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Found 1 result

  1. COPYRIGHT @ LOSSANTOSMOBS.COM 2021 Middle Eastern Organized Crime Groups Middle Eastern OC Groups came to fruition in the United States during the 1980s. The country’s hubs for such groups were established in Detroit, MI and New York City. Middle Eastern OC has since expanded across the entire American Northeast, and to Florida and San Andreas. There are an estimated 15 crime families, or clans, operating around the United States. They are comprised of numerous nationalities and ethnic groups, to include Egyptians, Iraqis and Israelis. While originally involved with “traditional” crimes, these groups were especially scrutinized after the September 11, 2001 attacks. Since then, numerous organizations around the country have been identified as aiding and assisting overseas terrorist groups. Shell companies will be formed within urban enclaves, ostensibly to provide religious support and other community services. However, this is a cover for funneling financial and logistical support to terrorist groups abroad. Middle Eastern OC groups typically engage in gun running, narcotics distribution, cigarette smuggling, interstate trafficking of stolen goods, fraud and money laundering. These enterprises rely on extensive networks of international criminal associates and can be highly sophisticated in their criminal operations. Middle Eastern criminal organizations often engage in joint criminal ventures with one another and across ethnic lines when there is potential profit.“ Source: FBI. The History of Israeli Organized Crime in Los Santos A new player in the mix. Who is he? Is he running the show? 01-02-2021 Born to two Jewish parents of Moroccan and French descent, David Mizrahi spent most of his childhood back and forth between Israel and the United States of America. His parents split up, and his mother decided to go live back in Israel, whereas his father was a US resident, and spent most of his life in the US. It is believed that David Mizrahi’s father was connected to the mob, but there’s no real evidence behind that claim. He’s been seen around mob circles, and has parlayed with very important known Israeli mob figures. It is believed that David Mizrahi’s been introduced to crime at the age of 16, and has spent his whole life reaping the rewards from a criminal lifestyle. David Mizrahi isn’t your average rogue Israeli criminal because of the connections he’s made through his mentor, Itay Waknine. It is believed that David Mizrahi’s reign is respected by two very big Eurasian criminals - one of them being the crowned Vasken Gezalian, and that even Benjamin Waknine himself has signed off on allowing David to operate for himself. It is believed that Itay Waknine directly pays tribute to two criminals, whereas David is operating alone, but he reaps all the rewards because of Itay Waknine’s connections, and his pull in Los Santos. David’s crew is believed to operate out of Rockford Hills, and this move was signed off by none other than Benjamin himself, and the very same criminals who vassalized Itay Waknine. Unlike his Israeli counterparts, David doesn’t have as many ties to Israel, and it is believed that he is operating on his own. He doesn’t have anybody to answer to. David Mizrahi lives a life of luxury, and when he isn’t earning income through illicit means, he can be spotted in several different nightclubs in Los Santos. It is believed that David is a loud, flashy but calculated enforcer. The Reign of Michael Lev 07-05-2015 Michael Lev, Joseph Waknine and Benjamin Waknine are seen by most as The Israeli Godfathers in Los Santos. For it was them who first prompted the move from Israel, and got the backing of The Jerusalem Circle to operate out in Los Santos. The Jerusalem Circle being a “Commission” of crime families in Israel. Joseph Waknine was first introduced to the Israeli underworld in Netanya, Israel during the 1990s by a notable crime family. Waknine operated as a runner under "Abraham Hazan" - a drug lord and close associate who is among the primary influences of Waknine's current repute. Joseph progressively clambered up the echelons through outstanding performances and sharp operation executions. He was merely a disposable man in his initial years but gradually proved otherwise. Throughout several years, it was suggested that Joseph should expand his operations in suitable areas deemed profitable, such as the United States. The proposition was approved; Waknine proceeded to scale his dope game to Los Santos by the late 2000s. He quickly struck prosperity through illicit activities. Waknine's money and hustle is primarily based on the production of ecstasy and outsourcing them to notable criminal figures, where they are then distributed to the streets / nightclubs for use. His right hand, Benjamin Waknine identified as his son, immigrated to Los Santos in 2013 for further expansion and distribution throughout the network. Waknine is noted as the main point of contact for distribution, as well as fee and debt collection on the behalf of Joseph. The Father Son Duo 03-24-2017 Benjamin Waknine rose to fame in Los Santos in a rather quick fashion. Known for his confrontational mentality, and lavish spending, it didn’t take too long before the federal authorities picked up wind. They eventually started building a RICO case on B. Waknine, starting in 2009. In 2012, B. Waknine was picked up on a RICO indictment but later he managed to beat the criminal case. With the lack of evidence presented by the FBI, he was released, and all indictments against him were dropped come 2014. After Michael Lev's 2016 arrest and incarceration, the father and son duo officially took over Lev's spot to rule the city of Fallen Angels. Benjamin was the muscle behind the operation, and his father was the brains behind it. Benjamin’s reign was smooth, and he had an extensive network built out of Rockford Hills. Some can even say that he had a God complex and that he wouldn’t bow down to any authority. This attribute spilled onto his members, who were publicly defiant against the Los Santos police and municipal government officials. The Israeli golden age was fruitful, but it didn’t last very long. After Benjamin’s father fell sick, Benjamin was called back to Israel, and he had to bring his Los Santos operation to a quick halt. The Israeli golden age comes crashing down 9-13-2019 After Benjamin Waknine’s absence, everything was left behind with another member of his family, I. Waknine. Itay was soft compared to his cousin, and he was pushed into a corner by his cousin’s old enforcers. Itay Waknine ended up branding away from The Waknine Organization by selling his soul to Vasken Gezalian, and one unknown other crowned vor. He had the protection, and the backing, to roam around as a free agent in the underworld. He was untouched, until a violent dispute took place between Waknine remnants, and the group that Itay pays tribute to. Numerous remnants from The Waknine Organization remain dead while Itay Waknine and a few others are still alive. Several surviving criminals are suspected to have fled back to Europe and Israel. Missing person’s reports have been issued for three alleged gangsters; they’re all classified as Endangered Missing. The current situation of the Israeli underworld in Los Santos is unclear. It all came crumbling down after Benjamin Waknine’s absence. Benjamin was a very brash person, and he instilled that in most of his associates. After he was called back to Israel, the leftover associates from his organization didn’t have the swagger to pull it off.
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