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Found 5 results

  1. Maritime Discussion Mega Thread --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello everyone! This is a discussion topic I've made for the Maritime RP in the server. Any input from the entire server is appreciated! ------------------------------------------------------------------------ So, with the summer coming, there will be a fair bit of players going into the maritime sector again like last summer. However, with the new 1.1 version of RageMP and the 1.1 update of GTA:World, the sync on the water has been significantly improved. One of the things improved; you can stand on moving boats! There have already been a few new companies rising up to do sea-bound roleplay, but there has still been a lack of illegal RP in my opnion. So lets discuss a few things. - What do you think about the current state maritime RP is in? - How do you think it can be improved? - How would both Legal and Illegal factions benefit from potential changes? - And any extra input you have For easy navigation, I have included a few links to current maritime involved companies and factions: ⛵⚓ Los Santos Marina Yacht Club | "Upward & Windward" ⛵⚓ Aswell as suggestions (do not discuss those here): New supplier for components: Fish hauling Allow furnishing in vehicle interiors Add Marine VHF radio Add More Boats Discuss! 🙂
  2. THE LATE 2019-EARLY 2020 ERA The death of a well known rapper by the name of Philthy P, also known as Pierre Jackson sparked headlines after he was found dead behind a huge Hotel on Alta Street and Adams Apple Boulevard due to a shooting that happened in broad daylight, there were three victims on scene, two of which were deceased upon the emergency services arriving. The rapper could barely be identified with the wounds he was inflicted with, people who saw the whole altercation go down said that the whole shooting was done in execution style, and that they've never heard that many shots go off in such a small amount of time. It was actually another victim who identified him for the Los Santos Police Department(LSPD), and after a thorough investigation led by Gang Unit(G.U) and the Robbery Homicide Division (RHD) the murderers were found and arrested for the crimes they've committed. Samuel Phala, and Cindy Pheakkley were both arrested on February 17th, and were both facing murder charges, Samuel was also facing many other charges for crimes that were attached to his murder weapon. Their trials were held on separately days, Samuel Phala took the charges to the neck and pleaded guilty due to him knowing all the proof there is against him. Although Cindy actually pinned all the charges on Samuel, and decided to give out information on what she knew about the Seaside Asian Boyz street gang for her freedom. Her cooperation led to her being introduced to the Witness Protection Program, where they moved her out of state for her own protection in threat of a retaliation from the Seaside ABZ street gang. This whole situation sparked a huge increase in patrols in the Vespucci area, and the gang injunction went down harder onto the Seaside Asian Boyz, which striked their gang related activity and membership. MODERN DAY The whole situation which sparked off of a famous rapper being killed led to the activity of the street gang to fall severely, they were also falling down when it came to competition against their enemies. Although in the current day, new affiliated members started to show their faces, although they've started to move way more careful than ever before. This new wave of gang-bangers know better than the last, and are trying to revive the whole Seaside ABZ street gang, and get back at their enemies.
  3. Four dead after car plunges into the Alamo Sea Friday, 30th November 2018 LSFD Public Relations: Chloe MacKenzie Fire apparatus and police vehicles wait on shore while dive teams carry out their search. ALAMO SEA - At 23:03 on Thursday the 8th November 2018, the Los Santos Fire Department (LSFD) were notified by the Los Santos Police Department (LSPD) of a car that had come off the road and gone into the Alamo Sea while being pursued by law enforcement. A water rescue assignment was dispatched to the incident. On arrival firefighters and emergency medical technicians liased with the LSPD to establish that a green Karin Kuruma carrying four occupants had collided with the water at high speed and immediately sunk with the occupants trapped inside. Due to the amount of time the car had been underwater, crews weren't hopeful that there would be any survivors. A police helicopter marked the location by hovering over the water while specialist nighttime Diver teams from Rescue One made their way into the water in scuba diving gear, supported with rescue lines from crews waiting on shore. Helmet cam from the dive team showing a police helicopter marking the spot. Dive team firefighters Chloe MacKenzie and Connor McMahon made their way to the vehicle which by that time had sunken to the seabed. The dive team breached the vehicle by smashing the driver side window, and brought the occupants out by hand. The green Karin Kuruma as spotted by the helmet cam of Engineer Chloe MacKenzie, while Firefighter Connor McMahon tried to open the driver's side door. All four persons (age/gender unknown) were declared deceased at the scene by the Los Santos Fire Department, confirming that the incident was no longer a water rescue but a recovery mission. The Fire Department handed the deceased over to the Los Santos County Department of Coroner and the incident was given to the Los Santos Police Department to carry out investigations. All fire and rescue resources concluded operations and cleared from the incident as of 23:46. Drive team Firefighter Connor McMahon rests after the challenging recovery mission. For more information regarding the incident, contact the Los Santos Police Department's Media Relations and Community Affairs Division (MRCAD). You can visit there website by clicking here. Dispatched LSFD Units: E1, R1, RB1, RB2 Interested in joining the Los Santos Fire Department? Apply to be a firefighter/emergency medical technician/paramedic today at lsfd.sa.gov/recruitment
  4. lamberto29


    Smuggling Detailed description:Smuggling, a prequest for Gun/Drug importing, the system would work alongside or replace the current method of importing Guns/Drugs. Rather than Guns/Drugs appearing in warehouses through an act of god, They would be fractionally or entirely dependant on imports, less so for some things than others. I.E you are not gonna grow cocoa (cocaine) in Los Santos that can only be imported/smuggled. Weed, guns and other similar things would have a element of it being smuggled in, however their will always be a home presence for this stuff (Home growers, stolen weapons with numbers removed). What we would suggest is having a system similar to the current weapon/drug import system Requiring people to apply on the forums to be a “Smuggler” giving rp reason and story behind them being this. These smugglers would evidently need to have vehicles and connections to make the logistics work, planes or boats as an example and connections both in county and foreign to be able to import/smuggle this stuff in and get rid of it. The IC/IG way this would work is that you would have smuggling factions similar to gang factions however rather than trying to own turf and become involved in gang based illegal activities they would be focused on keeping their heads below the radar and shipping in illegal goods for profit. Import goods could be broke down into two varieties. Street: Weed, Pistol, Sns Pistol, .50 Pistol, Vintage Pistol, Machine Pistol, A.P Pistol, MicroSMG Mini SMG, Shotgun, Sawn-off Import:Coke, Heroin, Smg, Assault Rifle, Carbine Rifle, vests, cuban cigars, Bullshark Tesosteron The Street ones would be attainable directly for gangs, meaning they do not need it smuggled in by a 3rd party but would be able to get it potentially at a lower price in bulk from smugglers. The Imports would only be attainable via smugglers, these smugglers would get the goods when ordered by 3rd party (i.e street gang) and get rid of them ASAP The mechanics of this would be simple, have certain locations be “spawnable points” for the package, both for the Smugglers and street gangs. The Smugglers locations would be remote islands/at sea and need bringing back to the island and then getting to the final party (person who ordered it) The street gangs who get their goods via “street” means would potentially have remote locations on island as pickup points for them to collect said goods from. In both cases the containers would be sealed and you would get no use from them until getting them to their final destination. Commands to add: /CP (/CollectPackage) /LP (/LoadPackage) /UP (/UnloadPackage) Items to add: “Packages” box to be collected with goods in. ,Boat trailer for cars/vans, allowing smugglers to take their boats to the most logical place to sail from. How would your suggestion improve the server? These suggestions would add a level of realism to the weapons and drugs on the streets being difficult to get. The opportunities for roleplay would be greatly expanded as it would give county Sheriff’s work in the remoter locations, the city police would be able to try running checkpoints etc. to try prevent them getting into the city, SEB/FIB could have operations and investigations to try and catch these smugglers/gangs in the act. All of these allowing for more meaningful and impactful roleplay rewards for good policing. This would also give the air units of LEO more reasons to take out helicopters and potentially even reason for naval trained units with boats. As for the gangs and none LEO’s, the basic civilian won’t be affected apart from occasionally seeing a checkpoint or something. The gangs that currently exist would have far more realistic roleplay for obtaining illegal goods that involves active gang interaction and a realistic risk of being caught red handed. The smugglers who bring in the “foreign” import goods would be the most affected as this would give them an ability to do work of some kind that makes sense RP wise and would also create interaction opportunities. This would allow for effective law enforcement to affect the criminal economy of the world. This would also allow for more meaningful intergang interactions of a violent nature, i.e Mexicans trying to jack the Russians as they are bringing back a van load of gear. Additional information: The crates would only be loadable in appropriate vehicles, i.e you wouldn’t be trying to sneak guns into the hood with a supercar. The smugglers would have to remain independent from gangs and should not be associated with them in any way other than selling them goods. A potential discount for smugglers who get approved for certain vehicles (Boats and certain planes) As good smugglers keep a low profile this might see an increase in bribery attempts and the use of Hush money, Both of which are criminally underused currently. On this map are some rough ideas for placements of some “package” pickup points Yellow: Street/gang based pickup points. Blue: Smuggler pickup points. (for the smugglers points anywhere in the sea could work too. This is an idea from Horratio Totsen and myself.
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