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Found 1 result

  1. Detailed Description As you may have seen before, some forum ads about houses/properties are sometimes a bit off in terms of looking for a buyer - I won't name names here, but they simply write "I don't care who gets it, as long as it's the highest bidder" - this usually turns into a battle of whoever has more money and eventually people that are richer will get places in which their character(s) would not live( ex: bidding for a house in Davis when your character lives Downtown but you'll take it and sell it to make profit later on). I think you get the idea. Currently, there's no rule that says you're not allowed to do that, and people are free to sell their properties to anyone, including the wrong people, so that's how neighborhood roleplay is destroyed in some places where it could have a lot of potential, and it's just a matter of money. We all know how strict PM is when it comes to property requests, especially for that - because the housing market is difficult at the moment and you don't want to give out a property to the wrong people. Furthermore, I know some of you are aware that I roleplay in the county and this is the case there (people from Los Santos asking for properties for a 'vacation house' in a town like Sandy makes no sense, but they eventually get a property while locals have to live in the motel or in RVs), but this problem is everywhere. It gets harder and harder to find a place anywhere on the map because someone with more money will buy it, even though their character(s) have nothing to do with the area. Relevant Commands/Items How will it benefit the server? 1 - we will no longer see characters that are out of the place in these areas, from rich people living in rough neighborhoods to random town people living in Paleto or Sandy, etc. 2 - better neighborhood roleplay. I know this isn't something very popular, but for smaller neighborhoods this is something very fun. Personally, I host barbecues in my backyard with the people that are living around me, and I wouldn't want to have neighbors that are out of the context 100% (just like the examples I gave above). Admins will be able to stop any selling that takes place and it's forbidden by this rule - the buyer's character has nothing to do with the environment/neighborhood of the house. Basically, they can take care that no property is sold to the wrong player in terms of character portrayal. hopefully this was explained enough. thanks, socrates
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