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Found 3 results

  1. This thread will follow the development of Jackson Park, a Korean-American formerly affiliated with the Korean Playboys, a predominantly Korean-American gang.
  2. This thread documents the development and background of Seamus Cook, a member of the defunct Satanic Skins set. [Seamus Cook pictured with childhood friend Francis Kilgore.] ᛒᚨᛋᛖᛞ - ⚡eamus Cook From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - "White power skinheads, also racist skinheads or neo-Nazi skinheads, are members of a neo-nazi, white supremacist and antisemitic offshoot of the skinhead subculture. Many of them are affiliated with white nationalist organizations and some of them are members of prison gangs." Seamus Cook was born on the Beach during 1985, July ninth. During the early 2000s Seamus was introduced to white pride at a young age by his family and friends, especially long time friend and former classmate, Francis Kilgore. Seamus Cook is a twenty nine year old heroin addict with racist tendencies and hateful rhetoric. His early life remains shrouded in speculation but the generalized jist is that his father was a hardcore punk rock fan, and skinhead. His father was apart of the American Front located in San Francisco as one of the earlier members in the recently formed organization. With his ties to the music scene and devotion to a Pro-White race movement forged the continuation of his fathers success as a neo-nazi. As a member of the American Front, he met many different kinds of white supremacists, but the ones he identified with the most was the wave of neo-nazi skinhead subculture drifting over from the United Kingdom, their music, beliefs, and hate only fueled Cook's father, and he eventually joined PEN1 in 1986, just a year after becoming an official member of the [AF]. After officially moving into his friends home, Cook's father drifted on the west-side of Vespucci, kicking it on the rock scene with his comrades, his brothers. He was eventually incarcerated for life in prison after a stabbing turned double homicide, his victims a lesbian couple that tried to fight back, but ended up getting stomped by five or so skinheads before Cook's father took out a knife and began stabbing them. This happened after a punk rock concert where Cook's father tried meth. This was the first and last time his father did meth. "Expert" in skinhead culture and author of "Public Enemy Number One" - "MS" "During the late 1980s, various members of the gang were facing charges and getting arrested for various crimes, to include: drug charges, burglary, and robbery. Once incarcerated, PENI members began creating a relationship with the Aryan Brotherhood." From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - "American Front (AF) is a white supremacist organization founded in San Francisco, California by Bob Heick in 1984. It began as a loose organization modeled after the British National Front. Heick began working with Tom Metzger's White Aryan Resistance (WAR) in 1988. Heick and artist Boyd Rice posed for photos in AF uniforms for an article on neo-Nazism in Sassy magazine. Rice claims he was never really a member of the American Front, but that he was friends with Heick.[2]" The path of the enlightened isn't always right, especially if you're taught the wrong things and believe them to right. Cook attended Vespucci High, his childhood lacking a father and strong parental guidance. He was a latch-key kid, his mother was always out working, which gave him a lot of free time after school. He attended rock concerts, which are still incredibly popular in Vespucci, the Beach and the surrounding areas have remained a staple of skate culture, punk rock, disobeying authority and hating minorities. Francis Kilgore and Seamus Cook grew up alongside each other, and in a sense, have a deep rooted loyalty to one another, but they're not united over just friendship, but pride. White pride. Cook joined PEN1 officially in the 2000s, eventually reaching the status of a full fledged member after proving he could provide for his race. Cook took this opportunity to push dope on a larger scale, using the gangs ties and contacts to further his means of success, which were working at an alarmingly well rate. He made over twenty grand pushing pot, pills, and cocaine out of an abandoned house he used as his F.O.B and central home. He left home and dropped out of school, spending most his time around the gang. After rising to comrade, he was eventually moved to a new clique in the Hawick, those being the Satanic Skins, a white set of skinheads from the Burton and Hawick areas of Los Santos. He ran alongside the Satanic Skins, and is one of the only few members currently around to this day. The Satanic Skins dissolved somewhere between 2019 and the early months of 2020, leaving Cook to his lonesome. He spent a few months in isolation before slinking back out to the streets, clicking up with his old friend Kilgore, who since became a member of a motorcycle club and was a well respected and well guarded man. Francis Kilgore was a friend of Cook's, and they partook in many of the same past times, the largest of which was drug distribution and usage. Cook got hooked on heroin at age twenty eight, and has been fighting an uphill battle ever since. Heroin controls his life, and without a dose every now and again he goes through serious withdrawals, usually leaving him in one of the most painful states someone can be in, a craving for something used as a crutch. After becoming a heroin addict, Cook lost mostly everything, including his car, house, and job. He lives in his car and is trying to improve his life to better standards, while bringing the quality of life to those around him down. Not too long after that he was introduced to meth, and ever since that's his drug of choice, alongside heroin as his second-best. "Expert" in skinhead culture and author of "Public Enemy Number One" - "MS" "While traditional skinheads have often held an anti-drug stance, PENI is completely opposite. Members have been known to use methamphetamine and heroin." Anti Defamation League's statement regarding the gang and drug usage - "Heavily involved in the drug trade, PENI members have a strong history of violence, both in the prisons and on the streets. In addition to drug-related criminal activity, PENI members have committed a number of violent crimes, including assault, murder and attempted murder." The month is November, and Cook has come out of a drug stupor to start operations back up alongside Kilgore. He sets out with one goal in mind, to get money. Heroin and meth isn't going to buy itself.
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