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Found 2 results

  1. Camila DeCastro Camila Delgado is 17 (now 25) years old, Rancho born and raised. Down for just about anything to prove her worth and get by. Currently she lives alone with her mother, has no brothers or sisters, and lost her father at the age of eight to gang disputes. Having a lack of it, family is important to Camila and she will do all she can to protect them. La familia no siempre es sangre. This thread will follow the ups and downs of her current prospects and general life.
  2. Alcatraz Garcia, also more known as 'Flaka' or 'Bones', a nickname given to her by the local South Side Rancho XIII gang, was born in Los Santos, lived almost all of her childhood in the Jamestown area of Rancho, Davis. Her parents left her to her grandmother at the age of 11 where all she did is go to school and come back to spend the day doing nothing due to the poor living conditions that they were both living in. Barely any money to spare after the bills and whatever food they buy to not starve to death. Alcatraz had to mature very early on, understanding that she can't get everything she wanted and instead just saving up whatever money she can, even little pennies stuck inbetween the couches that were lost and forgotten. Her parents didn't support her nor her grandmother financially at all, infact, she was left behind so her parents can sell their apartment and escape up to Sandy where the cost of living was cheaper and they didn't have to spend money on the girl. There was no struggle to fight child protective services as Alcatraz herself enjoyed staying with her grandmother. Having been forced to mature early on, Alcatraz got to understand what money really means, what actions mean, and their consequences. Originally, the shy and frail girl started hanging around the hood at the age of 15 where she was introduced to the person that will eventually flip her life upside down, and that's The Tweaker, Lenta. Yvette, the godmother of the Frontline Lokaz and it's founder is the single reason Alcatraz is the way she is now. She took her under her wing, had her be her little helper throughout the years to come, and Alcatraz's loyalty lies completely with Yvette. Wherever Yvette points, Alcatraz goes without questioning it. She first met Lenta outside the second day she started hanging around the locals and gang members. A 15 year old kid with alot of time on her hand and the will to do anything for money to try and help her grandmother. Lenta quickly abused that. However, there were two others that heavily impacted her life. Barbie has had a massive effect on Alcatraz's life and career infact. She helped her get started in tattooing, albeit the fact that Alcatraz accidently snitched on her and Maria earlier that week when she first came around. Barbie always encouraged Alcatraz and wanted her to persuit her dream of becoming a tattoo artist, and thus, she bought her the first ever tattoo kit that Alcatraz owned, right off the internet, and that's how she started to get in tattooing. This is a favor that Alcatraz never forgot, and even later on in her life, she helped an aspiring young tattoo artist the same way Barbie helped her. Luciana on the other hand or more known as 'Frost is Alcatraz's best friend and used to be her backbone. Alcatraz simply couldn't shit without Lucy and vise versa, they both needed eachother growing up. Alcatraz had seen Lucy kill, and this was one of the main reasons that Alcatraz seeked to be her firend - she wanted someone capable of handling themselves and due to her -Now nonexistant- paranoia back then, she wanted someone to hide behind, but instead they both grew to be best friends, a ride till the end type of deal. However, not all good things last. In later years, Lucy was locked up, and came out a tired woman, unable to do her duties as a gang member anymore, both of them grew out of the street life, and Alcatraz, in the time when Luciana was in prison, got used to being alone. And the rest of the story is for you to find out...
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