now I've seen quite far too expensive RUNE Cheburek which is ridiculous if you want to RP a Slavic character who has interests in Eastern European/Russian vehicles. This pair of vehicles would bring in a balance for a cheaper market and demand in foreign vehicles which could allow new player markets to open oriented around Russian vehicles. All vehicles I am suggesting have some sort of modifications, especially the "RUNE Ajvar" which would satisfy the tuners. Vehicles suggested: - RUNE Bistro - RUNE Orbita - RUNE Baikal - RUNE Ajvar - RUNE Chopin Trefl Commands to add: N/A Items to add: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/rune-bistro-add-on-sounds https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/rune-orbita-add-on-sounds https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/rune-baikal-add-on-tuning-liveries https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/rune-ajvar-add-on-tuning-liveries-template https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/rune-chopin-trefl-add-on-tuning How would your suggestion improve the server? Open up an entire new vehicle market targeting foreigners of the Balkan or Slavic origin. Cheaper vehicles to satisfy less rich characters and allow for more diverse vehicle options. Additional information: Vehicles don't weight a ton in terms of file space, so shouldn't (don't quote me on this) affect the performance much. Pictures of the vehicles and specifications can be seen on the respective websites.
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