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Found 1 result

  1. "Church, bank, gun store, bar... what more do you need to enjoy life in rural America?" Paleto Bay Paleto Bay is a small rural town located in Blaine County, San Andreas, situated northwest of the Paleto Forest, west of Procopio Beach and sits on the coastline of the Pacific Ocean and the northwestern foot of Mount Chiliad. It is mainly a residential area with some small local shops and a well known community of tight knit and close individuals. Developing criminal activity has been slowly building along side of such said calm local town. The family known under the name "Mannix" has been slandered into various conversations and rumors situating around the county as a whole, crimes such as smuggling narcotics, guns, sales of shine and various illegal products. The Mannix Family was a widely known drug trafficking organization of like minded individuals that was established back in 1958 within the hills of War, West Virginia, founded by a Richard "Dick" Mannix. Years continued to soar by and the name kept up to its reputation, slowly becoming a well talked about subject around the bars and various nooks and crannies of War, West Virginia. With their main operations running out of West Virginia and the West Coast, they had various ties to the few groups that remained inviolable to the surrounding area, Dead Man Incorporated and The Pagan's MC who would supply them with an immediate line into the Western Hills. The family made their name known around tables by getting into business with the surrounding locals, keeping their money regulated and their shares safe within various small businesses from the family diner to the local bar. The Family grew into parts of West Virginia that were "untouched" by larger criminal folds, giving those under the family to take bitter-haste and capitalize into their next interest. Even though mostly keeping out of sight and behind closed doors the family still managed to have their names defamed across the county, the larger figures becoming publicized in the drug-trade along the northern border by doing hand in hand business with those who kept the inland waterways clear and on route. Present Forwarding into the present time [2012 - 2020] the numbers of said organization have lessened due to an onslaught of arrests on the surrounding members "Gary Hartson", "Amber Ments", "Christopher Ments" & "Benjamin Mac", due to a formal member taking a slip of words to various bar patrons, ultimately leading said members into their own jail-sentences. This left a good sum of the origin to fall and fade out between the current years, most names residing away from the heat of law as they kept their mouths shut when they knew it was time to call it quits. In result of difficulties and onset of problems, a majority of the lasting members decided to move to get away from the scene, packing what cash and respects they had left. Harvey Mannix and his two younger brothers, Landon Mannix, Eden Mannix and his younger sister, Penelope Mannix managed to move down country to Baton Rogue, Louisiana in hopes to find further refuge away from what law was out on tail, in all hopes to put and end to the organizations antics. Harvey met a good sort of like minded individuals and managed to get involved in further distribution, safely away from what law was ranging around West Virginia by keeping safely under the radar in his friends household by the name of Robert Lane, often traveling from one end of the county to another, making sure that money was made by any means necessary, most often enduring long hours in trafficking cocaine and small arms to a group known by "The Black Dollars" a little known group mainly reigning from Louisiana, the group being motivated by violence, drug sales and ensuring their so called clique was "white in and white out". Harvey kept astray with what company was around, leading the few into a life of respect, fortune and soon enough, luxury and mud. "We're a happy family, that's it, blood has nothin' to do with it" ~ Harvey Mannix It was only a few years later when the company ran their course in Louisiana, taking a good more set of outsiders and degenerates along the way. It was on October 24th 2019 when the family made their last stop along the shores of Los Santos, seeking out a primary location to finally call home, settle down, live steady and calm with what money was made, something they all knew was in a distant future. The organization kept form and strength around a small county town by the name of Paleto Bay, situating just beside the great waters of the Pacific Ocean. The organization keeps strong in means of keeping money over all, performing various illegal acts from extortion, sales of narcotics, guns, and furthermore protection to the locals. They tend to keep words tightly kept until behind closed doors, most minds are set on one thing, to get enough money in hopes to get what they need, when they need it, to further what enterprise and projects they are currently projecting out to the community. Crime, violence and money has become the norm for said company around the family, all more better that those under such influence are held strong and tight around the county border, perfect for those who're wishing to stay away from such policing and forces that could put an end to such said goals. Out of Character The Mannix Family is attempting to portray a realistic environment around the county and surrounding area. With both characteristics of illegal and legal ventures around, the aspect of the faction will be portrayed and based around Paleto Bay as an outlaw group. Those under the faction will be wished to hold a good and creative atmosphere for those who're willing to join, always creating role-play for those who're around the county. The faction by no means is a racial group, there's members that have had long lasting relationships with one another, working hand in hand from various ethnicities, as long as you're understanding that we're county based, and your character is county based, that's good enough for us as long as your character has a story that'd fit and or makes sense to portray along our organization. Don't expect to go around guns blazing and getting into the thicket of known beef and or events right away, it takes time to build character and it takes time to get your character set up. Most day's we're relaxing, there's beer, fishing, mud, 4x4ing, hunting and all the necessities an outback country character would want. Most characters inside the faction have hobbies and needs just like anyone else, they're people after all, so expect some good long portion of the role-play to be passive. The faction reserves all rights to character kill people involved with their group, as long as there's a good reasoning behind it. We don't ever character kill anyone without reason and will most likely always be considered the final option out of most outcomes, we want you to grow, not to have your character killed in a week here over some little mishap. It's highly expected that those in the faction get permission from @Rum before posting screenshots on the thread. We prefer quality over quantity. Any questions or ways to join the discord, please message @Rumor @Montana Fats Any further inquiries, please let us know.
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