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Found 3 results

  1. Election Eve Exclusive: Democratic Party Campaign Disunity Nayeli Greyfeather Tanya Sun, Democratic Candidate for the West [image reproduced from social media] "Honestly that teenager (Riley King) is more in touch with the needs of Los Santos than either Charles Galloway or Oswald Halford could ever hope to be. It's a bit of an indictment on them." Tanya Sun is unhappy. When asked about the allegation that Chloe Collins called veterans murderers in early September (later apologizing), Tanya grows visibly angry, "I share veterans outrage, honestly. Most followed orders, because that is how they were trained and they serve our country the best they can. They deserved better than that disrespect." "If she (Collins) was in the West," Tanya says of her own campaign, "She would have been stood down. I can say that with certainty. But the Party has acted rationally in giving her an opportunity to demonstrate the sincerity of her apology. It isn't the route I would have taken, but I respect it." Tanya is one of two high level Democrat figures to come forward exclusively to LSNN and discuss their concerns about the way in which the Democratic campaign has been prosecuted by the Party Chairman, Charles Galloway. The other, who asked to speak on condition of anonymity, claims: "The Democratic Party has taken an aggressive approach in its campaigning. But many of us feel that rather than attacking, cooperation is a better way. Many of us want to work together, but all the candidates run their own individual campaigns. And while there's also the Party campaign, the individual campaigns have different approaches." "I can verify that the sentiment expressed (above) is widely the consensus of the party both inside largely, and outside of the Executive." Tanya confirms. Although there are numerous campaign missteps (see more below), the most recent surrounds a Democratic Party campaign advertisement that broadcast up until the Republicans, on advice from their legal consultant Malikeh Saleh, issued a cease and desist letter demanding the advertisement be discontinued and threatening legal action. The "slanderous" Democratic Party advertisement "I think that the Republican Party's position on LGBTI rights here in Los Santos is, seemingly, progressive and very much out of step with the pattern of conservative opposition to LGBTI issues, like marriage equality. I note (that Republican Party Chairman) Oswald Halford's views on marriage equality aren't the official views of his party. That doesn't change the fact that nationwide, anti-LGBTI advocates are almost exclusively Republicans." Tanya, a bi-sexual woman living in a heterosexual relationship, says. As for her thoughts on the advertisement, Tanya is unflinching, "I think it was badly drafted, to be honest. I think whoever was meant to audit (advertising) fell asleep at the wheel." Seemingly further compounding the advertising misstep, yesterday Mr. Galloway released an official party statement attempting to defend the advertisement, while also criticizing Ms. Saleh for offering her legal consultancy services to the Democrats prior to contracting with the GOP. Notably, Mr. Galloway's release claimed that, "our legal team suspects that her act was underhanded." Numerous commenters reacted to defend or reach out to Ms. Saleh, including George Valencia, the Democratic Candidate for the Eastern District: We must remember that at the end of the day, our duty is to the people of Los Santos, and this drama will solve nothing, and will instead create further conflict between our parties, which will ultimately hurt not only our city’s progress, but also the people within it. Miss Saleh, you seem quite the intelligent, and capable lawyer. Los Santos remains to be one of the grandest of cities in our nation because they are filled with incredible people like you. I truly hope that you and our party can remain on good terms. "(Mr. Galloway's) press release made a bigger issue out of this than it needed to be," Tanya asserts. "It took the focus away from the District Representatives, their campaigns and local initiatives. It was grand-standing, plain and simple." But it's when the discussion turns to how allegations that Mr. Richard Orosco, the Democratic Central District Candidate, assaulted his ex partner were handled that Tanya becomes most animated. Her first criticism is levelled squarely at the media. "Honestly, this story should probably not have broken the way it did and - I hope you don't mind my being critical if your network for that. I feel the fact that this has broken outside the context of a legal hearing or police charges has put both (Mr. Orosco and Ms. Pierce's) reputations at risk...if it ever goes before a jury, who could empanel an impartial jury now, you know? Orosco is innocent until proven guilty and if the courts can't establish guilt, where is the justice for Ms. Pierce? I get that wasn't the intention of (LSNN) but it's a consequence." In regards to the Official Party Statement released by Mr. Galloway - which included Mr. Orosco's personal declaration on the matter - Tanya is equally critical: "We should have let Orosco make his own statement. We should have been more empathetic to Ms. Pierce...(and) say what you will about Democrats making some really bad choices, the Republicans tried to capitalize, and I will openly call them out for it. But I believe that (Mr. Orosco's personal statement) shouldn't have been released alongside the official Party line. That's just wrong on so many levels." "Without a doubt, the Democratic leadership bears responsibility for releasing a statement that enabled a historically regressive party on women's issues to look progressive. To parrot liberal positions against us? Yeah. It's a joke. A really bad one." "It was a spectacularly bad call (for Mr, Galloway to release the Party Statement). I'm (also) fine with that on the record, because frankly; it's bulls*t. Pardon my language." Tanya looks tired, exasperated, as she shakes her head. We wrap up our discussion shortly after. As she is leaving she discusses what the immediate future means for her: "I wanted to campaign on District issues, not be the token woman. My focus will be on District issues from here on out. I just hope Galloway and Halford put all the recent controversies aside and let the District races run on their own issues for...at least a day more?" "I understand that the Mayoral race is coming up, but if these press releases are a taste of what's to come? I can't say I'm looking forward to that style of politics." ***UPDATED*** Statement by Mr. Galloway is below: "As Chairman of the most important political party, I am not expecting that every single collaborator of the Democratic Party aligns with leadership's vision. I would like to clarify that decisions do not follow my personal preference but they are continuously discussed in the leadership board formed by Chairman, Vice Chairman, Department's Heads, Legal Team, specific counselors (based on the matter) and so on. I am not afraid to be hated or to protect my district representative candidates like I always did during this campaign election. I fully understand my position and I am ready to take my own responsibilities. In a such wide party you may find people sitting in different positions on various matters, but we do what's the best for the party, protecting our collaborators. I sincerely respect Ms. Sun's opinion and along others, these concerns have been taken into account and will be discussed in upcoming party meeting. However, I am perfectly fine with Sun's statement and I respect her as a strong woman and one of the most active district representative candidate in the entire city. Tanya Sun has been offered her current role by me and the leadership, exactly like all the remaining candidates, collaborators, employees, service providers. I am sure she is grateful for the opportunity given by the Democratic Party and the possibility to represent her community. I have often shielded my candidates, making my steps in the background. I have hid my name to let DEM's district representative candidates to shine on Los Santos without my shadow, supporting them from behind the curtain. Again, I am aware of my position and I am aware that my name receives slandering time to time in order to protect the party, but I would do anything for my political family and for the people of Los Santos." VISIT OUR WEBSITE - CLICK HERE '''
  2. Election: Fifteen Minutes With Tanya Sun Nayeli Greyfeather Last week, Tanya Sun, the Democratic Party's candidate for the Western District, was able to give LSNN fifteen minutes out of her very busy schedule to discuss the election. Tanya Sun, Democratic Candidate for the West [image reproduced from social media] I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to discuss a few issues, including how Tanya felt the election impacted the women of Los Santos. The transcript of our interview is below: Nayeli: So, let's start with that fact, that you're the only woman candidate. Does that give you cause for concern at all? Tanya: Concern? No, I do believe that if you can do the work, your gender shouldn't matter. But what does matter is when it's so consistently one way. I'm less concerned and more disappointed -- I guess. Consider that it's a, for lack of a better description, "a man's world" since the dawn of time. In 2020 things should have progressed but, they seem to have gone a little backwards in Los Santos. Nayeli: I see. Tanya: On the previous point though, I feel it needs saying -- Nayeli: Yes? Tanya: I'm not singling the Republicans out for criticism here. Gender diversity in places of power is just a huge structural issue across the country and the world. We kind of expect the Republicans to be as gender balanced as a Stone Age tribe. But I'm not exempting the Democrats from criticism. We can do better as well. The fact there's only one woman nominee is not a good thing for us. But, I am encouraged that our next generation of talent has more girl power, so to speak. Nayeli: Can you name a few people who have inspired you to run in the election? Tanya: I wish it was a few people. I mean, my partner Bobby is at the top of the list, always. His support and guidance has been everything to me. But, honestly for me, it's the whole community in Little Seoul that has really inspired me to step up. Nayeli: Cool. Tanya: I want to see the best for all the West Suburbs, because just this one suburb has been a family to me, and has really shown what communities can do when they watch out for each other and lift each other up. Nayeli: My next question has two parts to it, okay? First what do you think makes a good female role model, and do you have any of your own? Actually, that was the two. Tanya: There are so many role models to choose from. Supreme Court Justice (Ruth) Ginsberg has to be one of my all time -- well, heroes. Also, I have to say I have nothing but love for our girl AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) in Washington -- she makes me feel like anything is possible. Nayeli: She was criticized for having a large part in 20,000 potential jobs leaving New York City based on her activism to prevent Amazon from basing a distribution center there. Do you think that's an issue of concern? Tanya: Not at all -- look, I'm often called a conservative Democrat -- and that's not an unfair statement, I am definitely to the right of AOC. But Amazon's employment practices are completely immoral. I believe in backing local businesses that have a stake in this city, (over) a multi-national who may employ tens of thousands but keep them barely alive on well below minimum wage agreements. Los Santos deserves better than predatory out-of-town businesses exploiting our vulnerable. Nayeli: So, you're in favor of heavier employment regulations in Los Santos? Tanya: I'm in favor of fairer employment regulations in Los Santos. I feel there needs to be government support to help small and struggling businesses to better navigate bureaucracy, but I don't believe that cutting regulations and taxes is a solution to, well any problem really. Nayeli: A few months ago there were calls to unionize the security industry, are you in favor of unionization? In that or any other industry? Tanya: Of course unions are a vital part of the industrial world. The absence of unions is precisely why companies like Amazon can exploit their workers to a degree that Americans are working in conditions that would make Bangladesh in the eighties look sane. Nayeli: Tanya, I was also wondering whether you had identified any programs or policies that are aimed at women? I'll give an example; the LSFD had the program that enabled us to report to stations around the city if we felt unsafe. Have you anything specifically targeted or tailored for women? Tanya: Well, let me start by saying the LSFD initiative was an essential one for the community, and I wish we saw more of those in the previous administration. For my part, I want to see more women's health clinics available city wide. Consider that endometriosis (a progressive and chronic uterine condition) is one of the most common and debilitating conditions for women across the country, but -- treatments and awareness? You barely hear about it. That needs to change. The Democrats are aiming to establish a Department of Public Health and, if we win, That will be at the top of the agenda -- I promise. VISIT OUR WEBSITE - CLICK HERE
  3. Special Investigation: Democratic Party Candidate Richard Orosco Accused of Beating Ex-Girlfriend Nayeli Greyfeather Dianna Pierce [Photography - Nayeli Greyfeather] Dianna Pierce, the ex-girlfriend of Richard Orosco, the Democratic Party Central District Election Candidate, has accused him of assaulting her while they were in a relationship. The alleged assaults occurred in June and July of this year. "This all started...when Richard was a police officer. I was his TO, also known as Training Officer, and we did a few FTPs (also know as Field Training Patrols) together. Our relationship was completely professional at the time...we were just colleagues." Later, Dianna and Mr. Orosco (both of whom had transferred to the Los Santos Sheriff's Department) began working with each other at the Sandy Shores station. "Over time we kind of got closer and closer. We started to spend a lot more time together. Just him and I. And then - it turned into a full blown relationship. This happened in like...June. I think. It was going amazing for the first month - until July." Richard Orosco, Democratic Party Central District Candidate [image reproduced from Democratic Party campaign website] "(On the) first of July I received a message from Richard on (Facebrowser). He wanted to break up out of nowhere. It was really odd because we had just planned a date together. And then...I was shocked, you know? I kept asking him why he wants to break up - I didn't have any bad intentions. I just wanted to try and fix our relationship. I thought it was possible. I was wrong. He told me to stop messaging him, to stop seeing him. He was going all in. I was even more confused because like...I didn't really know what was going on. Like, at all." Dianna approached Mr. Orosco at work, before the two agreed to meet at her apartment at a later time. They exchanged heated SMS messages, within which Dianna states Mr. Orosco became abusive to her. "Fast forward...I messaged Richard again. I have no idea why. I thought he was just drunk and it wasn't him. Funny because I had been a detective for years. He seemed calm over messages - until he actually came to my place. He told me, and I quote, 'You snitched on me, b***h? You're gonna take me to the court, is that it? Stupid b***h.'" "Before I could even answer, he pinned me against a table. He hit me multiple times in the face. And I'm talking full blown punches. Not slaps or something. Punches. He let go of me. I told him to get the f**k out of my flat and he told me, "No b***h, I'm staying." He opened my fridge and took a beer. This part's important because he's already known to have alcohol problems." I was crying and begging him to leave. He told me he wouldn't leave until I explained how (a friend) knows about his messages. I was honest...I told him I was with (two friends) then he questioned why I was with two males. He threw a (cooking) pan and a bottle cap at me. I got angry too, and scared. I told him to leave once again, very clearly. I told him I'll get a restraining order issued too. That set him off once again." "He tried to hit me again." "I ran and locked myself in my bedroom. He kept punching the door. He told me I had nowhere to run. He said, and I quote, 'Open the door, b***h'. At this point I had no other option. I opened my drawer, I always kept my pistol inside the drawer. I unlocked the door and I immediately ran to the opposite corner. He opened the door and I immediately aimed the gun at him. Told him I'd shoot him if he didn't leave." "He froze. He wasn't expecting me to pull a gun on him. Love is a little complicated. I didn't have it in me to shoot him. He sweet talked me out of it all. He told me he'd go through rehab for his alcohol addiction. He asked for one last chance. I loved him, you know? I was fine with giving him one last chance. It was all a play. He told me things I wanted to hear." Dianna attended Hope Health Center in early July, which is confirmed by a witness who attended with her. She did not tell treating medical staff how she obtained the injuries. LSNN was provided with copies of a series of Facebrowser messages between Dianna and a friend after she had revealed that Mr. Orosco had hit her. Friend: "if ur happy getting punched around and then forgiving him because he cried at the (threat) of u leaving then live ur life lol who am I to stop you? me and (another friend) only had ur best interests at heart, we'd never do anything to wrong you." Dianna: "Just promise me you'll let us handle our own problems ourselves, please. I don't want a repeat of last night. It won't happen cause I'm never telling anything to anyone ever again. I trusted you and you betrayed my trust. I shouldnt have told you anything to begin with, its my private life and I should have stayed quiet but I had confidence you'd not talk about it." LSNN was approached by four witnesses, some who have departmental links, and all of whom confirm various aspects of Dianna's complaint. One, who has never served with the LSSD, stated that she had just met Dianna at a hiking event in July. She saw, "Just bruises on her face. I don't remember who mentioned them first, it might have been (a friend). But she said she fell down the stairs or something...Richard (Mr. Orosco) was saying stuff about how Dianna was clumsy. (I) think Richard said it was bleeding, even." "I offered her makeup to cover it up." A second witness stated, "She came into work and all we could see was an abnormal amount of makeup, right? More than she'd usually wear. And I remember...I slammed a door on a (crime) scene and and she just yelped and flinched, right? And that's when we took a closer look at it. I pulled her aside in the locker rooms and she told me how Richard hit her over -- he thought she was cheating on him." "Basically he...threw her up on a table and just f**king whaled on her face...beat her black and f**king blue. And she was trying to hide it with makeup but...her jaw was all swollen. She was a mess, you know? A mess." "Ms. Pierce, she's a real sweetheart. Good deputy. Attentive. Soft spoken - compassionate, you know?" said another who knows the case intimately. "Real good to have around victims that went through nasty stuff...(but) Pierce pissed me off. Her Stockholm syndrome f**ked up a good cop - her." "Mr. Orosco used to abuse her. Back then, as a deputy sheriff? He was real rough. Jumpy. Aggressive almost...she'd show up to work bruised, purple eyes. The things that made her a good cop slowly started fading away." A fourth witness stated, "Dianna shows up to work with a black eye. It's poorly covered with makeup. She says it's because she fell down the stairs. After some pressuring, she says she got mugged, still lying. She eventually tells me Richard did it to her. She also tells me she had to pull a firearm to make Richard back off of her, he would not stop." "We advise her to leave him. She doesn't, she sticks to him, he claims she's lying. She switches stories, says it was mutual combat. It became rather clear he was playing her, I'm afraid, playing with her emotions." When asked why she didn't report the violence to the authorities, including to press charges, Dianna stated, "I thought I could save our relationship. Fix it." LSNN has reached out to the Democratic Party for comment. The official comment, provided to LSNN by a Party representative, is: "We are troubled to learn of recent communications between Ms. Pierce and an LSNN journalist. The communications were about serious allegations of domestic violence. Domestic violence is always wrong regardless of who perpetrates it. Domestic violence is also criminal. As we often see, charges are pursed against alleged domestic abuser and they have their day in court. That is how our system operates and, despite its flaws, it the best system we have. Mr. Orosco has not been charged and tried; if what Ms. Pierce said is true, he is entitled to have his day in court just like everyone else. Just as Mr. Orleans had his day in court, Mr. Orosco should have had his. But he didn't, because Ms. Pierce did not immediately go to the police to initiate a criminal proceeding. We can infer many things from this, but the fairest inference is to presume Mr. Orosco's innocence until he is, if ever, proven guilty. As Mr. Orosco is presumed innocent, we assume Mr. Orosco will consider and take every remedy available to him under the law. He is entitled, like everyone else, to be left alone and to protect his good name. As a decent and compassionate community, we cannot allow people with vindictive and ulterior motives to make false, serious, distressing, and outrageous accusations. Mr. Orosco deserves the same courtesy." LSNN intends to further report on additional matters that have arisen out of this Special Investigation. VISIT OUR WEBSITE - CLICK HERE
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