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Found 3 results

  1. MORENA MARTÍNEZ (TRIPZ) Thread will showcase the life of an 18-year-old marera from the Forum Locos Salvatruchas (FLS) clique. Ethnicity: Salvadoran Backstory: Morena Martínez a/k/a Tripz is a 18-year-old Mara Salvatrucha 13 (MS-13) gang member from El Salvador. Morena was born on the 9th of September, 2002. The majority of her family still live in San Salvador. Most of her family are all impoverished with very few exceptions. Broken homes, dysfunctional families, abusive parents, and mental illness are a fixture of the family's history. This has caused a familial generational cycle of criminal activity, such as independent criminals and street gang membership for a little over 100 years. Around 90% of Morena's family are mareros or mareras themselves. Plenty of her own direct ancestors and their siblings were involved in the Salvadoran Civil War. Her father, Jose Martínez a/k/a Menace, was a drug dealer and initiated member of the Tiny Winos (TWS) MS-13 clique. Her mother, Selena Martínez, was a high school dropout who dealt crack cocaine with her partner. She also had a criminal record for prostitution that she served one year and a half behind bars in a women's only state prison in 1993-1994. Both Jose and Selena made a big effort to keep Morena sheltered from their criminal activities, though it was inevitable that she'd eventually see what was really going on. Morena was exposed to child abuse, child neglect and some family violence from a very young age. Both of her parents were often unable to provide the basic necessities of life, often having verbal and physical altercations at home. By 2010, her father had developed a drinking problem which made him prone to sudden fits of alcohol-fueled rage. He took this anger out on his family and was a very physically violent person at the worst of times. It didn't take long for Morena to end up dealing drugs herself. At the age of 14 she started selling hard drugs like crack cocaine, crystal methamphetamine and heroin. She became more involved with the local MS-13 gang after her father died from a sudden meth overdose. She eventually found trouble with the LSPD for her dealing of hard drugs throughout all of Chamberlain Hills. She's also done prison time for savagely attacking a 15-year-old African-American that dissed the set she was claiming. Morena joined the Forum Lokos Salvatruchas (FLS) clique when she was 15, participating in a deadly shooting that targeted an 18th Street gang-controlled drug den.
  2. Yahira Yazmin Zendejas is a Salvadoran-American also known as Ghost or Lil Clever in the streets of southern Little Seoul is a 25 year old highly respected gang member from the Mara Salvatrucha 13 gang; Palomino Tiny Winos clique. Yahira's mother; Yazmin Nunez a/k/a Sneaky; a Tiny Winos gang member was gunned down by a rival gang member from the infamous W/S 18th Street clique known as Chamberlain 18, this left Yahira and her younger sister without a mother at age 5 and 3. From here on out, Michelle Alazraki a/k/a Big Clever began raising the two sisters, a friend to Sneaky the duo's mother. While growing up Yahira and her sister started influencing themselves to idolize the street life at 8 and 10 years old, despite Michelle trying to keep them away from the gang life they were ignorant and went behind her back: getting put on by another female from the clique, this left Yahira a/k/a Lil Clever at the time and her younger sister; Trigger to be gang members at the age of 8 and 10... at this point Michelle only thought it was right to teach them the ropes instead of trying to keep them away as clearly that wasn't going to work at this point in time. As time went on, Yahira started taking the gang life seriously and around the time she was 14 years old she began to stick up rival gang members while in a pack with a bunch of other homegirls. Despite being a young child; aged 15 during this incident, Yahira was tasked with a quite traumatizing and challenging activity to take out for the gang... that was to kill a rival gang member. Yahira went out with three other females, Big Clever being one of them; other two being Big Trigger and Wavy taking on the task given to her, Yahira found a 17-year-old rival male gang member from Chamberlain 18th Street outside the Strawberry 24/7. Big Trigger ordered Yahira to kill the rival gang member, Yahira being as young as she was; struggled to gun him down but eventually did it, later going on to take a 13-second beat in from her fellow "homegirls". As time went on, things started to become rather normal to Yahira that wouldn't be considered normal to actual normal people... you can say this is what her traumatization did to her, instead of fucking her up mentally since she was doing it at a young age and seen it from a young age she had been quite normalized to violent acts. As time went on Yahira witnessed her fellow gang members: kill, rape, rob, kidnap, torture and dismember other people and even got involved in some of those situations herself at times when it was needed. Due to being under Big Clever's wing she was also taught right from wrong... or well, what M-S considered to be right and wrong at least. Around the time Yahira was 17 she adopted another nickname, Ghost; due to only being seen when she wanted to be, it's rumored she'd normally be somewhere in plain sight when her fellow gang members were hanging out and they still wouldn't notice her: Once a rumor spread that she was actually watered down and didn't want to get down like that anymore due to her little to no presence. This rumor changed one night when she supposedly "murdered" two rival gang members in one night without being caught for either murders. There has never been any proof she actually did the dirt but it's rumored she was behind the trigger the night it went down. Yahira earned a reputation for being an extremely smart individual/being a shadow in plain sight and is known to get really extra when it comes to situations n think about them as if she's actually plotting something... although being a smart and genuinely nice individual to her gang members and random civs she's known to get extremely violent towards rival gang members and do the unneeded extra violent acts to make a point. Yahira was given the nickname Lil Clever due to being pretty much just like Big Clever but also due to the fact Michelle Nunez a/k/a Big Clever was like a mother to Yahira. Although she's still known to maintain her original nickname known as "Ghost" which was given to her because of her little to no presence around the hood, mainly creeping in the shadows. Yahira is currently married to another Mara Salvatrucha 13; Palomino Tiny Winos gang member who's also highly respected. The duo have two daughters together. Yahira's generally known to be a chill, laid back and smart individual to people around her neighborhood but also has a really deep evil side to her personality that she only shows when it's truly needed.
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