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    IN YO SECTION The following thread is to show the development of the 'IYS' crew. The IYS crew is a group of tightknit friends under the Varrio Rancho 13 gang. The gang mainly consists of youth from the area who participate in drug usage, robbery, graffiti and a handful of other criminal activities. The group soon named themselves 'IYS', which can stand for a number of different things, however 'IN YO SECTION' being the main name associated with the group. The name originated when the group began 'tagbanging' and getting up in other gangs 'sections'. Their story goes on...
  2. CEECEE MÉNDEZ Full Name Chantelle Anaya Méndez Current Age 18 Birthplace Los Santos, San Andreas Hometown Houston, Texas Current City Los Santos, San Andreas Ethnicity Mixed-race (African-American, Hispanic) Chantelle is the daughter of gangster father Rafael "Bestia" Méndez and hairstylist mother Deidra Murray. Her father was a notorious gangbanger whose family had previously been involved with R13, which ultimately led to his criminal activities being uncovered and police encircling the unit where he lived with his girlfriend and daughter. Chantelle was just six months old when a swarm of cops raided her apartment and abducted her father, who was convicted and sentenced to fifteen years in a federal prison in central San Andreas. She spent her first few years of life in Rancho, often visiting her father and her mother, who became increasingly distant from him. Deidra was renowned for being a big spender and a drug addict, and she preferred to lean on Rafael rather than working for herself as a hairstylist. Her bubble was burst when her boyfriend abruptly left the scene, and she was forced to face the reality of being alone with a daughter. Deidra tried to resume her activities at the local hair salon as her opioid addiction grew, but she quickly became overwhelmed. Deidra was constantly awakened by her daughter poking her shoulder and demanding to be fed. Because of Deidra's dwindling affection for Rafael, trips to prison became more rare as she grew up. They only occurred when Deidra needed money or security from the consequences of her bad decisions and enemies. Deidra ultimately agreed to move to Houston, Texas, with a man she had only met a few weeks before, in the hopes of finding love and money away from the streets of South Los Santos. Rafael continued to make an effort to be there for her daughter, writing letters and making phone calls, as well as sending her crafted presents and photos of himself. Chantelle grew up wishing for her father to come out and pick her up so they could return to Los Santos; the memories of seeing his smile and feeling his hugs faded as she entered her teenage years. Deidra's plan for a wonderful life in Texas was clearly poorly thought out, and the two ended up in a neighborhood not dissimilar to Rancho, where Chantelle juggled her studies with caring for her mother, whose mind seemed to become increasingly poisoned by the drugs as the days passed. She heard all the threats and spiteful things Deidra bombarded Rafael with every time he couldn't give her money for the fourth time in the month, and she witnessed her mother and father fighting on the phone far too many times for her to keep track of. Despite seeing her mother's once beautiful face deteriorate and her world fall apart in front of her, Chantelle remained present and caring to her, even though she didn't feel the same way. She was the only member of her family who cared for her, and she couldn't bear losing her mother after spending her childhood apart from the person who seemed to love her the most. Chantelle's fourteenth birthday signaled the end of the last semblance of carefreeness in her life. Her mother's addictions seemed to grow and consume her, and she would call Rafael several times a week begging for money, which she would normally spend on her fix. Deidra wanted to cut off all interaction with Rafael for both herself and Chantelle when she understood that using the excuse of loans, expenses, and feeding her daughter was no longer working. Chantelle's new desires seemed to call for a waltz around the many faces of adolescent rebellion. She went from being a quiet student to being obnoxious and arrogant, skipping as many classes as she could. She began to think more about receiving likes and DMs on social media than good grades as her image shifted from that of a child to that of a woman in the making. Chantelle gradually followed in her father and mother's footsteps, developing a taste for light drugs and liquor, as well as fighting, shoplifting, car jacking, and other petty crimes to spice up her life. She pictured herself dying in a shootout or overdosing after a night out; it was almost as if she had embraced the reality that there was nothing better in store for her, that she could only go lower from there. It didn't matter to her; her resentment for her mother and the loneliness of such a mundane existence had sapped her of all happiness. That is, until her phone rang one day, and she heard her father's voice calling out to her. Rafael's voice was the only thing on the line that day, not the automated message from the federal prison collect call. The line didn't fall after fifteen minutes, the call didn't end with a sigh. That day, it ended with a deep breath that tasted like renewed intent.
  3. This thread follows the story of tag banger turned gang banger Nathan Arias.
  4. G3N3RA1laTROUB13 x CAPTA1NlaTR1CK3 CAPTA1N TR1CK3 https://face.gta.world/TR1CKZ G3N3RA1laTROUB13 https://face.gta.world/TROUB13 Aoi was born and raised in Rancho until the age of 5. Her parents divorced and her father went to prison for ten years. During that time, she lived with her mother in Little Seoul, away from Rancho. Little Seoul itself wasn't much different in sense of gang activity and being just another harsh, low budget neighborhood. The apartment which Aiko and Aoi lived in was tiny and dirty, despite Aiko's efforts to keep it clean and fresh, the old smelly wood and the dirty objects were something to cry for and thus Aoi had no option but to learn to live in a mess - not that she's seen anything fancier than a ghetto... From time to time, she'd visit her grandmother in Rancho and stay with her for a day or two during the weekends or take more time during her summer vacation. She's a smart kid, going to school, making friends way too easy due to her bubbly personality and confidence. Aoi's curiosity usually leads her to either learning new things or trouble, however she fears not the consequences, which she doesn't see them coming her way in the first place, since she usually takes most of the things as a joke. Aiko would usually talk to Aoi about the mistakes she's made in her life, in attempt to warn Aoi about the harsh life she's about to collide with. She'd tell her little daughter about her father, who unironically is the opposite of what Aiko is fighting for, hence their divorce, however Aoi really loves her father and also looks up to him. She'd usually ask Aiko to take her to the Twin Towers to visit her father. He'd usually be happy to see her and the visitation usually would end with Aiko and Pedro having a short chat together which Aoi was staying away from. The ten years that Aoi had to go through, growing up without a father figure in her life were hard for her, she really needed him, however she'd usually pick up experience and knowledge off the street from other guys, believing they'd have the experience and knowledge off their fathers. When Pedro got released from TTCF, Aoi was very excited, she went to Rancho immediately to meet him where she also met some new faces around. She even caught up with Alyssa - a friend of hers from her childhood, who she occasionally would play with during summertime breaks and weekends when she'd visit her grandmother. Alyssa and Aoi went tagging the very same day and did a couple of pranks in the neighborhood. It was a good day for Aoi, packed with joy... and a little disgusting, having to witness a murder taking place right infront of her eyes when someone got shot! However, she forgot about it quickly, even though being in shock and being scared, she obtained some courage and confidence when she met her father there, knowing she has protection.
  5. Nicholas Longines, known in his social group as RIVAL is a 15 year old tagbanger from South Central Los Santos. He is the half brother of Ramon Machado and is also has various relatives who gangbanged for local Rancho street gangs in decades past. Nicholas is the second youngest child i his family, at 15 years old & was born in late 2005. Nicholas Longines is multi-racial. His racial mix consists of Mexican-American on his mother's side, and Salvadoran-American on his father's side. Nicholas originally lived with his mother after she split up with Nicholas' father, his mother. Ali Longines moved her son out of Rancho in an effort to shield him from the drug and gang violence that takes place in her home neighbourhood. The mother and son found themselves drifting between homeless shelters across South Central and the Downtown core of Los Santos. This was a time in which Nicholas' was carelessly allowed to walk the streets, despite then only being a young child. When Nicholas was 8 years old his mother died from a heroin overdose in an alleyway close to a charitable food bank which can still be found in Downtown Los Santos. After his mother's passing, Nicholas didn't go to CPS nor did anybody know where he had been. He simply wandered the streets for months on end, living off of whatever scraps he could find for himself. However, it wasn't long before Nicholas found himself in Rancho. This is where he was found sleeping behind a dumpster in the Jamestown Projects by his half-brother. From then on Nicholas moved in with Ramon and their father in South Rancho. While living in the aforementioned impoverished neighbourhood, not only did they have miserable lives within their childhood homes, but they were additionally subjugated to witnessing everyday street crimes of a violent & sexual nature which were directly connected to various white, black and Latino street gangs. Their miserable home lives, compounded by being practically raised in some of the worst neighbourhoods of Los Santos, has led both of them to experience a very large degree of emotional detachment, along with cynical, pessimistic and nihilistic mentalities from very young ages. Shortly after they entered junior high schools together, during the onset of their teenage years, they began playing sports at their schools for the very first time while simultaneously getting involved with petty crimes in the streets. Nicholas's first arrest without charge came at the age of 13. If the boys weren't bullying other kids within their attended schools, or if they weren't occupied with team sports after school, they were active petty crooks in the streets who loitered in public places, severely vandalized private property, shoplifted valuables from stores & supermarkets along with robbed people with knives and replica handguns. Nicholas and his older half-brother, Ramon, have virtually been left to fend for themselves, by their family, in the worst off neighbourhoods in all of Los Santos. The two of them aren't even in their 20s yet, but are forced to lie, cheat, rob and steal in order to make a living for themselves; in order to survive in the streets. Exposed to drugs, money and murder from extremely young ages, they have partaken in various crimes, petty and severe, that include: theft, robbery, armed robbery, burglary, grand theft auto and hard drug sales. In order to maximize their monetary earnings through living a life of crime, Ramon dropped out of school at the age of 16 and Nicholas has since been expelled from the Davis Centennial High School at the age of 15. Ramon has made no effort to get a GED and Nicholas has no plans of going back to high school. Both boys will continue to do what they've always known in order to survive in the streets, even if it costs them their long-term freedom and potentially their lives as they know them to be.
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