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Found 9 results

  1. FOR SALE Reluctantly I am forced to put up for sale my beautiful penthouse suite, which is situated on the top floor of twenty, inside the Alta Street penthouse building. This property is a beautifully restored and re-designed, 2 bed and 2 bathroom, modern interior with furniture included in the sale. See the brochure attached for more photo's of the property. Brochure The property has been valuated and surveyed to a high standard, which reflects in the property price. Price: $900,000 Please place your interested offers in the section below and consideration will be taken. ((OOC Info))
  2. 206 Alta Place, Hawick Asking Price: $480000
  3. [4SALE] 2210 Vespucci Boulevard - Mission Row Top Floor Apartment Selling out a mostly furnished apartment on Vespucci Boulevard right across the Mission Row Police Station. The block contains multiple stores and shops which are walking distances away as well as providing the additional security of being right by the police station. (( A few OOC notes to the property, the property currently sits at the 650 furniture slot limit for gold donators hence why I was never able to fully finish this off. About ~85% of the property is finished, it's really just the bedroom that's left to do and perhaps some details here and there. Naturally everything else is rather detailed as the Furniture cost is already sitting at 142K. I'm selling this off as I gotten another place and there would be no reason for me to try and finish this off. )) The Property Includes; -Spacious Living Room -Open Kitchen with small Dinning Area -One Bedroom -Renovated Bathroom Pictures Entrance Living Room, Kitchen & Dining Area Bathroom Bedroom: PRICING Starting Bid: $340.000 Current Bid: N/A Buyout: $360.000 Property Trades: Considered Vehicle Trade-Ins w/ Adequate Value: Considered (( Market Price: $120.000 )) (( Furniture Worth: $142.341 )) (( Maximum Buyout: $502.341 )) CONTACT 2210 Vespucci Boulevard Floor 5, #2 E-Mail: Click Here Phone: 047-55-825
  4. 2240 Ocean Front Walk Apartment 44 ((Floor 4, Room 4)) ONE BEDROOM, ONE BATHROOM APARTMENT IN THE HEART OF VESPUCCI BEACH WITH WATER VIEWS this will be a offer based process, I, as the owner of the property have the choice to decline offers where I see as fit - INTERIOR & EXTERIOR PICTURES - ((OOC INFO)) - Market Price - $120,000 - Furniture Worth - $43,332 - Comes with a mapped in SMART TP to a balcony/fire exit. - Any queries? Forum DM me
  5. [4SALE] 28 Fantastic Place - Floor 7, Room 9 // Top floor apartment. I I am selling this brand new top floor renovated apartment in Downtown, Mission Row, the apartment has been completely renovated but has certainly not lost the old charm of the surroundings and the building in the renovation. For the rest, it is a very spacious and extensive apartment in a beautiful setting and location, the crime rate is low due to the nearby police station and there is a variety of entertainment venues, shops and other fun recreational opportunities including a park within walking distance. Everything you need is close by, there is a Fleeca bank and the Mission Row Grocery within walking distance. This apartment includes: - A spacious entrance, kitchen, general living room & dining room - One bedroom - One bathroom - In unit laundry room - In front complex parking spot(s) Gallery Entrance Kitchen & Dining Area Living Room Office Bedroom Bathroom Laundry Room The building Additional Pictures Views Pricing Property Information: Market price: $80,000 Furniture worth: $176,333 Auction: Starting bid: $250,000 Buyout: $400,000 ↓ Minimum bid increasement: $5,000 The auction closes and the apartment is sold when the desired amount is reached. Please note: I, as the owner of the apartment and initiator of the auction, can at any time stop, cancel or choose to withdraw the apartment from the sale. Contact Contact Information:Name: Dan LandPH: #7799Email: [email protected] (Forum PM / Discord: Daan#0794)
  7. 1322 Palomino Blvd - Floor 4 Room 1 Description Selling a great apartment located in the area of Little Soul, next to Weasel News Headquarters. The apartment is the only apartment in this entrance of the building. It includes one bedroom, one bathroom, a well furnished living room and a dining area. The bedroom includes a great dresser and a great computer setup with the latest parts. It includes a king size bed and two modern nightstands, both equipped with nightstand lamps. The bathroom includes a brand new toilet set which also includes a privacy wall. Bathroom includes a large sized shower and a decent sink set which comes with a small counter and a touch screen mirror. The kitchen is equipped with the latest technology and a set of modern utensils. The counters are equipped with a push-to-open magnetic technology and a soft close cabinets. The living room includes a modern build TV stand which also includes slots for multiple electronic devices and decorations. The couches are brand new, while, leather couches and in between a triangular glass coffee table. In front of the living room there is also a large sized aquarium which is the house of multiple sea creatures, including multiple fish and corals. Value and contact Market Price: $240,000 Furniture Value: $106,275 Starting Bid: $450,000 Buyout: $700,000 Contact: [email protected] (( Forum )) or Phone Nr: 953-777-69 Photos of the property Interior Exterior (( OOC INFORMATION ))
  8. Friendly Landlord looking for a Tenant for this ideal top floor apartment. Rent: $4500 a week. This apartment is a top floor flat with 1 large bedroom w/large wardrobe and 1 reasonably sized bedroom. It has views over the city, a nice sized bathroom with both bath and shower, a good sized living room/kitchen. It benefits from being a short walk from Mission Row's many businesses and police department making it both a safe and lively location. Parking is good outside the building. To contact reach the landlord on #4600 or [email protected] ((forum message)) Kitchen Living: Bathroom: Master Bed: Bedroom 2:
  9. [SOLD] 300 Spanish Avenue - Top Floor Furnished Apartment with large Balcony Selling a completely furnished apartment on Spanish Avenue with balcony access as well as access to a residence-only parking garage. The apartment is located in a quiet residential neighborhood in Vinewood. The Property Includes; -Spacious Living Room -Open high-end Kitchen with Dinning Area -2 Bedrooms -Bathroom with Shower -Large Balcony -Access to Residence-Only Parking Garage Pictures Main Hallway Living Room Kitchen Bathroom Balcony Main Bedroom Secondary Bedroom PRICING Starting Bid: N/A Current Bid: N/A Buyout: N/A Property Trades: Not Considered Vehicle Trade-Ins w/ Adequate Value: Considered (( Market Price: $110.000 )) (( Furniture Worth: $98.922 )) (( Maximum Buyout: $428.922 )) CONTACT 300 Spanish Avenue Floor 3, #8 E-Mail: N/A Phone: N/A
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