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Found 9 results

  1. Carlos Molina Carlos Molina was born in Davis General Hospital on the 8th of August, 2006 to two Mexican immigrants, Carolina Pousa and Eddy Molina, who moved from Sinaloa, Mexico to avoid the cartel wars going on which dragged many innocent civilians into the conflict. They illegally crossed the border for the sake of giving their son a better life and settled into the bordering states major metropolitan city which is Los Santos which has a big Hispanic population especially in the Jamestown area of Rancho and have been living there ever since they moved which prompted him to also attend the local Davis Middle School , his parents work grueling 9-5 jobs under green cards obtained after a certain amount of years living in the United States to meet ends meet with his father being a local carpenter and his mother a full time nurse working several shifts over week as well as his father working for several clients caused for them both to be largely absent in the household accept whether it be in the afternoons or picking up Carlos despite all this the family still held a pretty close bond as most Hispanic households in Mexico and other Latino countries do which stood out like a sore thumb in Rancho as most families were broken or affected by gang violence. Carlos was no stranger to this harsh reality he would mostly see it out by his window at night hearing random gunshots and loud sirens shortly afterwards, from the drugged out homeless man walking through the middle lot barely able to stand straight to the group of gangsters hanging out by the cantina with a bottle of 40oz beer on one hand and a bag of weed in the other he saw it every day walking to school but he always maintained a somewhat optimistic view of it largely due to his young age the reality of his area had not set in yet as he knew it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows but from an early age his parents taught him what do to and who to stay away from, going as far to put him in school after programs at Davis Middle School largely taking a liking to baseball and soccer where he currently plays for the schools team. This kept him away most of the time but as the shifts got longer Carlos now goes outside with his bike and rides around to seek any way of passing the time in his empty and dull home. He also does other activities like play FIFA 15 on his old XBOX 360 and watch TV which he very much enjoys, overall Carlos is a decently normal kid with interest and passions which he looks to share with by maintaining a very outgoing and friendly personality like any other children his age but not in the same environment. This thread will follow the development and day to day life of Carlos Molina.
  2. Full Name: Arturo Salazar Age: 13. Birthplace: Vice City Flaws: Susceptible, colourblind, unreasonable Personality: Troublesome, joyful, hyperactive, jokster, cynical, trickster, unpredictable Family & Relatives: Mother- Patricia Salazar, Father Maximilliano Salazar - incarcerated for numerous felony charges. Their Story: Arturo, born to a horrible roll model and an alchoholic mother in Vice City, two years after his birth his parents had to move to San Andreas to take advantage of the Welfare and free health care act. Arturo's upbringing was pretty decent at first although not perfect it soon shifted to accustom the average South Central residence, Maximilliano was sent upstate for felony charges. Patricia began an excessive habit of drinking, making Arturo uncomfortable so he began to annoy someone else other than his mom, this time in the streets of the Varrio.--------------------?--------------------------------?-----------------?
  3. This thread will follow the evolution of Ramon Machado, a teen ager in South Rancho, living in poverty, taking drugs and putting in work for his barrio.
  4. Juan Berra is a sixteen year old, growing up as a low income individual in Rancho, influenced by Sureno culture. This thread will follow development of Juan.
  5. The Plug

    SINNER Flores

    This thread will follow the life of Ramón "SINNER" Flores. Bane of Tongan Americans. Puro Ranchero. ORIGIN Ramón was born at Davis Hospital. He is the third child of Ignacio Flores and Maria Villafranca. While Ramón closely resembles his old brother Rubén, he is ironically in many ways the polar opposite of him. Ramón never cared much for video games. He instead he enjoyed playing basketball at local and school courts for fun. He was very close with his sister, Catalina in their childhood and still do this day. Unfortunately he never had good enough grades for the school team. Ramón since a young age has always been considered a trouble maker. He's always, in the words of his mother, gravitated towards the "wrong crowd" . Unfortunately over the years he's found more physically violent outlets for his ADHD and other psychological issues, than most children his age. Growing up with alcoholics, drug addicts and gang members in your immediate family will take its toll on anyone's mental stability. Ramón had been suspended various times throughout his school career for various fighting and administrative disrespect incidents. However at the age 14 during his third month of 9th grade his degree of violence would take an exponential turn for the worst. Due to various back and forth incidents, tension between Mexican American and Tongan American students in Ramón's high school had reached a boiling point. After a fist fight inside the bathroom with a larger Tongan American student, William "Big Billy" Fonua, was ending differently than Ramón had imagined, he snapped. He'd brought a knife to school with him that day and decided it wasn't going to go to waste. He stabbed Big Billy a total of three times to the point where unfortunately Fonua had to be put on a colonoscopy bag for the remainder of his life. Afterwards Ramón reportedly attempted to hide the knife and return to class. However he was subsequently caught upon review of school camera footage as well as Big Billy's testimony. Ramón was sentenced to 2 years in San Andreas Youth Authority. In YA, he was educated in the YA version of the Southsider program. Being from a hated and feared neighborhood Ramón had to run various fades from rivals from different neighborhoods. He reportedly never turned down a single one. He spent his time in YA working out, being indoctrinated by his elders and dodging a longer sentence for his offenses against Tongan and Black juvenile inmates. Ramón stayed in contact with his older brother Rubén when he wasn't locked up himself as well as his mother, sister and on very rare occasions, his father. When he was released from YA it's not surprise he quickly began to put the criminal knowledge, connections and experience he learned on the inside to use out on the street. PRESENT After being jumped in at the age of 16, Ramón's entire existence became about putting in work and acquiring profit for his criminal enterprise. This is true both on the street and inside of Twin Towers, where he's known for his devote loyalty and violent dedication to the Sur program. His criminal record still bears the 2nd Degree Murder he was charged and convicted of as an adult, at the age of 16, after beating an asian inmate to death his first time on the yard. He has earned his place among the Rancho upper hierarchy due to his long list of connections across the city, the amount of profit he brings the organization and the brazen broad day homicides for which is he known for. After the deaths of five of his clique members at the hands of police, Ramón began abusing opioids heavily to self medicate. He lives life day to day and can only one contemplate one means of survival.
  6. Full Name: Malcolm Fuentes Age: 15 16-17 Birthplace: Pillbox Hill Medical Center Ethnicity: Mexican & African-American (Blaxican) Personality: Cool headed, Stingy(with food and personal belongings), Sometimes jokester. Family & Relatives: Alonzo Thompson -Father (Unknown; left before Malcolm's birth)(African-American possibly Jamaican) Gabriela Fuentes -Aunt (Working 2 jobs, living within the Rancho/Jamestown area) (Mexican-American) Camila Fuentes - Mother (Irresponsible parent; refused to raise Malcolm) Their Story: Born in Pillbox Hill Medical Center, birthed into the world by the irresponsible Camila Fuentes and absent Alonzo Thompson. Knowing that Camila couldn't support a child, let alone herself, she sought help from her older sister, Gabriela, to shelter and look after the young Malcolm, being told by his mother that she swore to stop by when she's "not busy" and spend time with him resulted into broken promises and mostly disappointment, leaving Gabriela to fill the shoes with the best of her ability making it slightly difficult due to the lack of free time and energy from working two jobs in order to keep food on the table. Currently attending Los Santos Highschool, Malcolm would sometimes be seen riding his bike around the Jamestown/Rancho parts of the neighborhood as it would be his only means of transportation for now as the only thing he has to his name would be a couple of dollar bills for school lunch and EBT card borrowed from his aunt for the corner store. He lives with his Aunt Gabriela.
  7. CEECEE MÉNDEZ Full Name Chantelle Anaya Méndez Current Age 18 Birthplace Los Santos, San Andreas Hometown Houston, Texas Current City Los Santos, San Andreas Ethnicity Mixed-race (African-American, Hispanic) Chantelle is the daughter of gangster father Rafael "Bestia" Méndez and hairstylist mother Deidra Murray. Her father was a notorious gangbanger whose family had previously been involved with R13, which ultimately led to his criminal activities being uncovered and police encircling the unit where he lived with his girlfriend and daughter. Chantelle was just six months old when a swarm of cops raided her apartment and abducted her father, who was convicted and sentenced to fifteen years in a federal prison in central San Andreas. She spent her first few years of life in Rancho, often visiting her father and her mother, who became increasingly distant from him. Deidra was renowned for being a big spender and a drug addict, and she preferred to lean on Rafael rather than working for herself as a hairstylist. Her bubble was burst when her boyfriend abruptly left the scene, and she was forced to face the reality of being alone with a daughter. Deidra tried to resume her activities at the local hair salon as her opioid addiction grew, but she quickly became overwhelmed. Deidra was constantly awakened by her daughter poking her shoulder and demanding to be fed. Because of Deidra's dwindling affection for Rafael, trips to prison became more rare as she grew up. They only occurred when Deidra needed money or security from the consequences of her bad decisions and enemies. Deidra ultimately agreed to move to Houston, Texas, with a man she had only met a few weeks before, in the hopes of finding love and money away from the streets of South Los Santos. Rafael continued to make an effort to be there for her daughter, writing letters and making phone calls, as well as sending her crafted presents and photos of himself. Chantelle grew up wishing for her father to come out and pick her up so they could return to Los Santos; the memories of seeing his smile and feeling his hugs faded as she entered her teenage years. Deidra's plan for a wonderful life in Texas was clearly poorly thought out, and the two ended up in a neighborhood not dissimilar to Rancho, where Chantelle juggled her studies with caring for her mother, whose mind seemed to become increasingly poisoned by the drugs as the days passed. She heard all the threats and spiteful things Deidra bombarded Rafael with every time he couldn't give her money for the fourth time in the month, and she witnessed her mother and father fighting on the phone far too many times for her to keep track of. Despite seeing her mother's once beautiful face deteriorate and her world fall apart in front of her, Chantelle remained present and caring to her, even though she didn't feel the same way. She was the only member of her family who cared for her, and she couldn't bear losing her mother after spending her childhood apart from the person who seemed to love her the most. Chantelle's fourteenth birthday signaled the end of the last semblance of carefreeness in her life. Her mother's addictions seemed to grow and consume her, and she would call Rafael several times a week begging for money, which she would normally spend on her fix. Deidra wanted to cut off all interaction with Rafael for both herself and Chantelle when she understood that using the excuse of loans, expenses, and feeding her daughter was no longer working. Chantelle's new desires seemed to call for a waltz around the many faces of adolescent rebellion. She went from being a quiet student to being obnoxious and arrogant, skipping as many classes as she could. She began to think more about receiving likes and DMs on social media than good grades as her image shifted from that of a child to that of a woman in the making. Chantelle gradually followed in her father and mother's footsteps, developing a taste for light drugs and liquor, as well as fighting, shoplifting, car jacking, and other petty crimes to spice up her life. She pictured herself dying in a shootout or overdosing after a night out; it was almost as if she had embraced the reality that there was nothing better in store for her, that she could only go lower from there. It didn't matter to her; her resentment for her mother and the loneliness of such a mundane existence had sapped her of all happiness. That is, until her phone rang one day, and she heard her father's voice calling out to her. Rafael's voice was the only thing on the line that day, not the automated message from the federal prison collect call. The line didn't fall after fifteen minutes, the call didn't end with a sigh. That day, it ended with a deep breath that tasted like renewed intent.
  8. G3N3RA1laTROUB13 x CAPTA1NlaTR1CK3 CAPTA1N TR1CK3 https://face.gta.world/TR1CKZ G3N3RA1laTROUB13 https://face.gta.world/TROUB13 Aoi was born and raised in Rancho until the age of 5. Her parents divorced and her father went to prison for ten years. During that time, she lived with her mother in Little Seoul, away from Rancho. Little Seoul itself wasn't much different in sense of gang activity and being just another harsh, low budget neighborhood. The apartment which Aiko and Aoi lived in was tiny and dirty, despite Aiko's efforts to keep it clean and fresh, the old smelly wood and the dirty objects were something to cry for and thus Aoi had no option but to learn to live in a mess - not that she's seen anything fancier than a ghetto... From time to time, she'd visit her grandmother in Rancho and stay with her for a day or two during the weekends or take more time during her summer vacation. She's a smart kid, going to school, making friends way too easy due to her bubbly personality and confidence. Aoi's curiosity usually leads her to either learning new things or trouble, however she fears not the consequences, which she doesn't see them coming her way in the first place, since she usually takes most of the things as a joke. Aiko would usually talk to Aoi about the mistakes she's made in her life, in attempt to warn Aoi about the harsh life she's about to collide with. She'd tell her little daughter about her father, who unironically is the opposite of what Aiko is fighting for, hence their divorce, however Aoi really loves her father and also looks up to him. She'd usually ask Aiko to take her to the Twin Towers to visit her father. He'd usually be happy to see her and the visitation usually would end with Aiko and Pedro having a short chat together which Aoi was staying away from. The ten years that Aoi had to go through, growing up without a father figure in her life were hard for her, she really needed him, however she'd usually pick up experience and knowledge off the street from other guys, believing they'd have the experience and knowledge off their fathers. When Pedro got released from TTCF, Aoi was very excited, she went to Rancho immediately to meet him where she also met some new faces around. She even caught up with Alyssa - a friend of hers from her childhood, who she occasionally would play with during summertime breaks and weekends when she'd visit her grandmother. Alyssa and Aoi went tagging the very same day and did a couple of pranks in the neighborhood. It was a good day for Aoi, packed with joy... and a little disgusting, having to witness a murder taking place right infront of her eyes when someone got shot! However, she forgot about it quickly, even though being in shock and being scared, she obtained some courage and confidence when she met her father there, knowing she has protection.
  9. David Arrieta a/k/a Scarface Slick (circa 2018) Background Information: - Born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico - Moved to the United States of American (Los Santos) with his parents, cousin and sister at the age of 5. David's father died crossing the border - Became friends with Frank Borquez at an early age in his childhood - Started getting involved in the streets at the age of 12 - Became a tag banger for South Side Ranchero 13 at 12 - Started getting into fights with other students from rival neighborhoods at 13 - Began drug dealing at 14 to support his household - Got locked up in the LS county jail for four months due to possession of a blade measured at the length of 12cm at 15 - Started gang banging fully at the age of 16. Got jumped in a few months after his 16th birthday - Cut his face on a broken bottle at the age of 17 which has left him with a scar on his left cheek and forehead - Got his first tattoo at 17. "SOUTH SIDE F13" on the back of his head, another tattoo after that on his neck "ride or die". - Got into the underground car scene in Los Santos - Hooked up with Maritza Vasquez, later breaking up with her - Eventually got inked out on his arms, chest, back, hands, neck/throat, head (face included) by the age of 19 - Got into a mental breakdown and a serious state of depression for a couple of months after his mother died of lung cancer - Eventually had to run away to Mexico after he got into a shoot-out with cops and a rival gang in the same situation. He was masked but still went into hiding. Aged 19 - Went down to Jalisco, Mexico to spend his time laying low. Aged 20 - Eventually got back in contact with a fellow gang member from Rancho was in Juarez. Ramon Cadena - Went up to Juarez, eventually getting affiliated with La Linea and Barrio Azteca - Rose from nothing to something within the ranks while down in Mexico - Fell in love with a female down in Juarez who so happens to be his old boss's daughter - Had a baby girl with her at the age of 25 Additional Information: - Returned back to Los Santos at the age of 26. Getting in contact with Ramon's brother, Juan - Started doing what he was doing down in Mexico, in Los Santos. Being a hitman for the cartel - Got back into the underground car scene through a fellow childhood friend. Marcus Epps - Started helping with trafficking narcotics from Mexico to the United States of America, making sure the shipments made it - Tortured a person to death as apart of a hate crime - Was given his own crew within Barrio Azteca - Came back in contact with Fernando Perez, Maritza Vazquez, and Madison Carvajal after years of not being in touch with them - Pulled a mock execution on one of his crew members to enforce fear and order into his crew - Forced Tino Gomez to rape Shalisa Tyson and beat her over the course of a week. David also beat her up - Ended up killing Maritza Vasquez due to a situation escalating with her not wanting to hoe herself - Apologized to Shalisa Tyson by pulling her aside one day and whispering to her saying he's sorry for the "shit he did" to her - Went down to Mexico to bring his wife and daughter up to San Andreas, Los Santos - Died of lung cancer at 29 Tattoos/Scars: - A scar stretching across his forehead. It has healed a lot since the incident that caused it - A scar stretching from his left eye to the middle of his left cheek and also going under his left eye. It has healed a lot since the incident that caused it - "FLATS" tattooed across his throat in an outlined Arial font - "EMILY" tattooed on the left side of his neck in a custom script font - "SOUTHSIDE F13" tattooed on the back of his head in an outlined Arial font - "LOS ANGELES LAKERS" logo tattooed on the top of his head - "RIDER OR DIE" tattoed in custom script font on the back of his neck - "A GRIM REAPER WITH AN AK47" tattooed on his entire back - "RANCHO" tattoed across his upper chest - "AN ANGEL PRAYING WHILE LOOKING DOWN AT A SHAVEN HEAD FIGURE" tattooed on his stomach with the text "YOU CANNOT BE FORGIVEN IF YOU DON'T FORGIVE YOURSELF" tattooed on the side of the angel's hands in a custom script font - "A MAYAN WARRIOR" tattoed on his left shoulder - "A ROMAN CATHOLIC CROSS" tattoed on his right shoulder - "A FEMALE CRYING" tattooed on his right inner forearm Far left; David when he was 15 with Frank Borquez, center left; David when he was 17 with Maritza Vasquez, center right; David when he was 18 throwing up a "F" for Flateros: his clicka within Rancho 13, far right; David when he was 20 with Maritza Vasquez just before he fled for Mexico. Far left; David when he was 22 in an unknown location while supposedly in Mexico, center left; David when he was also 22 in an unknown location supposedly somewhere in El Paso. Tx, center right; A pictured suspected to be David while he was in Juarez. Aged 25, far right; David in an unknown location. Aged 25 -R.I.P- Emilia Arrieta (circa 2011) -R.I.P- Background Information: - Born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico - Moved to the United States of American (Los Santos) with her parents, cousin, and brother at the age of 2. Emily's father died crossing the border - Became friends with multiple female gang affiliates from the neighborhood during her early childhood - Started hanging around Rancho 13 gang bangers and gang members at the age of 13. Mostly whilst David wasn't around - Began helping out fellow Rancho 13 affiliates with setting people up at the age of 15 - Helped her brother through his depression disorder after their mother dying - Got into the underground street racing scene after David went to Mexico - Died due to gang-related beef between Rancho 13 and a blood set from Chamberlain at the age of 17 while David was in Mexico
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