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Found 3 results

  1. The hottest tea, the spiciest gossip, the fiercest commentary and no fucking censorship. We are the Los Santos VIXEN. Hope you've been doing your kegels, babe. Letter from the editor: Sis, stop reading the story and BE the story. Submit your gossip to our handy and under-fucking-utilized gossip submission form. Chop chop. Also Like, Subscribe, Share, is this your first time online? Click HERE ! LSVIXEN XOXO ❤️ Dining Review: Hyped UP & Hopped UP on "Vespucci Cool Beans" (5/5) (Located in Vespucci. Duh.) Rating: 💋💋💋💋
  2. This thread will follow the character development of Benjamin Beneventi.
  3. JOSEPH C. BARNESKY Age: 25 - - Nationality: American - - Roots: French-Canadian Born: Saint Cloud, Minnesota - - Mother: Kelly Richardson (Imprisoned [Life]) - - Father: Eric Barnesky (Deceased) Joseph Barnesky was born on the outskirts of Saint Cloud, Minnesota on May 20th, 1993 to Eric Barnesky and Kelly Richardson in good healthy condition. Born into the LIFE Corporation's final era; Joseph had a good life from the start. His father Eric was there for him throughout his early life while maintaining work as the number one priority. His mother, Kelly, was a stay at home mom thanks to his fathers two full-time jobs at the local Trucking Company that had struck gold on contracting while also maintaining his position as the Chief Operating Officer for the LIFE Corporation. Joseph's parents grew up in poverty and usually had a constant fear of not eating some nights; but with their hard work and dedication they were able to bring Joseph into a world without the same unfortunate circumstances they once had before their son. Taking adventures into other things rather than following his father (and his brother John) into the multimedia industry, he decided to move to California where he studied law, economics, business administration, and even found a major in Conscientology. On July 24th, 2016, Eric's father passed away while he was away at school due to a fatal car crash; and to make things worse, it was on his fathers birthday the unfortunate had to happen. While Joseph was away for school for several years at a time, he was unable to see the rich lifestyle taking a hold of his father before it was too late. Upon his death, Joseph discovered his father was not only a photographer sensation in the local media; but was also involved with local biker gang activity, primarily the distribution of narcotics and illegal firearms. Not only did the lifestyle open a new door to an old habit for his father, it killed him. While learning of his fathers alternative life, his mother Kelly was also exposed of being within the illegal operations being conducted on the outskirts of Los Santos. From there, Kelly Richardson was charged with several acts of manslaughter, drug possession, distribution, and a variety of other violent crimes that shocked not only Joseph - but the entire family back home. While Joseph was born in Minnesota, the majority of his family lives in Canada where his father (and his brother) once came before him. Devastated, and uncertain, Joseph turned to his small condo which his father bought for him years ago for a place to stay when he did visit Los Santos from school. Depressed, suicidal, and believing much of his family life was a lie, Joseph hit the edge and eventually had to call someone; and that turned out to be his distant brother he had no idea about until his family reached out. Tycho Barnesky talked with Joseph, helping him cope temporarily prior to his arrival to Los Santos - making a new generation of Barnesky blood in Los Santos; now having to build a corporation from the ground up yet again. While John Barnesky didn't have any children before his death due to his sexual orientation of being gay, Eric was the only one of the two brothers to produce two children in their blood line: one remained in Los Santos, and the other was homed back in Canada after the biological mother was found to be different that of Joseph's mother. While them moving together was a plan, the goal was to revive the once thriving magazine gone corporation as a family motivation. Taking his knowledge from school, and dishing out his love for journalism as a side hobby, Joseph and Tycho officially declared that the LIFE Corporation will start operating in the near future. Whether it will be the same road as his successors or not, the goal was locked and simplified. Upon setting themselves up in Los Santos with their own house, vehicles, and full-time employment; the two took complete ownership and branding of the LIFE Corporation by default as they were entitled to 100% of the Corporation, Foundation, and additional project assets. Joseph was the oldest brother, therefore assumed responsibility of the remaining assets: which his father ensured would lack, as they only received a total of $430,000 from their compensation. In addition, this did not include the various of bills and additional financial projections they had to pay out that were due regardless of who owned the company: subtracting a total of $400,000 in registration fees, fines, and unpaid loans from the previous corporate body - they were left with $30,000. Less motivating, but not the end, the two planned to make the most of thirty-grand; and turning it into a multi-million dollar industry. Starting with a local magazine, and a cheap online blog, the foundation was ready to reconstruct.
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