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Found 2 results

  1. "If it's the last thing that I gotta do, if it's the last point that I gotta prove, to my fuckin squad I'ma keep it true and represent the gang till I'm restin in a tomb" - Young Dopey Left to right; Florencia Echegoyen, 2015 @ Decker Park before MS13 RICO indictment ~ Florencia Echegoyen, 2020 @ Lindsay Park after release from Bollingbroke State Pen BACKSTORY: Florencia Echegoyen a/k/a La Greñas was a W/S Mara Salvatrucha 13 gang member, originally born into a mid-end family in West Los Santos; a couple of them being affiliated to the W/S Mara Salvatrucha 13 themselves. Florencia Echegoyen was a good girl up until she was 14, when she was placed under the observacione role within W/S Mara Salvatrucha 13; meaning she was being observed for membership status. She became a chequeo at the age of 15, ironically being the same year that the Federal Bureau of Investigations and Los Santos Police Department RICO indicted countless W/S Mara Salvatrucha 13 affiliates, her being one of them. She was sent to a juvenile detention center where she was officially inducted as a member of the transnational criminal organization at 16 years old by other young affiliates, and was given a 13 second beatdown to get jumped into the gang; in private away from juvenile security. At the age of 15; Florencia Echegoyen and several other Mareras jumped a rival female gang member from Drifters 13, where it resulted in Florencia Echegoyen hanging the rival female with a rope; essentially lynching her. This is where Florencia Echegoyen's street name; La Greñas comes into play, since it translates to "Tangle", and the rope tangled multiple times during the lynching; Florencia Echegoyen's homegirls nicknamed her La Greñas. Once Florencia Echegoyen hit 18 years old, she was officially transferred to the women's facility of Bollingbroke State Penitentiary where she served a remaining 17 months before being released back into the general population. Once released back into the public, she spent roughly two years in the W/S Mara Salvatrucha doing countless things to keep ship afloat, until Gabriella "Feisty" Delgado was released after being made keyholder of MS in the state of San Andreas. Once "Feisty" Delgado became the acting keyholder, just before her reigns came to an end she gave Florencia the go ahead to walk away from the W/S Mara Salvatrucha. After walking away from MS13, Florencia got deeper into the underworld of Organized Crime instead of going legit. In her mind, getting away from MS13, and removing the tattoos; were only going to help her go far in the underworld. Due to being a woman in a man's world, her Mexican uncle from the Badiraguato region of Sinaloa helped line up a connection for her to get in touch with some people, and directed her to the most infamous street crew under the Border Brothers 22 in San Andreas; Blood Money Inc. Anything used in character from this thread will be reported, as it'll be considered metagaming. Everything on this thread, pictures and backstory are for the aesthetic and vibe and also to give people a short little insight to Florencia Echegoyen's life.
  2. Thread will follow the life of 15 y/o Siria Coreas. Daughter to the notorious La Zombie (Xiomara Coreas) and Lil Bandit (Josue Zelaya). Born in K-Town, Los Santos, though was raised in Mission Bend, Texas, where she spent the majority of her upbringing around other MS-13 members. Ethnicity: Salvadoran-American Backstory: Siria Coreas was originally born in Koreatown, where she lived with her father Josue Zelaya a/k/a Lil Bandit, and mother Xiomara Coreas a/k/a La Zombie, along with her sister and brother named Raissa Zelaya & Uriel Zelaya a/k/a Lil Blast. She only spent around 4 years of her life in LS though, moving to Texas when her mother had unfortunately died at the hands of the LSPD. Her father was also involved in the double murder of a married couple (Steven and Alexandra Tessier), hacking and stabbing them to death in their Mirror Park home due to him believing out of a mistake that they were the same people responsible for stealing from his paternal cousin Melvin Bueso. Josue was sentenced to life in prison, meaning Siria now had to be taken care of by her great-aunt Luisa Zelaya. Not having her mother or father around had a big psychological impact on Siria, resulting in her making many wrong decisions and being badly influenced by various people and things. Amarillo was where she first stayed in Texas, then eventually Mission Bend - home to an active and ruthless MS-13 clique. Being brought up in an area where MS held a strong presence resulted in the young girl making friends with many criminals and gang members in her neighborhood, even if she tried to avoid it at times. It was inevitable the street gang was going to make its way into Siria's life at some stage. Even at school, she was friends with young mareros and mareras. Most of them knew who her father was, and although she wasn't ever officially recruited into the gang in Texas, most of the affiliates there did respect her. Some even avoided talking to her due to their fear of Lil Bandit, worried getting too close to her may bring on problems further down the line. Despite not being a marera herself, from a young age she was already tagging up things like "MS" or "1319" on the school exterior & interior. She was also caught and punished at school many times for throwing up gang signs or getting into fights. Siria always made the effort to visit her father in prison whenever she could. Zahra Porter a/k/a Bad Luck was often around to keep a close eye on Siria, reporting things worth mentioning back to Lil Bandit. It wasn't until age 15 that she finally moved back to Los Santos. Her great-aunt and older sister joined her too, settling in Palomino Avenue, Little Seoul. There have been many more important key figures in the Coreas/Xiomara family that have played a big role in how feared the MS-13 street gang is, especially in Little Seoul. Some well-known names are: Rudy Coreas aka Panic, Layla Coreas aka Peligrosa, Marlon Coreas aka The Priest, and Loredo Zelaya aka Klepto, along with many more. Pure dedication to the two letters has meant many of the family have either died for the gang or ended up doing long prison sentences.
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