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Found 1 result

  1. Although the Mexican Mafia Roleplay Guide goes into some detail in relation to the function of a Camarada and their role within the Mexican Mafia as a whole, the aim of this guide is to provide a more comprehensive overview into Camaradas, the functions they serve and the activities they conduct in more detail. Overview Camaradas are the backbone of the organisation and serve as the direct soldiers of EME in the streets and in jail. They're at the highest level they can be without becoming a Carnal and are normally distinguished individuals who have put in the necessary work during their tenure as a Sureno to elevate themselves to such a standing. Despite this however, Camaradas are still soldiers - meaning their importance is subjective to the value placed in them by the Carnal for whom they're operating. The relationship dynamics significantly vary across Camarada/Carnals, as such there's no standard that can be applied in these relationships. Some are closer to one another than others, with a deeper bond - others keep it to a strict business sense. Examples of this are seen in literature through the relationship dynamics Boxer had with his own Camaradas and crews, in contrast to the seeming bond demonstrated between Huero Shy and Pelon Maciel. Recruitment A Camarada is an experienced and oftentimes veteran Sureño who has gone through the various trials and tribulations set before them and has demonstrated their willingness to both kill and die for EME. In most cases, a Sureños initial steps with the organisation are taken within the correctional system. Over time, individuals of the Sureño car who are incarcerated will be expected to put in work on behalf of the organisation and car while at the same time conduct themselves in accordance to the rules of the house. It is during this time that individuals are noticed by members of the organisation and assigned tasks or asked for ‘favors’ which more often than not involves murder on behalf of the organisation. Once this individual has distinguished themselves as a solid and reliable soldier, they would then be put to further tasks for a Carnal which would typically extend beyond their sentence length and translate into the streets. Demeanor/Personality It’s important to highlight immediately that an individual's personality and demeanor is always subjective to their life experiences and their own individual personality. One shoe does not and will not fit all, however we can draw some rudimentary information from known sources to help understand the basics of how these individuals are expected to act. First and foremost, typically the length of time they spend inside the correctional system is reflected through their personality and demeanor, various yard politics and policies would govern how these individuals develop, for example an individual who has primarily been on the mainline will naturally have a very different experience than that who is has been held in a secure housing unit. As such, experienced inmates such as Camaradas would mostly adapt to the surroundings within which they are; - Individuals would be more coercive and manipulative in the way they act and move. - They would be cautious about what they say and reserve their words. - They would carry themselves with a certain sense of confidence and pride especially around those who are ‘beneath’ them in the social hierarchy. - Their vocabulary in many cases would be more advanced with time. Although this isn’t concrete, it is a good foundation to go off of depending on the development for your character. For example, if your character has been on a Level 4 Yard, then these characteristics would be applicable in contrast to if your character has just been on the mainline. It’s important to always remember also that these are the end of the day human beings, they all have emotions, opinions, moral compasses, families etc which shape the type of person they are. These individuals aren’t all fearless and you are expected to demonstrate this realistic variety in the personality of your characters. They are simply given hard choices, as mentioned earlier in the Mexican Mafia Guide; "A Camarada is an individual who is willing to kill and die for EME without any question or hesitation. At times referred to as ‘expendables’, they are expected to openly accept the possibility of facing life sentences, death rows and even going on ‘kamikaze hits’ or ‘suicide missions’ for EME." They are expected to accept these tasks as not doing so will certainly lead to death, as such their choices are limited, all these things have a significant and severe strain on the mental health of most humans. Drug Use As mentioned earlier, a common theme across this area as a whole is drug abuse. In a roleplay sense this is rarely portrayed correctly, however I would encourage you all to reconsider this and reflect this in your character development. These actions aforementioned previously are not inherently normal to human beings, as such due to the strain they present - oftentimes individuals resort to drug abuse as a coping mechanism. Heroin in particular plays a major role within Sureño communities and plays a major role. There are many sources indicating extensive heroin abuse from an early age within Sureño communities. As a whole, drug-use is under-represented on this server and I would again strongly encourage everyone to consider this for the development of their character. Crews A Camarada working for a Carnal would have their own crew. They would collaborate with the facilitator (Senora) of the crew to communicate with the Carnal, or directly communicate with the Carnal if possible to exercise their demands wherever relevant. Aside from this however, Camaradas would continue their own criminal activities within Sureño territories from which they would pay a tax to the Carnal. These crews operate to extend the sphere of influence and activities of a Carnal into areas that do not already have a Carnal operating in/are not already claimed by a Carnal. They are the ‘operational arm’ of a Carnal. A Camarada is typically the highest paid member within a crew, even more so than the Carnal due to the fact that they’re the ones collecting and distributing directly. These crews can be vast, and in multiples. However as a Camarada, you will mostly be typically overseeing a singular crew - although you can be asked to go handle business in different locations. For your characters, the crews within which you operate will help you conduct your own criminal activities, distribute drugs for you, help you tax the existing sale of drugs and overall serve as a part of your own manpower. As a Camarada, you will most likely be the direct authority these crews would interact with, as you will serve as the firewall/insulation between the Carnal and the crew. Criminal Activities Your characters can and should be involved in various criminal activities. The purpose of a Camarada is not to simply serve as a tool for collection, your characters are unique individuals with vast development behind them which lead them to where they are today. They have a significant financial opportunity available to them that they can exploit through either drug sales, extortion, robberies, illegal gambling, facilitating prostituion and murder. There are several noted cases of EME affiliates and Camaradas robbing drug dealers and extorting them is incredibly common. Your characters should be performing various functions through the extension of their crews and directly as they are afforded an opportunity to do so. There are several avenues you can take with this development and it’s solely a matter of initiative rather than opportunity. I would encourage every Camarada or individuals aspiring to become one to consider these elements and incorporate them into their own character development and into their IC sources of revenue.
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