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Found 4 results

  1. Hey there! I've noticed that the server offers the Fleeca API to businesses with websites, enhancing transaction realism. Surprisingly, not many people are taking advantage of it. To simplify the integration process, I've created a custom Fleeca Bank Gateway plugin specifically for WordPress. While the logic can be applied elsewhere, I recommend WordPress for beginners. You can install the plugin from the link provided below. In addition, I'm sharing templates for an after-payment process, allowing easy redirection to either a success or error page. NB: This guide is tailored for WordPress users. If you prefer another platform, or maybe code from scratch feel free to adapt the logic from my plugin and templates accordingly. Prerequisites WordPress Installation: Ensure that you have a WordPress website set up and running. WooCommerce Installed: The Fleeca Bank Gateway plugin requires WooCommerce to be installed and activated on your WordPress site. CartFlows Installed: For an optimized and customizable checkout experience, it's recommended to have CartFlows installed and activated. (Optional but Recommended) How does it work ? Step 1: Upload and Activate the Plugin Download the Plugin Zip File: download the plugin zip file to your computer Upload and Activate: Log in to your WordPress admin dashboard. Navigate to "Plugins" > "Add New." Click the "Upload Plugin" button. Choose the downloaded Fleeca Bank Gateway plugin zip file. Click "Install Now" and then "Activate." Step 2: Configure Fleeca Bank Gateway Settings After activation, go to "WooCommerce" > "Settings." Click on the "Payments" tab. Enable and Set API Key: Find "Fleeca Bank" in the list of available payment gateways and click on it. Check the "Enable Fleeca Bank Gateway" checkbox. Enter your Fleeca Bank API key in the "API Key" field. Save changes. Step 3: Set Up Products for Fleeca Bank Payments Product Configuration: Ensure your products have prices set. Step 4: Make a Purchase (TESTING) Checkout Process: Visit your online store and add products to the cart. Proceed to the checkout page that you've built. Select "Fleeca Bank" as the payment method. (THE CLASSIC CHECKOUT PAGE WILL NOT SHOW THE FLEECA BANK API, TRY USING CARTFLOW) Complete the checkout process; Step 5: Payment Confirmation and Redirection After completing the purchase, you will be redirected to the Fleeca Bank payment page. Confirm the payment Step 6: Order Confirmation Order Completion: Once the payment is successful, you will be redirected back to your store. (The callback URL you have given when asking for the API) You will receive an order confirmation from the store. Now, the payment transaction is done, congratulations, But.. To enhance security and ensure correctness, create a custom template for your callback page. The example template provided needs to be adapted to your website. DON'T FORGET TO ADD THE MISSING VALUES IN MY TEMPLATE BEFORE USING IT! IT'S NOT COMPLETE THAT WAY. The template file : https://drive.google.com/file/d/16L3JNeZbUACEljzOAacJp2g0HJAth8a5/view?usp=sharing (NEEDS TO BE ADAPTED TO YOUR WEBSITE 🙂 The plugin file : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GdSb5d3hazI5OBwUij6Z6MwDmuFP1cFz/view?usp=sharing For any assistance, feel free to reach me on Discord: Snowar1735.
  2. Overview The Sons of Samoa (SOS), is a predominantly Samoan/Polynesian Crip gang that emerged in Vespucci during the early 1980s, being one of the first Polynesian gangs to populate in the area of Vespucci. Many refugees immigrated from Samoa to Los Santos, during this time there wasn’t much of a Polynesian presence in the gang life. This changed soon as the unity and pride of the Samoans took over, the gang came up with big numbers in no time. Although they were seen by most as the friendly Usos of the neighborhood, the Sons never backed down from any established gang in the area. The Previous Generation As the gang outfit gained more light through documentaries and other media, matters only got worse. RICO cases were being built on Vespucci’s Sons of Samoa Gangster Crips (SOSGC). In 2017 the gang took tremendous blows, losing many key figures. Just like many other instances of gang violence around the world, there was retaliation. Jordan Tuigamala, a member formerly known as Uso Temper, was one of the few masterminds behind the gang. However, he wasn’t able to stay under the radar. Tuigamala found himself in a heated argument with an East Side Longos member, Oscar Garcia. The squabble turned to a shooting that left Garcia dead in front of a gas station. Tuigamala’s arrest was made in 2018. Another member of SOSGC that took a fall was Benjamin Tupua AKA Boxer. His arrest was made in the beginning of 2021, where he was caught only moments after a shooting in Vinewood that left Darren Cooper dead in his home. The Start of The Strong Beach Samoan Crips Clique The Strong Beach Samoan Crips (SBSC) clique was initially a tagbanger clique known as Strong Beach Tiny Usos, established by Davon Leiato. As teens, he and his childhood friend Richard Lafaele mobbed around Vespucci throwing up tags with others that would come and go. Eventually, the duo ended up brewing beef with the local gang Krazy Miller Boys. Davon & Richard turned to the Asian Boyz gang who also resided in the area and helped them to properly strive in Vespucci. Davon’s recklessness landed him in jail, this worked in Leiato’s favor for him to establish connections with The Other Car. All the while Lafaele was outside actively recruiting for their clique, Davon pulled his weight for the Others, gaining some rep in the jail system. He’d proven his worth to the Reps, even gaining the attention of Jordan Tuigamala, Keyholder for the Islanders. Tuigamala noticed Leiato’s drive and even heard of his tagger clique from the inside. Leiato was soon blessed in and given the moniker Trigger. The tagging clique formerly known as the Strong Beach Tiny Usos had evolved as Strong Beach Samoan Crips. Upon Trigger’s release he immediately approached Lafaele and broke the news to him, adopting the moniker Sliccy. From there on, the duo continue to grow throughout the streets of Vespucci with their new Crip affiliation. 32nd Street Culture Samoans may be big and brolic, but they’re friendly to most locals. Oftentimes Samoans hold cookouts where they make traditional recipes passed down from generations. SOS throws many functions that can bring even more life to Vespucci Beach, which they refer to as “Strong Beach”. OOC INFORMATION: Our group aims to portray a realistic Sons of Samoa set within the area of Vespucci, we prioritize quality over quantity with our portrayal and expect such from each member. This group is an auxiliary to the Other Car and is ideal for members to familiarize themselves with both concepts before considering joining. Feel free to inquire through forum PMs @TheFlippa @CJ
  3. TheFlippa

    The Dice-Man

    The Dice-Man This thread will be following the life of Other Car affiliate Derrick Tuy... (Image of Derrick Tuy from his Snapchat stories. January 17, 2015.) (Image of Derrick Tuy via TTCF records, January 16, 2017.) (Image of Derrick Tuy from a surveillance camera. February 13, 2022.) Beach Life Derrick Tuy "Dice-Man" is a Cambodian-American male born in Vespucci Beach. Since a child he's been involved with petty crime such as shoplifting and other forms of petty theft. He was always surrounded by bad influences as most of his friends were doing drugs and constantly getting in fights. As he grew into a teenager he started to get involved with the narcotics trade, along the way he met his closest friend Harold "Omen" Neang. (Image of Derrick Tuy and Harold Neang via Neang’s Facebrowser. June 5th, 2008) Armed Robbery On January 16th of 2017, Derrick Tuy was picked up for an armed robbery. He had planned with Harold Neang to rob an LTD out in Strawberry that they'd been passing by for a while. Due to the high rates of crime in the neighboring town Davis, they figured they would be able to get away with it since the cops would be distracted. When the day came, Harold was picked up on a narcotics charge. Tuy had no clue, but since he was in desperate need of the money he decided to hit the place himself. (CCTV footage of the robbery, Derrick Tuy is seen holding the cashier at gunpoint. January 15th, 2017.) Jailbird Derrick Tuy failed to successfully pull off the robbery alone, his vehicle was tracked down to his aunt's house where she ended up folding after a few questions. The charges started to stack up against Tuy, leading him to a 5 year sentence. Within his time in TTCF he got close with Mark Gantuya and Kevin Heoi, two heavyweights of the Other Car. He managed to impress the duo with his relentless attitude and perseverance. This attention landed him a life-long spot representing the Other Car on the streets. Present Day Derrick Tuy's released five years later, he reunites with Harold Neang to get more people involved with the crew. Will the duo manage to run a stable crew without landing back in the slammer for the long run? We'll find out together... (this pic goes hard, feel free to screenshot)
  4. Inmates that don't fall into any of the three dominant race cars (Hispanic, Black and White Cars) fall into what is known as the "Other" car. The "Others" include Asians, Pacific Islanders, Native Americans, Arabs, and any other race that doesn't fall into one of the main three racial groups. Like any other group, the others ordinarily have a shotcaller, and follow prison politics. As the others are a minority, they are forced to be inclusive and accept most who do not fit in to any of the larger prison cars, even being known to accept people of bi-racial and black descent if they associate with asian or polynesian gangs on the outside. In modern day, the African-American prison population sits at 28.3%, Hispanics at 44.1%, Caucasians at 21%, and "Others" at only 6.6% of the greater prison population. This shows a clear disadvantage in the carceral state for people of Asian, Polynesian, or other descent. API / Asian and Pacific Islanders Asian Pacific Islanders (APIs), refers to people of East Asian or Pacific Islander decent. API's are the largest incarcerated group within the “other” label. Asian street gangs and crime organizations, from which members end up in prison, fall into the API/Other car and operate with them within US Prisons. The presence of APIs in the carceral state has skyrocketed in the past two decades to more than 10,000 incarcerated APIs, as a result of growing crime within Asian and Islander communities. Even though APIs are one of the fastest growing groups of incarcerated peoples nationwide, there is an absence of research and resources allocated to understanding this phenomenon and the APIs who are trapped inside the carceral state. The label of API contains a multitude of cultures, immigration/residency statuses, religions, languages, and histories that contribute to the rich identity of these incarcerated persons. As a result, it is difficult for political scientists to conduct research or collect data with regards to the individual groups that constitutes the API label. In turn, this leads to further misconceptions about the experiences of incarcerated peoples, which has created the current neglect and the further marginalization of APIs in the academic sphere.
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