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Found 3 results

  1. This is the story of Pjeter Spartak, a late 30s man who amongst all odds is serving 12 years of probation for 5 counts of capital murder. Pjeter is certain that the LSSD has put a hit on him for a sum of $50k dollars after hearing of such in jail. Now forced to work and integrate with the community after six years of incarceration, he's landed a job at Auto Exotic working on cars. The question remains, will he make it 12 years without slipping up, or is he going back to the white car? Let's find out.
  2. This thread will follow the life of Parolee Wilhelm Hochstetter, a convicted serial torturer who got the name 'The Murrieta Mutilator'. Leviticus 24:19-21, reads, "And if a man cause a blemish in his neighbour; as he hath done, so shall it be done to him; breach for breach, eye for eye, tooth for tooth: as he hath caused a blemish in a man, so shall it be done to him again. May 4th 2005 | A number of disappearances start to occur in the area of East Los Santos. | | May 6th 2005 | The number of disappearances rises to a total of 5, now including prominent names in the oil industry such as Arcum Energy CEO 'Markus Remington' and 'Danielle Sanderson' This prompts heightened media attention and pressure on both LSPD and LSSD to find the suspected kidnapper. | | June 10th 2005 | An amputated thumb is sent to LSPD detectives, DNA testing confirms it to be the thumb of 'Markus Remington' the families of the victims plead publicly on air for the release of their loved ones. They get no response. Door to door inquiries yield little for LSPD/LSSD detectives. | | Jan 3rd 2007 | Two of the missing people turn up safe and unharmed, leaving 3 including 'Markus Remington' and 'Danielle Sanderson'. unaccounted for, authorities have little leads to their whereabouts. | | April 5th 2007 | Breakthrough. During a routine traffic stop a vehicle belonging to 'Wilhelm Hochstetter' is found abandoned in a Murrieta Heights Oil Field. Traces of blood are found inside, along with pieces of hair and various bloody instruments. DNA testing confirms blood to belong to Remington and Sanderson. Police investigate the surrounding area. | | December 1st 2007 | A warehouse in the area is discovered to be rented by the father of 'Wilhelm Hochstetter' the prime suspect in the investigation. LSSD SEB and LSPD SWAT raid the building to find terrible horrors await them inside. Three victims, including Remington and Sanderson are barely alive, having been tortured systematically over the course of months. They are both missing various body parts, but.. are alive. | | Jan 1st 2008 | The media is pushing articles on the horrors of the so called 'Murrieta Mutilator' - a manhunt is underway to find 'Wilhelm Hochstetter'. | | Jan 7th 2008 | LSPD/LSSD special operations teams raid a Motel Room on Route 68 in which they find inside 'Wilhelm Hochstetter' aka. The Murrieta Mutilator. He is charged with three counts of kidnapping and torture. Wilhelm Hochstetter was born and raised in the small town of Salzburg in Austria. Growing up, he was always fascinated by death and the human body, and he often spent hours reading medical textbooks and anatomy books. After completing his education, he moved to Los Santos in search of new opportunities. In Los Santos, Wilhelm started working as a mortician and quickly became well-known for his attention to detail and skill in embalming. He took pride in his work and felt a sense of satisfaction in providing comfort to the families of the deceased. However, as time went on, he began to feel a sense of emptiness in his life. He had always been a solitary person, and the isolation of his work began to weigh on him. One day, while preparing a body for burial, he had an intense realization of the fragility of life and how easily it could be taken away. This realization sparked something in him, and he began to experiment with inflicting imaginary pain on the deceased to see how their bodies they would react and come apart. The rush of power he felt from being able to control someone's body was intoxicating, and he began to seek out living subjects to test his methods on. Over the course of a few years Wilhelm abducted and tortured multiple victims, leaving a trail of destruction across East Los Santos. His actions were eventually discovered, and he was arrested and sentenced to life in prison. Initially, Wilhelm was angry and resentful about his imprisonment, but as time passed, he began to reflect on his actions and the harm he had caused. He realized the impact of his actions and felt genuine remorse for what he had done. He started to attend therapy sessions and participated in various rehabilitation programs, but the road to recovery was a long and difficult one. In prison, Wilhelm found himself in a completely different world from the one he had known. The rigid structure and routine of prison life was a stark contrast to the freedom he had once enjoyed, and he struggled to adapt to his new environment. He was initially hesitant to interact with other inmates, but he eventually found himself forming relationships with some of them. One of the first people he befriended was a man named Karl, who was serving time for drug trafficking. Karl was a gregarious and outgoing person, and he helped Wilhelm to feel more comfortable in his new surroundings. They spent hours talking about their pasts and their hopes for the future, and Wilhelm began to see Karl as a true friend. As he adjusted to prison life, Wilhelm started to look for ways to contribute to the community. He began to volunteer in the prison library, helping other inmates to improve their literacy skills. He also started a writing group for fellow inmates, where they could express themselves creatively and reflect on their experiences. Through these efforts, Wilhelm began to find a sense of purpose in his life. He still felt a deep sense of remorse for the harm he had caused, but he was committed to doing what he could to make amends and to help others learn from his mistakes. His relationships with other inmates gave him a sense of belonging, and he felt grateful for the second chance he had been given once he was granted parole.
  3. This character thread will follow the development of John "Scatter" Madeira, and may touch on some darker subjects, you've been warned! Born March 21st, 1984 in Dallas, Texas, John's only sister, Adeline, followed a few years after. Their father, Adrian, was a stonemason, a hard working man on a nine to five grind, and while he may've had little education outside of it, he was the type of wise that a long, troubled life may land you, while their mother, Jane, was left to be a stay at home mom, one to resort to alcohol in turn to her own long, troubled life. The moment things got stressful—with two kids to manage, they got stressful a lot—she did just that, and in turn, violence frequently followed. As wise as this man was, he was blinded by a love for his wife, John speaking up on his own with Adeline too scared to follow doing him little favors in convincing him of who his wife had become, yet he always stuck by her side. "You're no son of mine", years later, the last words spoken to John by his father and the last words he needed to hear to know it wasn't worth the effort, the death of his sister, having turned to drugs, breaking apart the family as it was. John, on the other hand, turned to the army, Operation Iraqi Freedom, MNF-I; perhaps they were both distracting themselves from the past, just in different ways. From 2003, it was 2006 when the impact caused by the force of a IED explosion shot out his back. Though he temporarily lost the use of his legs, he considered himself one of the luckier ones. This left John medically discharged and turning to Los Santos, Sandy Shores to settle. A few months later, he met a woman, Linn, one that he grew quite fond of and started to see. She lived with her father in Stab City, Harold, AKA "Hardy", a member of the Lost MC, of course, she only introduced him as she was already expecting their daughter, maybe not the best start between John and Harold, though respect was enough to fix that. Adeline was their daughter's name, named after John's sister, John, much like his father, taking a nine to five in a construction company, where he'd often head to the city to do so. With John pushing himself, the old injury began to act up, so he carried on after in the less legal route, gaining further trust with Linn's father, "Hardy", by assisting him in his drug trafficking, though a dispute between club and client, one day, wound up with Hardy's death and one very distraught daughter. This and the whole illegal employment was enough to push Linn away from John, saying she needed time, and so she left the father and daughter duo on their lonesome, in no mental space to look after her. Though it's not like John's much better off, his daughter was and is his world, vowing to himself he'd never fail in protecting her or being there for her, even with his many, many flaws, trials and errors.
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