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Found 2 results

  1. This thread documents the development and background of Vincent "Boogeyman" Morales. A tormented soul that seeks out acceptance and love in a world void of such luxuries. Control Machete - Ileso Vincent Morales was born in Las Venturas to Martin Morales and Noni Morales. Growing up in the region gave Vincent a false perception of reality as he was nearby the Strip where bright neon lights promise fortune at a flip of a coin or the limelight of joyous laughter from intoxicated tourists. Vincent's family was one of pride, Mexican influences were prevalent and the flag of his people draped his home. His father often reminisced about his childhood and Mexico, the beauty of the landscape and culture, the people and the great memories his father retained prior to coming to the United States. Unbeknownst to him, his father was nothing more than a deadbeat gambling addict that spent his time getting high in a rundown whorehouse his brother ran. Remarkably, he found his way into the United States in the late eighties through a Pollero who lead him and a caravan of illegal immigrants to the self described "Land of Opportunities". After panhandling and petty robbery, Martin Morales was able to have a sizable amount of wealth to gamble with, something he spent a majority of his time and effort doing. At one of the many casinos Martin frequented he met a bartender named Noni, a gullible Native-American girl who fell for the deceitful cretin, believing him to be a gentlemen. She taught him the basics of English and allowed him to live with her at a studio apartment, a place with where the bad times outnumber the good ones. For every night they spent harmoniously together with the aurora of love in the air there's several arguments nested in the back of their minds, over alcohol or unfaithfulness. Physical abuse was rampant with the tyrannical Martin after news of Noni's possible pregnancy, a doubtful drunk seething at the thought of a woman who remained faithful betraying him, even when he backstabbed her with lies and deception constantly. The birth of Vincent in '87 forced his father to paint himself in a better light, he may have been a wastrel but he was traditional and wanted to raise a strong son. In the view of the public, Martin improved his image and became more involved in their community, spending time helping those in need. Behind the shutters of the studio apartment the trio lived at told a different tale, a baby who was usually left unattended as a depressed parental figure sunk in their woes and downed bottle after bottle of comfort. A scared and abused woman did what she could at work to provide for a baby and a parasite who leeched off her income for his addictions. As the baby went from crawling to walking, the abuse toned down a considerable amount, verbal arguments were more commonplace than a physical encounter. A loner in school, he couldn't find groups to identify with and was always the odd one out, unable to connect with the kids who had a caring family. Adolescence struck, a thirteen year old with a corrosive family life left the boy with a scarred perception of reality. A mother sick of the abuse and suffering brought on by a man she trusted led her to take the legal route, his father getting incarcerated after a savage beating fueled by alcohol. An avenue revealed itself, a desperate and scared woman fleeing towards a new beginning with her parents in the safety of Los Santos, a confused son was brought along to his dismay, a world of horrors soon to unravel. Desperation set in as the boy was quick to realize the difference between Rancho. He longed for acceptance and searched for it, eventually meeting a kid in the same neighborhood with a family unlike any other, for he was given the curse of being shackled to a Sureno set, which to him and Vincent seemed like a divine gift at the time. He did everything ordered by the set, feeling accepted and loved for the first time in ever, unfortunately everything has a price, including the love he scoured the planet for. A branding occurred, the letters 'SUR' plastered across his stomach by a gang-banging tattoo artist on some mind altering drug at the time. He stuck with the gang until the age of twenty one, splitting off and going into hiding after a bloody fight between a rival gang left two of his close friends dead in a parking lot. Rounds were discharged and bullets flew, ending their lives. By chance or luck, he was spared, the rival gang losing three members in the fire fight with one banger spared. The two sole survivors fled from the scene with a dismantled mind and wretched heart. He opted out of the gang lifestyle, going towards the foreign lands of Sandy Shores as the police reported the slaying some time the next day. Fearful of being called a coward he didn't contact a soul, paranoid about the lurking goons that he once considered his brothers, not even his own mother knew of his whereabouts, she considered him dead after a week of absence and ended up taking her own life a month into his hiding, feeling a false sense of guilt within her as she contemplated why she ever reported her husband to the authorities, regretting it. Abuse may have been rampant, but they were together. Many things happened during those years as a Sureno banger, many things he wish he could forget, however, actions speak louder than words, and they surely echo in his mind as he tosses and turns in his bed, remembering the faces and cries of those he hurt in the name of acceptance. A drifter yet again, he found solace after a faithful encounter with a Vago member by the name of 'Sticks' at a bar on the outskirts of Sandy, a place the boy traveled after the horrors that happened four months ago in a parking lot over a dispute about opposing allegiances to poisonous entities. He acted as a father figure who built him up, bonding with the boy for having a similar background in the sense of the lack of a loving father. Vincent followed Sticks everywhere and began dressing like him, acting like him and riding like him, working a legitimate job for two years as a mechanic, saving up enough money to purchase a chopper of his own as time progressed. He joined the Vagos at the ripe age of twenty six, sticking with them like a bee to honey all the way up to the present. At thirty three years old he's determined to dedicate himself to the club, respecting the brotherhood that gave him a family that didn't extort him, brushing away his past with a bright outlook on the future.
  2. TALES OF THE BASHER. This thread will follow the life & development of Alejandro "Basher" Gutierrez, a hobby motorcyclist looking to move up in the world,
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