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Found 8 results

  1. This thread will follow the development and life of the /now/ 19-year-old Lorenzo Cruz.
  2. This thread will follow the life of 18 year old Jorge "Rascal" Ortiz
  3. Picture of Jay ''Danger'' Vondel throwing up Culver with his fellow affiliates.
  4. shows the development of aaron ''demon'' hernandez, a street enforcer within the culver city boys 13.
  5. Vespucci is a residential, commercial, and recreational beachfront neighborhood of the City of Los Santos, San Andreas. This urban region of coastal Los Santos County is known locally as the Westside. Vespucci is known for its canals, beach, and Ocean Front Walk, a two-and-a-half-mile (4.0 km) pedestrian promenade that features performers, fortune-tellers, artists, and vendors. Vespucci Beach, which receives millions of visitors a year, has been labeled "a cultural hub known for its eccentricities" and a "global tourist destination." It includes the promenade that runs parallel to the beach (also the "Ocean Front Walk" or just "the boardwalk"), Muscle Beach, and the Vespucci Beach Recreation Center with handball courts, paddle tennis courts, a Skate Dancing plaza, and numerous beach volleyball courts. It also includes a bike trail and many businesses on the Ocean Front Walk. Roaming Vespucci Beach's rows of boutique shops and artisanal brunch spots, it's inconceivable that the neighborhood once belonged to low-income suburbia, where mom-and-pop shops thrived, and meals served à la food cart. Locals knew this area as "Dogtown", the focal point of West Coast skate culture that would inspire media representation for decades. Vespucci Beach is home to a wide variety of social groups, locals, renters, gangs, and others. This thread's purpose is to showcase the roleplay that occurs within the Vespucci Beach area. Feel free to join the Dogtown Community discord at the following link: https://discord.gg/NjFt8ae
  6. ((This thread follows the character development of Kyle Yepes, it will be updated as long as the story goes.)) Kyle Yepes, nicknamed One Punch, is a 16 years old affiliate of the notorious Sureño set Culver City Boys which controls the western part of Vespucci. Origins You almost certainly could say that Kyle had gang affiliation running in his blood, son to one of Culver City Boys' O.Gs prior to the injunction in 2009 - Richard "Spider" Yepes, but moreover he's the cousin of Andrew "Midnight" Losa and the late Christian "Lil Nightmare" Losa - current and late, respectfully, shotcallers of Culver City Boys. The relationship between Kyle and his family is an unstable one, as his father is locked up on a life sentence when he was at the tender age of 5 due to the infamous injunction carried out by LSPD on CCB in 2009, he's currently serving his time in Bolingbroke State Penitentiary On the other hand, his mother, Isabella Yepes, suffered severe stress and depression after the arrest of her husband, leading her to slowly turning alcoholic, which is really a crucial point in making Kyle's personality and mindset, as he was subject to abuse from his mother quite often in his childhood. Obviously, Kyle isn't really fond of his mother. The unhealthy environment of his home led Kyle to spend more and more time on the street gradually, there he knew most of his current friends through his cousin Andrew - whom are all current affiliates of CCB. Kyle found what he considers his real family during his early teens in his friends around Melanoma, which is more or less foreshadowing of him joining CCB and walking into his father's footsteps. Teenage years As the days and months passed, the ties between Kyle and the rest of his friends around Melanoma grew tighter and there were considering themselves one big family of brothers. In his mid teens, Kyle was pretty much very aware about the road he's walking into, but he didn't mind that, he only cared for his friends and neighborhood. He started to earn papers through whatever you call, slinging drugs, robbery, small time plunders and the list goes on. A thing which Kyle is known for is his fiery temper which he unleashes in fights and scraps, hence the nickname "One Punch". Kyle continued earning for himself and the set until he was finally initiated into the gang at the age of 15. Mentality & Personality Kyle is usually known for his reckless and fiery temper, due to the abusive upbringing from his mother. This also resulted in Kyle's admiration for tattoos, as he sees them as a way of expressing your character and unsaid words, which Kyle had many of them, he got his first tattoo at the age of 14 and it was all from his savings, he then developed the habit of getting a new tattoo every now and then whenever he has the money. Perhaps what is kind of strange is Kyle's feelings about his father, he spent a small portion of his childhood with his father, who loved and cherished him as he was his only son. Although Kyle rarely thinks about his father, he still wears his golden cross chain like everyday and everywhere, you can see Kyle wearing it all the time, he considers that chain very valuable and dear. Kyle doesn't care about mother - the only individual remaining in the family, as she made his childhood hell for him, he recalls a lot of times seeing her drinking and chain-smoking when he was a child, then go off at him for the most minor mistakes that any child makes, he earns money with the hope of moving out one day, away from his mother entirely. Kyle instead found his safe haven in spending time with his friends, which explains his willingness to do anything for his homies and the set he represents. Kyle is a funny character, likes drinking and smoking and would be down to any sort of fun, he's all in all an extrovert.
  7. Vincent


    This thread documents the development and background of Sebastian "Bandit" Gonzalez. A victim of gang culture in America's low income neighborhoods. City Boys - When one time swoops. Sebastian Gonzalez was born in Vespucci to a single mother, Maria Gonzalez. Through absence of a father and a lack of mentorship from his mother he fell to the wayside, involving himself in street life and pledging allegiance to the Culver City Boys 13. Sebastian's family was a broken one, his father spending life in prison for double homicide while his mother busted her ass working day and night to support her son. The area he was born into was not one of the upper reaches of society, it was quite the opposite. He hailed from a tight, claustrophobic condo he lived in with his mother. His father, Adolfo "Shifty" Gonzalez, was arrested before his son could get to know him, found guilty of slaying two individuals in a gang related shooting. Adolfo and Maria Gonzalez were love struck high school sweethearts in their early twenties. After a particularly drug fueled night, Maria became pregnant with her first and only child, whom later would receive the name "Sebastian." Adolfo Gonzalez was a subpar student who barely passed high school, spending more time in the streets representing Culver City Boys 13 than he spent focusing academically. The birth of Sebastian in 03' brought fear, yet happiness, to the couple. Adolfo may have had a son on the way, but the gang put him where he was and turning his back on them was a poor decision, so he continued to be a hitter for his group, which he gained a reputation for doing. Unluckily, DNA evidence was found at one of his many rival gang fueled shootings off a cigarette butt. In court, he tried his best to win the case, but the jury convicted him guilty of the murder of two teenagers. With his father behind bars, his mother Maria Gonzalez juggled any job she could manage to land, whether it be for a day or a year. Struggling to support herself and her child, Sebastian was usually left to being baby-sat by Maria's parents, which he enjoyed thoroughly. As he went from infancy to early childhood, the boy wandered the neighborhood in search of friends, and he found the younger brothers of the gang affiliated men in his neighborhood. To the disapproval of his family, Sebastian was usually kept on a tight leash, unable to spend much time in the neighborhood because of his mothers fear of losing him, something she was deathly afraid of after losing her husband to the judicial system. As the transitioning stage of adolescence washed over Sebastian, he felt a spark of debauchery inside him ignite. Tired of watching his mother struggle financially, he began hanging around more frequently with neighborhood kids whom associated with the local gang, eventually leading up to him associating with the same clique. He was learning two educations, one from his high school, the other from the streets. He figured that if he divided his time between both, he'd be twice as smart as everyone else. As he grew up, the gang began taking care of him and his mother, providing food, financial assistance, protection, and a family like atmosphere to the Gonzalez's. His mother was disappointed in her son, seeing her husbands attitude and stupidity fleshed out before her in the form of her son. He didn't care what his mother thought though, he was the man of the house and what he said goes, or that was his way of thinking. If he wasn't out hustling and risking his life his mother and him would be living on barely enough food to survive like they were some years ago. He realized that it was only a matter of time before he "made" something of himself, only a few more months of painstaking street hustling and putting in work before he rose to a prominent rank in the clique. Still attending his high-school, he stayed a straight C student in school and a straight C banger in the hood, building his name and reputation up in hopes of being recognized by the shot-callers. With a heavy hand and a loud mouth, he believed he was destined for greatness one day, at the top of the pile, a place his father didn't even reach before his incarceration.
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