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Found 12 results

  1. A property anywhere in Vespucci, but preferably on the South end.
  2. Hello y'all! I am looking forward to buy an Obey Tailgater S. Tuned or not, offer anything!
  3. Property Description: Marvelous apartment situated in Del Perro within walking distance to the beach! This remodeled apartment One bedroom and One bath apartment is now for sale. Send your offers below for a chance to win the auction. Only offers submitted to this page will be considered. Minimum Offer: $134,458 Buyout: $200,000 To submit an offer please post below: Name[Optional]: Price: Contact[Email/Phone] Exterior: (( )) Interior: Questions or tours? Contact [email protected]((Forum PM @Zando )) Note: This is not an auction. I reserve the right to choose the best offer that I deem suitable for the sale of this property. There is no set time for when this property will be sold and the highest bidder may not necessary mean they will be sold the property.
  4. Looking to buy a house in the city or Paleto, preferably around Mirror Park or Vespucci area, but I am open to all offers. Also buying any sort of business! Feel free to contact me via email [email protected] ((PM))
  5. About the Property Coburn realty are proud to present this moderate apartment, which has been turned into a home business apartment with 4 rooms and a bathroom. - A decent-sized bathroom with the usual amenities and also a washing machine and dryer. - Living room / Office, armchairs can be turned outside working hours. CCTV covering the entire room to keep the disposable room safe as well as your entrance. - Disposable room, currently used by the owner as a place to store medical supplies and equipment. Can be used for anything. - Kitchen / Dining room, full kitchen with plenty of room for all your needs, and a beautiful modern-styled dining area. Can be used along-side the entertainment system for conferences. - Bedroom, a skeleton bedroom that you can re-furnish as you wish. All the rooms (except bathroom) have natural light shining into them and of course modern lamps. The property is secured both with a Toshi private alarm system, and regularly patrolled by G6, there are panic buttons at all the doors to request armed response. (Next payment is 1st of July, protection is valid until then). Interior and pricing. Interior and property info Market price: 105.000 (( Furniture price: 49.968 )) Buyout price: 280.000 Starting bid: 150.000 For viewings or further questions, either contact me on 210696, my email [email protected] (( Forum PM to Coburn )) or leave a comment below.
  6. Selling a Karin Everon, non-artic version. Modifications included in the information. Asking: 110k. Open to offers.
  7. 922A Las Lagunas Boulevard - Burton Property Type: ApartmentAddress: 922A Las Lagunas Boulevard Area: Burton Description: A spacious luxury apartment unit at the perfect location in Burton. The apartment has a gym, office, TV-room, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, laundry room, a good-sized living room, a well-equipped kitchen and panoramic views. The apartment is perfect for residents with a desire to live in a tight community in the buzzing city. The apartment is sold furnished, included in the price. Government Market Value: $115,000 Appraised Furniture Value: $114,806 Starting Bid: $250,000 Minimum Bid Raise: $10,000 Buyout: $400,000 INTERIOR: EXTERIOR: Bid Format: Name: Phone: Bid:
  8. [ This will show the development of Harvey Scavone. ] ((Alberici = Lucchese)) (( Background/Character story coming soon )) ATTRIBUTES: - Race/origin: Caucasian, Italian-American. - Height: 5’11. - Hair color: Dark brown. - Eye color: Hazel brown. - Tattoos: None. - Body type: Fit, well trained. - Accent: New York accent. SHORT INFO: * Age 30. * Recently inducted Lucchese Crime Family Soldier. * Been mob-connected, working his way up the ladder since he was 22. * Been to Los Santos twice on vacation. * Known schemes: | Organized truck-robberies | Loansharking | Running illegal blackjack/poker games | Money laundering & racketeering | (Supposedly Lucchese crime family mob soldier for the Las Vegas Outfit, Harvey "Rocky" Scavone) Lucchese crime family member of their Las Vegas faction Harvey "Rocky" Scavone has been released from prison. He says he is a changed man from his mobster days and wants to become a business manager. In March 2009, Lucchese bosses ordered Scavone to kill Sophie Acalli, a mother of two from Staten Island, New York. The only reason they wanted her dead was that she was the wife of Joe "Biggie Joey" Acalli, also a member of the Lucchese crime family who turned into a government witness aka a dirty rat. Vittorio Amuso, Lucchese family boss at the time, found out that "Biggie Joey" Acalli was going to testify against him at an upcoming trial. The attempted murder broke the mafia code regarding not targeting mobster’s innocent family members. Scavone took his time to plan the hit by stalking Sophie Acalli for weeks beforehand. On March 13, 2009, a masked hitman, in a car driven by Scavone shot Sophie Acalli three times while she was sat in her newly purchased family SUV outside her house. She had just returned from dropping her kids off at school. Despite being hit in the neck, behind the ear, and in the back, Ms Acalli was able to run into her house and call for help. She survived the hit and three years later, in 2012, she testified against Scavone who was already serving time for other crimes such as armed robbery and money laundering through casinos in Las Vegas. A picture outside Sophie Acalli's residence in Staten Island after the claimed "hit-attempt" // March 2009 But according to Scavone's lawyers, this made man has been forced to take a hard look at himself over the past 4 years in the slammer, and he no longer wants any part of the mobster life, he /claims/. In the application for release filed by Scavone’s lawyer, Anna Goldberg, she wrote "Today, he is "embarrassed and ashamed" of who he was. He is full of remorse. Back then he was part of a culture of violence. Today, he is a calm and has positive influence on those around him. He works daily to repent for his actions and tries to help other incarcerated people find peace. He dreams of building a peaceful life as an old man, and trying to help people with the years he has left by teaching economy and spending time with his family" The feds strongly opposed his early release. In papers filed with the court, they said “Scavone agreed to murder an innocent civilian for his own selfish gain and advancement within the Lucchese crime family. He did so with the clear intent of intimidating one government witness from testifying against the mob and sending a message to other would-be cooperators: cooperators and their families will never be safe,” Even so, a judge ordered Scavone released in 2016 on $250,000 bail pending a resentencing of the case. He was released into his sister’s custody and is under home confinement. He is explicitly barred from seeing or communicating with anyone involved in organized crime. In 2016-2020 Harvey "Rocky" Scavone has been seen hanging out with his old crew of mob associates all around Las Vegas. He's claimed to be "back-in-business" with his old crew. All though, there's lack of evidence regarding if he's still in his old criminal path, or not. In 2021 it is claimed that Scavone moves with his Lucchese Las Vegas crew to Los Santos, ordered by Lucchese bosses to expand their operation throughout Los Santos and Blaine County for a fresh start. (( Thread will be frequently updated. ))
  9. Hello. I am selling an almost brand new Comet RS & an almost brand new Dinka Marquis! ((SOLD)) COMET RS: It's gone 17 miles. There is no modifications on it, nothings been done. (( Market price: $220,000 )) Come with your offers! (( SOLD )) DINKA MARQUIS: Basically brand new! (( Market price: $444,000 )) Come with your offers! [ PICTURES MISSING. ] Post following with an offer or if interested: * Name: * Phone: * Comment:
  10. This will showcase the development of John Bellanti, an Italian-American 35-year-old male, connected with the small-time Alberici Crime Family from New York. ( Picture taken: Early 2000's. ) (( The character thread/story will be updated once in a while due to events that's been taking place In-Character )) Short background story about J.B: John Bellanti is an Italian-American 35-year old from Bronx, New York City. He grew up in Little Italy with his mother and father under the mob's heydeys. John was heavily inspired by the mob in his teenage years. He was interested in studying law but at the same time, he was stealing, scamming, and robbing. This behavior started to become like an addiction. John was great in school but he was hanging out with the wrong people, for too long. He quickly saw through his teenage years that making money illegally was the easiest income. Through the years he's learned how to make money in stealing and selling vehicles, such as cars and bicycles. He's learned different scamming schemes and he's got a few robberies on his hands. John was slowly working his way up in the underworld, in the same neighborhood he grew up in. John involved himself with similar people to him, eventually ending up working for a notorious organized crime group in Bronx, New York. The years passed and John Bellanti was a part of this crime group, Patriello's Crew, who were a sub-crew of the small-time Alberici Crime Family, as an associate. He spent time in jail a couple of times and eventually ended up with a prison sentence. After John's release from prison, he was inducted into the official crime family as a made man. He had his own crew going with associates Anthony Fiumara and Salvatore Giugliano and a couple of others. John Bellanti was at this time working part-time with Waste Management and part-time Construction, at the same time having this huge headache running his own crew, causing organized crime around New York. Work Background: John finished school with high school education and got a job within the fish market. He worked at the fish market for almost 2 years until he got himself a job in the Waste Management industry, part-time. John Bellanti was working part-time with Waste Management driving their trucks and picking up trash, and part-time studying Law. John eventually dropped out of Law school and got into the Construction industry with the help of his father's union connections. Now, J.B was working in both Construction and Waste Management. Moving to Los Santos: A couple of years later, John and his childhood friends and associates of his crew, Salvatore Giugliano and Anthony Fiumara gets a call from his supposedly at that time: Boss, to move to Los Santos for a fresh start. The small-time Alberici Crime Family’s streetboss needed a crew set up in Los Santos under John Bellanti's command, to expand their organized crimes across the country. They leave their lives behind in New York and moves within a couple of months. To this day, John Bellanti, Anthony Fiumara and Salvatore Giugliano are all within the construction business full-time, having schemes and illegal organized incomes on the side, trying to make a name for themselves and expand Alberici’s Crime Network around Los Santos under John Bellanti’s commands, being bumped up to a Captain within the Family. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
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