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Found 4 results

  1. This thread follows the life and times of a group of skinbyrds who work closely with Public Enemy Number 1 (PENI). The best way to join us is by finding us in game and "partying" with the group. If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to shoot a message to @meremaid or @Nani mo Iranai
  2. Evan 'Stomper' Ward "Sometimes kids fall through the cracks in society" "Stick by what you know and the people you know" Short intro to the story: This is the story of a Latchkey kid, who lost his father at an early age, who mother did her best and failed by the system put in place to protect and guide him. Marked as a bad seed at a young age. He was taken in by those around him, and molded into something worse. So far the story has taken him from the tender age of 16 at the start, to the now more mature age of around 30 to 33. He has seen friends come and go, been in and out of the system. During his second and longest stretch he finally kicked a major drug habit and came out from the TTCF "clean" and with a mission that he mostly carried out. Times has gone his lot in life has changed, so only time will tell if he is going to fall back into his old past.. Age range by pages of screens: This is a rough estimate from when then character started and until now age wise Pages: 1 to 8 Age range from 16 to 21. Pages 9 to 10 Age range from 21 to 23 Pages 11 to 17 Age range from 23 to 30 Pages 18 to 23 Around 30-33. Pages 24 to current Around 40. A look into the past - Written story before the events thats taken place on the server so far Younger years Evan was born in the first days of the new year, in the early years of the twenty first century. The miracle took place at the Central Los Santos Medical Center to his mother Beatrice Ward and father Conner Ward. As a young child Evan had more or less everything he could want for, since both his parents had been in the middle children. They had always ended up with hand-me downs and less love and attention from their parents. It was really what prushed Evan’s father to towards a career in the military, and what ultimately left Evan without a father.. Both his parents showered the young boy with love and for a few years it had looked like this kid would have been fine, but fate had other plans for this small and happy family. During a calm day Evan had been in his room playing with some of his toys, when there had been a knock on the front door, when his mother opened the door. Evan had seen a man in nicely pressed military dress uniform, he had not really understood what was going on. But when this mother had broken down crying in the door. It only took her a moment to remember Evan was nearby. All he remembers from that point was his mother rushing over to him while frantically crying, and a man with a sad expression standing in the doorway looking down at him and his mother. Evan didn’t know it yet, but on this day his life had been changed forever. Death of a father It had been supposed to have been a routine patrol for his father in Iraq during the year of 2005, Conner had a around a month left on his current tour. And he was excited, about the prospect of coming back home to see his fledgling family. He had even been bugging his squad with stories and pictures of Evan for a good 3 days straight. So when they all left the camp, to perform this routine patrol with a bit of a show of force element, The guys not in vehicle had been slightly relieved. As they no longer had to hear about “Evan’s first steps this” “Evan’s first words” that. It was not that they didn’t enjoy it, but it had gotten a bit much as the days started to count down, towards the end of tour. As the patrol crept down a narrow dirt road, there had been eerily quiet. The men themselves had gotten more quiet in response, as they were used to this stretch of road being more alive. Be it wild life or animals. So when first vehicle was hit with an RPG, everybody had been ready and sprang to life as best their training and experience could prepare them. The ambush had been short lived and was quickly fought back. The addition of a nearby quick reaction force had only helped to resolve it quicker. And overall they had been luckily, when all things where considered, only one vehicle down and two people had been wounded in the explosion or so they thought. When the corpsman had finally gotten the damaged door to the vehicle open, he found Evan’s father sitting lifelessly in the passenger seat, with a babbling driver next to him clutching a red and blood soaked bandage in his only good hand. He had been trying to stop the bleeding, he had tried so hard. But in the end it all ended for Conner there. Conner Ward died that day, in a country he didn't know OR care for. Clutching an image of a small boy named Evan Ward. What comes after All Evan had been told, was that the patrol had been moving along a small dirt road and had at one point been ambushed by insurgent forces, the first explosion killing his father instantly. In the first few years after the loss, people around Evan had all been very gentle when around him. Afraid they would break the young boy, they had been treating him as something fragile. Little did they know, all that did was make things worse. The feelings of the loss and the coming neglect, profoundly changed his way of acting and viewing everything around him as it rapidly caught up with him. And as the years passed and more people died in a parts of the would they didn’t know. The people around him stopped talking about Evan’s father, and he became just another man who died for this country. And as kids do, the missing father from Evan’s life quickly became the ammunition for their bullying. They called his father a good for nothing man, and said Evan was just the same. And they never stopped there, kids can be very creative when bored. But Evan could only take this for so long, before he finally snapped. A few broken bones and noses late he landed him in more trouble. With adult who didnt know what to do with him. As predicted this did nothing good for him and only landed him in more problems. The first few beatings started being overlooked. But as the problems kept increasing and with no sign of it ending. He was thrown in detention over and over again. It was here he truly got to know Kyle ‘Lucky’ Brock, who quickly become a good friend to Evan. He had seen him before, both at school and in the same apartment block. But with a few years between them, they had never truly spoke. But things truly took a turn in a new direction as the two young men became friends. Lucky introduced Evan to a whole new group of people. People who didn’t see Evan as just some kid. He didn’t know it, but they saw him more as a tool. Evan did not know it yet, but he had just started down a new dangerous path in his life. But he didn’t see that, he was having too much fun to care about where things were headed. When Lucky suggest they should go out a boost a few cars or maybe find a summer house to break into, Evan didn’t protest, to him it was all just fun and games. And why shouldn't he be allowed to have fun? It was not only Evan who suffered under the loss of Conner. His mother had quickly found out in the following days of the death. That she would need to make up for the loss of income. And the been forced to work more, finding it necessary to get a second job. And she now worked most of the day, to make sure the two could stay in their apartment. Keep the way of life she had been used to while her husband had been around. Evan got his father's old key and had to find his own way home after school. But now rarely ever saw his mother. So he started roaming around the streets of Vespucci with his new friends and other kids in his own situation. Just looking for something fun to day and the next way of making money. Latchkey Kid Thing as they are now After selling a few ounces of weed, the two had made their way over to a house party to celebrate. During the party Lucky had asked Evan to follow him down the street to some bar, as he had something VERY important to show him. Something he was sure he would enjoy. Evan had been high at the time and saw no reason not to trust his childhood friend, so he decided to followed him. They made their way down the road, to some old bar, they made their way throughe punks inside into the backroom. There he was greeted by a few of his friends and a range of adult, all wearing verious tattoos. He was placed in a chair, and had his very first tattoo done on his wrist, to show what he was about and where he was from. He still couldn’t see it wasn't just fun and games anymore. As he got up from the chair, he couldn’t have had a wider grin on his face. He felt ready to take over the world. Reference point for IC Ink - Some of the tattoos Evan really have, instead of ingame models Right arm "737" and celtic-ish band tattoo Left arm "VESPUCCI" written above a Celtic Cross with "SKIN" under it "PENI" tattoo'd across his upper back. “Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. And, weak men create hard times.” "White power" with bolts, "Bless the Dead", "LS" The story leading on - added as the story goes Left alone and Abandoned As Evan went about living his life in Vespucci, he slowly but sure started being molded by his interactions with those around him. Sure he had been tainted from the start, but there had been enough room for the young man to secure a better future for himself. Evan had tried to get a job as a sweeping boy at a local Vespucci store. But as he was about to find out, rejection was something common for people like him. Having given the world the benefit of the doubt, and all the chases it needed to right Evan’s path in the world. The city of Los Santo, had clearly forgotten how to take care of their growing future. As more or and kids hanging with the wrong crowd are taken in, the justice system fails them time and time again. It makes warriors out of those who get fed up, hardens them for when they get back out onto the streets. Evan saw the same future, there was plenty of opportunities for those around him to have changed the way he behaved, but he was pushed in the wrong direction to the extreme. In the beginning Lynn had been a passive, but solid pillar in Evans goings around Vespucci. She had shown a certain level of worry for what the young man was up to, and Evan had found that he didn't want to disappoint here. Because much like with his mother, it broke his heart slightly to see her worried and sad. BUT as the fates would have it, after Evan had been released from Juvy he had not seen her again. This choice on either side, that ultimately cut out the one good influence from his life. Evans interactions with the Police, had furthermore left him more spiteful than hopeful for future interaction. With the words “That's your problem” from an officer Cole, he knew what to expect from the serving men and women of the city. Because they were not on his side, his mothers tax bracket had seen that. Evan had seen what he needed from the city, he thought. He thought he knew what was right and what wasn't. Out there on the street, it had over and over been proven to be. The strong survives, the weak don’t. If you are not strong, then you are sure to get swept away by the rushing tide. So he started seeking to better himself, in ways that might keep him alive. First he got himself a firearm, mostly just incase it was ever needed. He wouldn’t be the victim anymore. It was time for somebody else to suffer as he had. Later with the help of those around him, he was by chance given the opportunity to better his own skills using firearms. Surely the instructor didn’t know, what the teen would use this newly found knowledge for. He would be ready the next time his big homies came with an assignment. S/S Vespucci PENI skins - Personal photo With the times being as they where, money being in increasingly higher demand for various habits. The young skin found it more necessary, to act outside the law to get what he needed. And with his few good influences slowly drifting away from him, all he had left where the other side of the spectrum. The guys that his friends had introduced him to, before they too had gone away. Most where now either dead or in jail. So again Evan had to prove his worth to the older generation, because they didn’t know him. All that was left, was the influences of hate and violence. Hate against their fellow man, and the system working to keep them down. And then the day came, where he got his fourteen seconds. He took the kick and punches as best he could and smiled all the way through his shaving. Evan was ready, respect, money and women were so close, that he could almost reach out and grasp it. Doubt brews With the recent memories from a crash swirling around Evan’s head, a thought appearance. “are the toad-.. the blacks as bad as the big homies say they are?” It was after all a black man, who had helped him to the hospital when his brothers had just robbed the guy who hit him and then left. His doubts in the things around him where further pushed along when Lynn pop back into his life, however shortly it was. It let him know. Maybe people don’t just abandon him? Mural near the vespucci plaza - "REST IN POWER BULLY" First time to County Evan had forgotten all about the open warrant when he had been stopped. It wasn't until the cops had asked him to throw the keys out the window of the car, he knew he was fucked. He had almost not done it too. he had been coming down from a high, and was barely able to think straight. Before he knew it, he was sat in a holding cell. This time it was for real though. He quickly started speaking with the other white inmate, about what to expect and how to handle yourself when you finally got to your destination. It had not taken long at all for the police, they had compiled what they wanted and Evan ended up doing a 3 year bid at the local county jail. When Evan finally got to hear his charges, he had almost laughed. The things they were getting him on where nothing, compared to the multitude of other things. That he thought they had gotten him on. But it was all the same to him he though. He was ready to earn his letters for real. During the time of Evans arrival, tensions had been high. His block had been barred from going to the yard. So when he was finally allowed, Evan delighted in the sunlight as it kissed his skin. But he didn't understand how much he truly had to learn while inside. Evan found that time inside went faster when you just kept yourself busy. He found a workout partner and got himself a job. And of it wasn't for the tensions between the brown and black car. His time would have been over in no time. But the two groups just had to have the occasional fight, which in turn brought the white car down on the black. As Evan left the jail, he brought with him a better understanding on life on the inside he better understood why things happened and why they didn't. But he had also gotten a few new pieces on his body. Some for show and others to show who he was with, such as the PENI tattoo across his back. The scars on his lower abdomen however, would stay with him forever. Telling their story. As Evan left the the county jail, with the few items he had gone in there with. He was sure he was no longer alone anymore more. Erika had seen to that. The visits from her had made sure he knew his people where waiting for him on the other side. It didn't take long for him to end up in the same lanes he had been in, when he left. before he knew it, he was holding some poor dude at gunpoint. In and out Evan Ward leaves the Los Santo judicial system again, on his outwards appearance he just looks older, more worn down. He haven’t seen his mother in years while on the inside. She came by a twice in the beginning, she couldn’t believe what her little boy had grown into, what they now both knew he had become. The system had given up on him at a young age, and she had not been around. She could she that she had failed, so instead of supporting her now young man. She chose to give up. All she had said was a few simple words. “I won’t come back, don’t look me up again.” Unable to do anything about it from inside his cell, there was little more than accepting the facts as time went by. A teenager went in, and a young man came out. His new tattoos and scars would tell the story for him of what life was like inside. They tell the story of a man, who had to do his part and a lucky man at that. The young man now finds him self affliated with the W/S Peni Death Squad, and it feels as much as home as his main place with the S/S Peni Skins. (( I HAVE MOSTLY STOPPED ADDING TO THIS WRITTEN STORY SINCE TOO BIG OF A TIME GAP BETWEEN ADDITIONS HAS HAPPENED, MIGHT ADD MISC STUFF THOUGH)) A new start Evan has taken to use his hard earned cash to create something, to give back to his local community. Something he has been wanting to do for a very long time. Header from the stores Facebrowser page. ((I forgot to add story here, but pretty much, Even linked up with his Childhood friend and worked as a street lieutenants, while use the store to bring more youth under their influence)) The Loss of a Mother It has been a few years since Evan left the city to be with his mother in her final years. But he is finally back and getting settled in a city that has since forgotten him. Will his old tricks be enough? Obituary for Evan's mother. With the return of his former childhood friend, Evan has once again stepped out of the shadows, now less dependent on his former gang PENI he works his hardest for a higher power, while attempting to secure him self a safe spot in the current world that he faces. But will his past relations catch up to him and is what he is doing now going to be enough? "Once you get a family, you gotta stick by them" Public Enemy Number 1 - Seven San Andreas Skateboards - Aryan Brotherhood
  3. Vespucci is a residential, commercial, and recreational beachfront neighborhood of the City of Los Santos, San Andreas. This urban region of coastal Los Santos County is known locally as the Westside. Vespucci is known for its canals, beach, and Ocean Front Walk, a two-and-a-half-mile (4.0 km) pedestrian promenade that features performers, fortune-tellers, artists, and vendors. Vespucci Beach, which receives millions of visitors a year, has been labeled "a cultural hub known for its eccentricities" and a "global tourist destination." It includes the promenade that runs parallel to the beach (also the "Ocean Front Walk" or just "the boardwalk"), Muscle Beach, and the Vespucci Beach Recreation Center with handball courts, paddle tennis courts, a Skate Dancing plaza, and numerous beach volleyball courts. It also includes a bike trail and many businesses on the Ocean Front Walk. Roaming Vespucci Beach's rows of boutique shops and artisanal brunch spots, it's inconceivable that the neighborhood once belonged to low-income suburbia, where mom-and-pop shops thrived, and meals served à la food cart. Locals knew this area as "Dogtown", the focal point of West Coast skate culture that would inspire media representation for decades. Vespucci Beach is home to a wide variety of social groups, locals, renters, gangs, and others. This thread's purpose is to showcase the roleplay that occurs within the Vespucci Beach area. Feel free to join the Dogtown Community discord at the following link: https://discord.gg/NjFt8ae
  4. LEO2MBT

    Pay to play.

    November 2010, Sanjin, Afghanistan. Members of 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines respond to enemy contact. Patrick Rafferty was born on August 15th, 1992, the youngest son of parents William & Janice Rafferty of Vespucci Beach, Los Santos. William worked for the United States Postal Service and Janice as a nurse at Central Los Santos Medical Center in east Strawberry, both worked long hours leaving Patrick and his older brother Mitchell unsupervised during most of the day. By the time they had reached high school, Mitchell had been in and out of juvenile hall several times for assault and drug related charges. Patrick, the more reserved of the two tended to fly with his head low to the ground, avoiding trouble by avoiding his brother. In November of 2009, Patrick elected to join the United States Marine Corps before graduating high school and with his parents permission, shipped to basic in January of the following year. He graduated from his courses and was sent to 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines just in time for a deployment to Sanjin District, Helmand Province, Afghanistan. Patrick's actions in the month of November during his unit's deployment to Afghanistan earned him the Silver Star and the Purple Heart. Whilst under heavy fire, Patrick evacuated three of his wounded compatriots from an IED kill zone to a position of cover, eventually destroying the machine gun emplacement that had engaged them himself with a shoulder fired AT4. Between September of 2010 and April of 2011, 3/5 would endure 25 KIA and over 200 wounded, with many of those wounded suffering from lost limbs. Patrick EAS'd from the military in 2019, after a nine year tenure. In the time that Patrick was away, his brother Mitchell had developed a reputation. A three striker, Mitchell was serving life in Bolingbroke on gun and meth charges. Patrick moved in to his brothers old apartment in Vespucci Beach and began searching for a job, to no avail and has succumbed to the same vices that have served his brother with a life sentence.
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