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Found 2 results

  1. Frank Palma - The 80's Francesco Delvecchio (Snr) and his wife Marzia Delvecchio (formerly Palazzo) moved to Alta, Los Santos in 1978 from Firenze (Florence) Italy. They had a significant amount of family already established in the US, and the move was made on the premise of the American dream and opportunities available to them and their offspring. Within the first year of moving into their tiny Alta apartment, a son was born, and they named him Frank. The years to follow were financially hard yet happy and surrounded by cousins and distant kin. Francesco found work on the city docks and Marzia at a textile factory in La Mesa allowing them to procure a small two bedroom apartment. The family would welcome two more sons to their tiny apartment in proceeding decade; Marco and then Giovanni. Nicole Savino - The 80's Antonio “Tony” Savino and his wife Isabella “Bella” Savino both grew up in Newark, New Jersey and it was destined that they were to be together. First generation to be born in America from large Neapolitan families who knew each other very well and both fathers working closely alongside each other for many years. Tony, was for the most part a hard working man. He promised the world to Bella and he did for a time attempt to keep it but the calls of business rang true and one year into their marriage Tony was sent to prison for extortion for five years with a heavily pregnant Bella having to fend for herself. One month into the sentence, Nicole was born and for the most part was a happy child. Her mother taking work in a local store, Nikki spent the majority of her early years without much input from her father except from the odd visitation. Five years passed quickly and within three months of returning home, Tony Savino and his wife announced they were expecting their second child. Joseph “Joey” Savino was born nine months later. Frank Palma - The 90's Frank's high school years were troubled yet relatively innocent. He was a delinquent when it came to his studies, but generally a cheeky, happy-go-lucky kid until his mid teens. Before long Frank was skipping school, and tried to spend as little time at home as possible. In 1996 Frank's father was laid off from his work for a second time, forcing not just financial strain on the household, but a man who had grown cynical and prone to drink and aggression. One day when Frank tried to give his mother cash gained from selling cigarettes at school - a fight broke out between Frank and his drink fuelled father leaving the teenager black and blue, an incident which saw Frank leave the family home. In the following years Frank stopped attending school altogether, any small time hustling becoming his primary source of income and ultimately survival. Couch skipping between friends and family was becoming a strain and it was at Christmas meal in 1998 with his family, what his Uncle Luca approached him. Luca was the uncle they all doted on, he moved to New York a long time prior, when Frank himself was just a baby. Luca was what they called a wise guy, and was never short of a few bucks. Luca assured Frank's mother that he would be better off in New York, that he would keep him close and look out for him. In the lead up to to 2000, young Frank was helping his uncle in his various rackets, however just how deep this operation went was unbeknownst to Frank. He was working the desk at his Uncle's card games, hanging up jackets and even parking their cars. He would go and run and get them food, pick up laundry and sometimes even pick up gifts for their wives and run errands for his uncle's associates. It was in this he met Antonio Savino, and soon after his daughter Nicole. Nicole Savino - The 90's Both Nikki and her younger brother had a pretty disruptive life leading into her teenage years. Their parents often argued to the point it became a daily occurrence and within a space of ten years, the Savino's had moved back and forth between Newark and Queens in New York City for her father's work twice. Nikki attended a local high school and for the most part kept her head down, however she was a headstrong woman with a fiery Italian temper and rumours of her father's business adventures often ended in fights. This ultimately found Nikki suspended a few times. Nikki showed a good head for numbers pretty early on and although school never really was for her, she was pushed by her father and did eventually graduate with reasonably good scores. She was offered an apprenticeship with a local accountant and associate of her fathers in Queens where she eventually met the young Frank Delvecchio (Later called Palma).
  2. The Troika’s large main room was filled with the dull thud of music that Andrea appreciated but didn’t understand. She was spending her time there as she often did, loitering in Oleg’s presence as he ran the bar, but it was quieter today. Business seemed to be more on the menu than any of the drinks that the bar offered. The space around had been filled with speech in the same language that the music was in, and though she appreciated the sound of Oleg’s voice, it was hardly a lot of poetry to her ears. She peels herself away from the group and sights a lonely figure in a tracksuit, waving goodbye to a woman that she didn’t recognize. It was Luca. Andrea hadn’t been told his last name, and hadn’t felt the need to ask, but he had been hurting of late. When she first met him, she heard about the bad break up with his girlfriend. He looked bad then, and even worse now. She crosses the distance to the man, laying her palms upon his shoulders and leaning a light weight upon him as she speaks quietly so that only he and her could hear each other. “Did I just see someone talking to a girl?” Andrea began, her voice taking on a sing-songy tone to put across a more playful vibe to the conversation. He shook his head, and explained that she was just a friend. As he launched into an explanation of why he wouldn’t be interested in anything deeper, she answered it by squeezing his shoulders and refusing to engage in the topic, as to hopefully put across that she wasn’t making demands of any too personal thoughts from him. His gaze shifted up to her as the topic came to a close. HIs eyes had bags under them, he wasn’t exactly the nicest smelling man in the room, and his beard was unkempt. Her first inclination is to avoid the topic, but the image of Oleg worried over his friend doing… Well, she didn’t even want to entertain that possibility. She brought a haughty tone to her voice and lowered herself down. “You need to start taking care of yourself, though. Okay?” “What do you mean?” He replied, the shift in conversation evidently surprising him. “You haven’t slept, you haven’t shaved, you haven’t showered.” She replied curtly to the man. “And I’m telling you to.” He sucked in through his teeth, and mustered up the lying abilities that had in fact been what got him in trouble with his girlfriend in the first place. “I’ve slept, I’ve showered-...” “I’m not asking, I’m telling.” “What if I like the beard?” “Then you got a barber and get it shaped.” She replied, without missing a beat. Luca stared at her for a few seconds before he rose himself up from his chair, her hands falling off of leaning on him easily as he turned to her. “I’ll go shower, and change, since you asked me nicely.” He conceded to her. Andrea’s hands found themselves on her hips, her stance no longer providing any ambiguity as to whether she was teasing him or telling him to on-looker’s. She takes in a breath and raises her voice so that it’d be able to be heard around them, knowing that her boyfriend wouldn’t be far from her. “Good! And if you don't sleep, I'm telling Oleg to choke you out 'till you do.” Luca’s gaze rolled over her shoulder as a calm and firm affirmation of “Is-a hear lady,” came from Oleg. “Please don’t, he barely hugged me before and I felt like my guts were coming up out of my neck. He’s a fuckin’ gorilla!” Her voice lowered again, and took on as threatening a tone as it could as she would curtly reply; “Then you better do as you're told.” Before she turned on her heels and sashayed over to her boyfriend, without giving the man any further chances to attempt to bargain.
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