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Found 7 results

  1. The Salty Clam, widely known as Vespucci Beach's hot spot for a good time. A place to go for a quick drink, a good bite and a great laugh with a barrel full of patrons of each end of the bar. In the heart of the beach, we chose to be the center of fun, creativity and with a constant source of entertainment with what our atmosphere has to offer. The ATM is only a step away The bar, the grill, no matter who and when? Our customers are happy and always laughing. Being around the beach can be a burden with competition, but that's where we stand out. To all our patrons: your safety is priority! We'll call you a cab, ensure you're safe and sound and arrive at home in the darkest of hours! Please don't be a stranger, come in and take a seat and make yourself at home! Vespucci Beach | Bay City Avenue E-Mail: [email protected] (( @Rum )) Main businesses page: The Salty Clam Bar And Grill From 1:AM to 1:AM this floor is always open, it's never too early to get your legs moving, especially with the new contests, events and parties being thrown as of late! Bring your mix and poison to the floor, dance with the locals and drunks, don't forget to drink water and grab our weighted basket of ribs and fries! Every other week we plan on releasing a new contest for the customers to get in on, yes this does sometimes include a cash prize or perhaps a free bottle of beer or wine, who knows! We have everything from: Charity Night. Open Mic Night. Bar Olympics. Stand Up Comedy Night. Dance From The Past. Disco Night. Halloween Bash. Trivia Night.
  2. Iosif Blumkin Iosif Blumkin was born on August 17, 1983 to a middle class, mixed Jewish family in Odessa, Soviet Ukraine. He is the second born child of Semyon Romanovich Blumkin and Anastasiya Yakivna-Fersht. Semyon was a Russian Jew whereas Anastasiya was a Ukrainian Jew. His older brother, Meir, was also born in Odessa in 1978. His family are Russian and Ukrainian Jews from the Odessa region and Crimea. The Holocaust decimated his family, which resulted in most of his surviving relatives emigrating to Israel in the late 1940s. Early life Blumkin spent most of his childhood in Odessa. His father worked as a private financial advisor in the city. His mother’s side of the family were extensively involved in the city’s culinary industry. His mother’s family owned a series of restaurants around Odessa, and were locally renowned. His parents had legitimate careers and actual jobs; they weren’t involved with any crime. Blumkin moved to Israel in 1999, at age 16. With him was his father, who brought him there after an intense divorce. His brother Meir remained behind in Odessa in order to continue running a family restaurant. He and his father obtained dual citizenship in Israel within a year of their emigration there. He was called up for the Israeli Defense Forces at age 18, but a friend’s uncle in recruitment fraudulently waived him from service. Blumkin got involved with the nightlife scene in Tel-Aviv during his late teens. He embarked on bodybuilding in weight rooms while also training in amateur boxing circles around the city. During this time, he was employed at some of these gyms and also worked as a personal trainer. His other jobs included working in retail and as a fast food cook. However, he started making a name for himself while working as a nightclub bouncer. Therefore, he stopped working in other sectors after just a few months. He created connections with other bouncers and sold drugs around Tel-Aviv’s nightclubs. Criminal career in the Middle East and Europe Blumkin’s criminal work and organized crime connections garnered recognition in both Tel-Aviv and his native Ukraine. In 2004, at age 21, he moved back to the Ukraine for criminal purposes. He sought criminal work from Anton Baline, one of Odessa's drug lords who he met in Tel Aviv. He sold drugs to other criminals in Odessa while also working as an armed enforcer for Baline. He was often surveilled by Odessa’s police, escorting and driving Baline arounnd the city. Blumkin navigated through Odessa’s underworld as an enforcer while heading his own bouncer crew in the nightlife. Eventually, he oversaw drug deals, drug smuggling from Odessa to Kiev and debt collection. To this day, he is a prime suspect in three underworld homicides around Odessa, which are all now cold cases. His criminal activities continued for a number of years. He would also get married to a young woman he previously met in Israel, Yana Kolmel. He had Yana move to the Ukraine after they were married at a ceremony in Tel-Aviv. A confidential informant would later tell police that Iosif was controlling and domineering towards his wife in public, and that her move to the Ukraine was probably coerced. In 2007, Baline's criminal ring was busted by the Odessa police. Blumkin was arrested and criminally charged with minor offenses. The charges were dropped and he was released for lack of evidence. Furthermore, the police didn’t tie the three homicides back to him at the time. He moved back to Israel for a few months, where his wife initiated a divorce. In the meantime, Baline and his co-conspirators were sentenced to decades behind bars. Baline is currently serving out a life sentence in the Zhytomyr Prison. Facing financial struggles, Blumkim got the opportunity to move to Germany through common friends. He worked for a Russian criminal named Grigoriy "Grisha" Bugayev, a local rising drug lord and owner of a nightclub named Club Boulon located in Berlin. His association with Bugayev began in 2009. While residing in Berlin, Blumkin would further his criminal career. More experienced, physically bigger and smarter, it wouldn't take long for him to be one of the key players in Grisha Bugayev's rise to power. Rise, fall and emigration to the United States In 2013, Blumkin’s criminal career peaked. Bugayev opened a second nightclub in another area of Berlin while leaving Blumkin responsible for Club Boulon. Despite being a nightclub manager, Blumkin was still in the streets while running Bugayev’s errands. Though, this happened with less frequency due to his new responsibilities. Taking care of the club's finances and staff was a task Blumkin had no trouble dealing with. He ran his own crew that worked on simpler criminal tasks. It's also in 2013 that Iosif married for the second time. He married a 19 year old German girl named Kristina Hasselhoff. Blumkin’s criminal career in Europe came to an end in the late 2010s. Bugayev’s criminal gang was dismantled through a combination of rival organizations and police action. Bugayev himself was discovered dead by the Berlin police at his Tiergarten apartment in 2016. The police publicly declared the crime scene a “brutal murder” at the time. He had been stabbed to death and partially dismembered; his remains were stuffed into an air vent. Simultaneously, federal German police netted several arrests and laid criminal charges against Bugayev’s closest partners. They were remanded on criminal offenses relevant to narcotics trafficking and gun running. Most of the offenders were Russian, Belarusian and Ukrainian nationals. Blumkin’s criminal activities after 2016 are largely unclear. He departed Berlin and was transient around Germany, with his wife, for a time. While traveling through rural Germany on the lam, his wife Kristina suffered a nervous breakdown. Her mental deterioration was worsened by her regular abuse of cocaine and other stimulant drugs. Kristina served Blumkin with divorce; the parting was finalized in Frankfurt during 2018. Left on his own, Blumkin initiated the permanent immigration process to the United States from Germany. He was motivated to start a new life and get away from his underworld problems in Europe. Blumkin later re-surfaced in Spain in 2019. Tired and demotivated with regards to his criminal lifestyle, he attempted to find legitimate work. His involvement with Barcelona’s nightlife ended in failure, and he was instead relegated to working menial jobs in the service industry. With no working knowledge of Spanish and the local culture, he returned to Germany after just two months. Life in the United States Blumkin arrived in Miami, Florida after his Green Card approval in 2020. He came on a direct flight from Berlin, Germany. Accompanying him to Germany was Andrei Ruda, a Moldovan-born arms trafficker with criminal ties to Florida and family ties to New York. While in Miami, they both joined Roman Shulga's criminal organization. Shulga is a Russian Israeli mob boss who has been criminally active in Miami since 1996. Blumkin rapidly became aquainted with Shulga, though he took a few considerable loans from the start. He used the money inside of illegal gambling dens. These venues were illegally operated by Haitian migrant criminals and Cuban American locals around the Little Haiti and Havana areas. This desperate and frankly reckless spending put a strain in the criminal partnership between the two gangsters. Eventually, Shulga discovered that Blumkin was having a relationship with his 16 year old daughter, Sadie. Blumkin had enamored the minor with money and drugs such as cocaine. Infuriated, Shulga put a hit out on Blumkin’s head for $100,000. Blumkin’s criminal partner, Andrei Ruda, turned on him by taking up the hit. In response, Blumkin fled Miami. He departed the city with his car, $8,000 in cash and with the clothing on his back. Arrival in Los Santos Blumkin arrived in Los Santos, San Andreas in late 2020. He drove across the U.S. South, and in the process, lived out of his car and dumpy highway motels. He lost a significant amount of weight during the trip, due to underlying distress, sleep deprivation and a reduced dietary intake. While traveling through Alabama, Blumkin picked up a middle aged hitch hiker. Although he planned on robbing the hitch hiker originally, the hit hitch hiker was one step ahead, as he attacked Blumkin himself. Blumkin shot the hitch hiker dead during a sustained struggle inside of the car, in self defense. Blumkin crossed state lines with the hitch hiker’s body in his trunk, eventually dumping it in a marshy area outside of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Although the decomposed body has since been found by Baton Rouge police, it remains unidentified. Blumkin has since found work in the Los Santos nightlife. He works alongside David Utkin, a seasoned bouncer, and Matei Popescu, a Romanian-born former mercenary. He is once again involved with the production and distribution of nightclub drugs in the city.
  3. BANZAI MUSCLE 警備, tba tldr; point of this group is to portray an actual realistic night club environment with the relationship between a bouncer and patron. the group's less of your "trained killers in suits" robo-cop/mallrat duo and more your gym rats, roid abusers, ex-cons and common strong arms to look scary and control the security via intimidation and persuasion.
  4. Meeting the face behind DOUX: A brief chat with Los Santos' biggest DJ Mr LeBeau performing at a function. (Source: Facebrowser) By ALLISON BERKOWITZ Los Santos, SA - If Los Santos is known around the world for anything other than it's tendency to produce stars, it's the city's vibrant nightlife and social scene. At the center of all these occasions, however, there's somebody keeping the rhythm of the night moving for partygoers on weekdays and weekends alike. DJs (shorthand for Disc Jockey) take the stage using equipment by the likes of Pioneer with their CDJ series of mixing boards to seamlessly stream hours of unrelated tracks together in a manner that feels as if they where on the same record to begin with. Matching the beats of songs and creating a smooth transition isn't all it takes to be a standout DJ, and nobody knows that better than Julian LeBeau, who is more commonly known by his stage name of DOUX, stylized as such. LeBeau, 30 hails from France and has taken the city by storm appearing at various events and inner-city clubs and putting on amazing varied shows. Getting to meet him was a rare pleasure as he is as busy as most would imagine. Entertainment is a lucrative field for many, be it management or performance or something related to both. DOUX cut a stylish and modern figure when he came to greet me with his equally stylish publicist in tow. Professional in his approach, but friendly enough to feel as if we'd bumped into each other at any other function as we greeted one another and got down to brass taxes about what he'd like to talk about. Deciding the locale wasn't relaxed enough and equally full of potential prying ears, we relocated. Sitting down at the aftermath of a dinner party held at the popular tourist and locally visited resort, Pacific Bluffs. We found ourselves in the cocktail lounge adjacent to the reception, there we got on the record for our readers and his fans alike. After getting a drink over for myself and Mr. LeBeaux and his assistant, we where ready to get startd. For the interview below I'll be referring to myself as AB and Mr. LeBeau as DX respectively. - AB: I'll be honest, I personally don't know a lot about you, and I'm sure some of our readers won't, so at first I was wondering if you could give us a brief overview of how you got into DJing, and any particular moment where you thought 'this is really going somewhere'? DX: Well, I started producing music at an early age back in France, which naturally led to me DJing as getting DJs to play your songs is hard. Why not just do it yourself? After a while I started getting more and more gigs. Plugging my music as much as I could and sure; the music got some attention, but the DJing and I guess my personality was the thing people where craving. AB: That's exactly it. I think personality is a big factor in successfully achieving wide acclaim in public facing fields like this. Was there anything you experienced growing up in France that really made you realize music was the career you was aiming for? DX: After years of success on the club scene in France, especially the riviera; I felt like I wanted to continue my career. It paid the bills and then some, so I thought why not stick with it instead of getting a regular job. I guess the lavish lifestyle didn't really hit until I moved here and started performing. e AB: So you've performed at clubs all over the city and I'm sure that as a prominent DJ you have one of the best overviews of 'the scene' right now. Would you say Los Santos' nightlife scene is healthy? DX: I think so, we got good competition between clubs and it really shows how venues that put thought and time into creating a quality experience will thrive. But alas, I do run my with my associates that focuses on just that. We currently own and operate four clubs in the city. AB: It makes sense that the management and business side of entertainment is something you'd move onto. Was establishing a business of that caliber a difficult task? DX: Well, it started with just one club in which a friend, Derya Akdeniz and I where fed up with the uh- how can I put this... "Machinery" which was prominent in the club scene at the time. Very little planning and very little heart. So we started up and opened The Hotline, and have grown since to own and manage three more clubs. Those being The Couer Noir, Dungeon Crawler and Bahama Mamas. The success of these places gave us the funding to hire more security, bartenders, and workers to lighten the workload a little for management. AB: There are quite a few DJs out there putting work in the city and on the scene in general. Is there a lot of competition between you all? DX: I think yes, in a way there is. But also there is an uhm, how would you call it? A "family" in a sense of local DJs. We learn from each other and we take care of each other. Of course, there are some outliers, people who want that fifteen minutes of fame and will try to roll over as many DJs as possible to get there. AB: What advice would you give to performers, musicians and DJs trying to get started? DX: First of all, get in touch with me. Wave Entertainment will give you gigs at the best clubs in the city and our DJs including myself will teach you everything you need to know when you're starting out. Other than that, be true to yourself and keep that hustle going. Remember that if you built it yourself, they'll come... no matter how long it takes. AB: Seeing as you're always meeting a lot of people and performing at a wide variety of events and shows. Do you ever switch up the genres you mix to suit the occasion? DX: Well, I have my own tracks and music that I love mixing because it's what I like. But I always try to keep it varied and interesting. I'll mix it up during an event as well, nothing's better than trying to meet every guest and listeners demands. Though it's impossible to please everyone in under two hours, which most gigs are. AB: Okay, one last question before we wrap up. This is a bit of a fun one. I know we'd all say we're the best in our respective fields, but who do you think would be the best DJ out there if you weren't around? DX: Hah, I can't answer that, I'm afraid. We've all got our strengths and weaknesses, but right now? The people I find hot on the scene are Lil Hata, Carl Kendrick, Mask, Ender and uhm, Ellusion. Which is a fitting name cause he's kinda lowkey these days. Oh, and DJ Oro, hands down, best Latin music DJ there is. - Our on-record conversation came to a close, and we exchanged farewells, to which I told Mr. LeBeau I'll surely see him at one of his future shows. It was exciting to meet someone so established in the scene. We're sure fans and curious readers alike will enjoy getting to know more about a well-known name on the nightlife scene. Do you think DOUX will remain at the top for a long time? What are your experiences on the dancefloor with him on the decks? Let us know in the comments below, we'd love to hear from you. DOUX announces many of his events on his public Facebrowser account. Be sure to check in on it if you're interested in finding out where he'll perform next. > Comments are enabled Username: Comment:
  5. We Are Vibe. Vibe Incorporated is a venue managing company based in Los Santos. We founded our company in 2019 intending to help nightclub owners running clubs easily and profitably. In the first months, we managed only clubs and lounges but after our huge success within the owners, we decided to expand our services towards other types of venues too. Right now, we are safe to say that when it comes to the nightlife in Los Santos, Vibe is the most trusted option between owners and investors. Supply. When it comes to opening your new place, the biggest challenge is to find trustworthy people to take care of your customers. Vibe stands beside you with the most qualified and trustworthy staff in town. Why would you chose anything else but the best, are you a gambler? You are not a gambler. You want to make money. Chose Vibe to supply your venue with: Bartenders, Disk Jockeys, Live Performers, Chefs. Manage. We get it. You just got your new property, spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to get everything, you drained almost a million dollar to make your interior look astonishing, now you want to sit back and watch your money grow on trees. We can provide you with the best management in town to make you as rich as you want to be. We made several millionaires before, now it is your turn. Vibe will take care of every aspect of managing your business from advertising through handling the openings and taking care of your staff. You will have one job from now on: sit back on your yacht, take a sip from your Cucumber Collins and watch the sun hitting the water while you making money. Guaranteed. Invest. You finally made your first few millions after a couple of months, now you want to invest. Vibe has your back on this one too, give us your idea and we will help you through the whole process of opening your new place. Vibe will help you to get your new property more quickly, to handle all the interior design and building works and right after that: to make a real money-making machine. Portfolio. Bahama Mamas - the fanciest interior in town - interior design, management, staff supply. The Dungeon Crawler - the oldest nightclub - interior design, management, staff supply. Rusty Brown's - the best ring donuts in town - management, staff supply. Crown Airsoft - one of the best airsoft arena - management, staff supply. SHiRAZ - Moroccan wellness - interior design, management, staff supply. Join Us & Contact. First of all, we want to congratulate you for choosing Vibe as your partner in business. You picked the risk-free option towards your well-deserved millions. Now, all you need to do is fill out the related form and we will contact you within 72 hours. Our web platform for all business inquiries and job opportunities: www.vibeinc.us © 2019 Vibe Incorporated ((Our website should be treated as an in-game platform, pre-approved by staff.))
  6. The Vault, launched in 2013 is a premium nightclub based in the heart of Los Santos. The main entrance is on Strawberry Avenue and the building occupies the western half of the block bordered by Adam's Apple Boulevard and Vespucci Boulevard on the south-eastern corner of Legion Square in Los Santos. It is based on the Old Bank building in Downtown Los Angeles. Like its counterpart, it's an early 20th century building, probably a bank, converted into nightclub use. By day, the building is unremarkable but when the club is open the building is floodlit by yellow lights and this contrasts with the blue light emitting from the windows and doorways. The Vault aims to offer a unique, premium experience for its patrons, from catered booths to a state of the art dance floor, The Vault is designed to appease most tastes of nightlife - whether you're looking for a relaxing environment to speak to your friends, or a dance floor to let yourself loose. The Vault has you covered. The Vault also has a strict security policy with highly trained security guards on the premises at all times during opening hours. This ensures the safety of our patrons and safeguards their experience against those who'd look to spoil it. We offer a range of services, whether you're looking for a private party, a booth with running alcohol - we offer it all. Contact us at the following details to discuss rates and services: Contact Details Email: [email protected] (Forum PM) Number: #3333 Vacancies: Security The Vault is always looking for experienced security guards, we pay $2,000 per opening to our security guards, which is also subject to increase as experience and service term increases with time. Bartender We always want to have a wide roster of bartenders to cover busy hours and shifts, sometimes we may even need two bartenders to manage the demand. Bartenders are given a small core wage - however our bartenders typically make $2000-3000 per night on top through tips alone. Waiters For our premium customers who wish to book a booth, we offer a catered service for drinks and other amenities. We require waiters to bring drinks, and regularly chauffeur the experience of a singular booth to offer a tailored experience. The pay is again a small core wage - however the typical tips per opening can exceed $2,000 on top of the core salary. Gallery
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