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Found 1 result

  1. PICTURED: The only existing image of Edwin 'El Conejo' Munguia. Edwin Bejerano-Munguia, known on the streets and within the MS-13 criminal enterprise as 'El Conejo' or 'The Rabbit' is a teenage Mara Salvatrucha gang member from Apopa, El Salvador. He was born to a poverty stricken family that both in Central America and in the United States had strong ties to the Mara Salvatrucha gang. Many of his relatives from both countries have been and still are for the most part affiliated to MS-13. Edwin's father, Enrique Orejon-Munguia was one of the founding members of the Mara Salvatrucha Stoners gang in the 1980's before being deported back to El Salvador, where he had three children with another MS-13 deportee, a young woman named Jazmin Bejerano. During much of his early childhood, Edwin and his siblings, a younger brother and sister all managed to avoid recruitment into the local street gangs in El Salvador due to strict parenting from his mother and father, both of whom wanted to avoid allowing their children to take the same self destructive path that they took. Although, this didn't work. When Edwin was only 6 years old he witnessed his younger brother (4) get viciously hacked to death by a small Salvadoran street gang known as 'Mara Maquina', a homegrown street gang which was located on the Western side of Apopa. . Due to the fact that Edwin and his family lived in Mara Salvatrucha controlled turf, the Mara Maquina members immediately associated the two boys with their enemies. While Edwin escaped from the initial confrontation, seeing his young, non gang affiliated brother get brutally murdered sent him down the same path that his parents feared him going down, at full throttle. Weeks after his brother was murdered, Edwin approached the Mara Salvatrucha affiliates in the neighbourhood begging for his family's protection. The Mara Salvatrucha affiliates told him that he'd have to join them, to which he immediately agreed. Over the course of four years, Edwin worked towards proving himself to the Mara Salvatrucha by acting as a look-out, identifying rival gang members (scouting) and also by selling soft and hard drugs in Apopa's various slums. At the end of the four year period, Edwin was given the opportunity to avenge his family member's violent death. He was bought infront of a bound, gagged and blindfolded member of the Mara Maquina gang, immediately he was given a knife and ordered to murder the rival gang member. Upon hearing the captive rival's pleas through her gag, he hesitated. Although he was warned by one of the gang members that if he didn't complete the final stage of his initiation, he'd be killed. He knew too much for their liking. As a result of the pressure from his companions and fear of being murdered by those that were meant to protect him, he brutally murdered the female Mara Maquina affiliate with the knife he was provided with, slitting her throat all the way around before repeatedly plunging the knife into her chest until she stopped moving. After the murder, the ten year old was dragged into another room and viciously beaten for thirteen seconds. Edwin had earned his jump in that day. Hours later, Edwin was being comforted by one of the gang's female members while another member tattooed the initials 'MS13' onto the inside of his mouth, namely on his lower lip. He was given the nickname 'Conejo' by the gang, a reference to Edwin's appearance. Edwin operated with the Mara Salvatrucha clique he was affiliated with in Apopa for two further years. He committed several homicides throughout Apopa in the name of the Mara Salvatrucha and earned himself a reputation as a killer for the gang, despite his tender age. Also years after his jump-in to the Mara Salvatrucha, his youngest sister earned her own jump in after she assisted with the kidnapping and later, in the murder of a local informant. It wasn't long before his mother and father caught on to his gang affiliation and forcibly moved him and his sister across El Salvador to a completely different town. Although it was an ill-advised move. The neighbourhood they moved into was dominated by Mara 18. Bitter rivals of the Mara Salvatrucha that had been locked into a gang war with MS-13 since the years following the gang's forming in Los Santos during the 80's. Edwin and his younger sister managed to avoid detection by the Mara 18. Although his father, who sported facial tattoos affiliated to the Mara Salvatrucha Stoners was very quickly identified by the Mara 18 in the neighbourhood, he was publicly assassinated in front of his San Miguel home by a large group of members of the Mara 18. Afterwards, Edwin's family began being issued with endless threats, causing his mother to become extremely fearful for her life. After attempting to pay the Mara 18 members off and being raped, Jazmin decided to simply flee. She took her two remaining children and fled El Salvador for Guatemala and eventually, the United States. While Edwin was hesitant to flee his country for the United States. he eventually agreed to go with his mother. When they left. A family friend, Morena Martinez went with them, travelling with the three through Guatemala and up through Mexico. As the group travelled through Guatemala, and later through Mexico, Edwin stopped at various points throughout the country to check in with Mara Salvatrucha cliques in those areas, as he was advised to do by his shotcaller back in El Salvador.. Many times, he was ordered to do some sort of favour for the gang on his way to the US, which he did. During much of he and his family's journey through Mexico, they were accompanied by a Guatemalan MS-13 gang member who chose to guide them to the border between Mexico and the US. Upon reaching the Rio Grande River, their Mara Salvatrucha 'guide' abandoned them, choosing to stay South of the border. Instead, the trio of kids were handed over to a Coyote. They were smuggled across the river with all of their belongings in a trash-bag one by one. The teenagers and their mother were then taken into an SUV and dropped off in a nearby border town located in Texas. After arriving to his extended family in houston, Edwin, his younger sister and his friend Morena were taken in by his family on the Northern side of the border. Edwin and his sister were enrolled into a local Houston school. There they once again met Mara Salvatrucha members. Edwin quickly associated himself with the local Texas clique and was on the verge of being initiated simply for the fact that he was an MS affiliate from El Salvador. However, his initiation into the Houston offshoot of the MS-13 was cut short when his family ferried him, his sister and Morena to San Andreas, where they were to live with members of Edwin's family there. After years of being moved from neighbourhood to neighbourhood throughout San Andreas and throughout Los Santos, Edwin's family settled in South Central Los Santos. There, Edwin re-established ties to the Mara Salvatrucha after he met with members of his former Apopa clique in San Andreas. A fact that was unknown to Edwin at the time, but the MS-13 clique that he joined in El Salvador had originated in the streets of Los Santos, that clique was the Forum Locos Salvatruchas. Upon establishing ties with the Los Santos offshoot of the Forum Locos, he quickly informed them of his status as a Forum Loco in El Salvador. Due to this, Edwin and his sister very quickly rose up in the ranks of the clique. Once again simply due to the fact that their associates in the Forum Locos Salvatruchas saw them both as being more 'battle hardened' a result of the fact that they came from the slums of El Salvador. Throughout several years, Edwin performed high profile assassinations for the Mara Salvatrucha and for the Forum Locos Salvatruchas both in San Andreas, and in neighbouring states such as Texas, Arizona, Washington, Oregon and even in parts of Mexico. Although come 2018, that had stopped. Edwin was now a seasoned Mara Salvatrucha gangster. Despite the fact that he was only 18 at the time, Edwin had risen to the rank of 'Segunda Palabra (Second Word)' within his clique. Edwin Munguia became the leader of the Forum Locos Salvatruchas clique in Los Santos in the early months of 2020. He and his gang had operated for the past few years in the shadows for the most part. Edwin remained an active and relatively thoughtless member of the street gang throughout much of this time. December 2020 Turmoil struck the Forum Locos clique when a deal with a local Chicano gang went wrong. Many of the Forum Locos were murdered, causing some to go into hiding and attempt to disappear. After his childhood friend Morena Martinez went missing, Edwin was forced to step down from his leadership position in his clique when he was taken under the wing of Yadiel 'Talker' Ayala from the Palomino Locos Salvatruchas clique. Almost abandoned by his clique in South Central, Edwin began living off the grid in Little Seoul in the former territory of the PLS clique after being ordered to keep a low profile by high ranking members of the Palomino clique. This thread depicts the life and development of Edwin 'Bullet/Rabbit' Munguia, a member of the Mara Salvatrucha gang who was born and raised in Apopa, El Salvador.
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