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Found 3 results

  1. ((MUSIC IN THE BACKGROUND COULD BE ATTRIBUTED TO YOVANNI "BABY 4OE" REYNOLDS)) LSHoodMedia - Jun 18th, 2021 (Parts of this video show up on Instagram, other YouTube channels, and Reddit) **VIEWERS WILL SEE THIS ON THE VIDEO @ THESE TIME STAMPS** 0:00 - 1:50 -> There'd be a wide variety of youth from Main Street Mafia Crip seen partying to underground Los Santos music, gang signs and Crip walking would be shown on video. 1:50 - 3:25 -> A brief Instagram Live screen recording would be seen where the Varrio Rancho 13 and Main Street Mafia Crip members respond to 56-57 viewers, some of them enemies. Loud music is in the background, gang signs are thrown and disrespect via gang signs and gang disses. (the Hoover Criminals, Broadway Gangster Crips, Mad Swan Bloods, Davis Family Gangster Bloods, Carson Mafia Gangster Bloods, Primera Flats 23, 83 Gangster Crips, Pueblo Bishop Bloods and the Florencia 13) 3:25 - 3:31 -> During the Instagram Live screen recording, Rymone Hadley of the 984 Main Street Mafia Crips flashes a Glock 19 Gen 4 on camera, dissing the 83 Hoover Criminals gang. 3:31 - 4:00 -> Generic Instagram Live footage shows Kynisha Ramsey dancing while throwing up gang signs to underground South Central Los Santos, Davis and Vespucci Beach music. She'd openly throw out the term "sway" (dissing Mad Swans) and "snoovers" (dissing Hoover Criminals) several times and mentions a female gang member called "Three Farr" from 83 Hoover Criminals. 4:00 - 8:38 -> Instagram stories from different attendees of the Main Street Mafia Crip party just shows generic partying for some time, there'd be youth from MSMC and Rancho 13 in attendance as well as some members in their 20's. 8:38 - 11:26 -> The footage switches to Yovanni "Baby 4oe" Reynolds' Instagram Live, dialogue reveals that they are at the Magnolia Records building. A lot of spicy talk insinuates that there was recent violence between the Hoover Criminals and the Main Street Mafia Crips on the street, indicating that someone was stomped out at the Binco in Strawberry earlier that night. USERNAME: COMMENT: (( This Video Will Likely Draw The Attention of Law Enforcement's Gang Unit & Rival Gangs )) @Lucky @u10sil @Yass @HaminLord @uchie @Sufi @Benavides @[email protected] @Barbie @orangejuice @ESCALADEFROMBARSON @Cap0 @STICK N MOVE @MrKickYoDoe
  2. Full Name: Manuela Lola Rodriguez Age: 16 Birthplace: Chamberlain Hills, Los Santos Ethnicity: Mexican-American Personality: Nonchalant, neutral, quiet. Family & Relatives: - Moises Rodriguez (dad) - carpenter / warehouse worker - Areceli Tamayo-Rodriguez (mom, deceased) - died at Manuela's birth - Karmyn Rodriguez (older sister, incarcerated) - serving 10 years for an assault with a deadly weapon with intent to harm, gang member. Manuela was born and raised in Chamberlain Hills for most of her life, her mother died when she was born. Therefore, she's the youngest sibling in her family between her and her older sister. Being raised by a working man at a young age caused Manuela to be babysat constantly, she bounced from house to house between relatives throughout her childhood up until the pre-kindergarten age. At school growing up, Manuela was casually bullied due to her weight up until 6th grade. In 6th grade, she became desensitized to the joke when she realized that she could physically bully her own bullies. It started with one fight that led to many others and eventually she was kicked out of the La Mesa Heights School District. Eventually, Manuela would transfer into the regular Los Santos Unified School District, going to school at Manchester High School and later Davis High due to her family moving east to Rancho.
  3. This thread follows the story of Ethan Fernandez a troubled Rancho Teenager. Trigger warning and all that stuff. (credits to ZaE for the menyoo picture)
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