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Found 2 results

  1. MORNING: As usual all days begin with a morning. Unless you were just off binge, in that case you will sleep for days before you wake up again, but still it usually begins in the morning. Once we wake up, we are hit, with dreadful, but so awfully familiar feeling of emptiness and craving. Yes the withdrawal kicks in. Now this part usually differs from, what are you using, how much time passed from last dosage. That aside we wake up craving for more, we need it. If we are lucky, we saved up a small portion of our drug of choice before we went to sleep. So we can skip the morning relatively alright. If we are not lucky, we wake up with no leftovers and frantically search our house or wherever we woke up for for hooters, pookies or anything that may contain some residue of a drug of our choice. Once we are done searching our immediate surroundings, we hit up the net or phonebook asking everyone we know, if they have something to cope with the day. Mostly we are asking for money or if it's our fellow abusers, for the drug of our choice. AFTERNOON: Afternoon activities are usually for "jobs" be it whatever may. Usually simple jobs, that can be done in few hours and do not require a piss cup. Or if we still have a regular job, then we go there. But as soon as we are able to lay our hands on some cash, we "suffer" through the job we have. Or if we are finished with the job we hit up our dealer or people that know people, so we can buy our drug of choice. Afternoon is usually the least interesting part of drug addict roleplay cause apart from few exceptions, it is not different from any other roleplaying concepts. EVENING: Evening is the stuff we've been waiting for. It's party time. Time when drug addicts assemble to chill or party, drugs are abused heavily during the time. People do many things they like to do at this time, all this tripled being high on a drug of our choice. Not much to be added here. NIGHT: Night and before dawn or before when you go to sleep. This is the time we (if we haven't nodded off), participate in petty crime activities. Now a drug addict, depending on said person and group of people they are with, usually goes for simple and quick jobs. Car break-ins are pretty common among such, as well as breaking into various closed establishments. Pickpocketing is usually done during daylight in shopping malls. But if we do our illegal "grab that cash for more drugs" activities at nights.... Most common is car break-in and breaking into small shops or whatever. If you are daring enough, you can also rob people, though that is not as common. Then various drugs have various effects, but stages are usually the same for any drug, this however depends on how deep we are in it. Also how long they take is different from drug to drug. DRUG STAGES: -Rush. This is the intial stage, the kick or the bang, when you hit it. It rarely exceeds 30 minutes. -High. After rush comes the High, this is the stage where we want to be the most, it can last up to 16 hours or longer, depending on the drug. This is also the stage when we usually commit all those petty crimes we do to get money for more drugs. -Binge. This is rather chaotic stage when High is fading away and we need to maintain it. We use other drugs and alcohol in any amount we deem necessary to maintain the high. -Tweaking. Is the most dangerous stage, this is the stage where nothing we do helps to maintain the high. Delusions, hallucinations etc etc. Tweaking does not occur at every drug though. -Crash. Is phase where we literally crash, our body is no longer able to deal with our nonsense and simply shuts down sending us to long sleep. -Withdrawal. And withdrawal is what we wake up with after the crash only to start the whole ride all over again. Or seek help. Edit: This guide (if you can call it that) mostly serves as an insight into a hardcore user's life, because you can be an addict and lead pretty much a normal life. Or you can be on the street, sleeping elsewhere every night engaging in dubious jobs and activities to get your fix, or you can be both.
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